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Tonight I loved yoga class because tonight I went to yoga with Jake.  As a huge fan of the Beatles, Jake has been intrigued by yoga, veganism and other facets of Eastern culture that the Beatles have espoused.  in particular, George Harrison was deeply spiritual, a devoted yogi, who wasn’t shy about sharing his views.  You may recall from a previous blog post that the song “Got My Mind Set On You” was one of the few songs George Harrison released that wasn’t about religion.


George, the quiet Beatle, did a lot for bring Eastern ideas and practices to the Western world.  The Beatles’ found yoga while travelling in the Bahamas.  There they had met Swami Sivananda, who was the founder of Sivananda yoga. Lucky me!  Here my son’s love of the Beatles’ (who I also love) and my love of yoga coalesced.  There’s nothing more enjoyably than being on my mat except when I can share it with someone I love.  Consequently, tonight Jake joined me at class.


For the uninitiated, it can be a bit intimidating.  Unquestionably, he was probably second guessing his decision as he quickly realized he was the only guy.   Thankfully, one of the other yogi’s in class tonight is also in his Thursday night class at school.  Ice broken!

The class was rigorous and fun.  Yoga is definitely one-way to spend quality time improving one’s self, while also building physical strength.  I’m curious to see how he feels tomorrow night.  As for me, I can already tell that this class will leave a mark.   Notwithstanding that tonight was his first yoga experience, Jake dove all in.  He even went up into a headstand!

Lastly, today is Giving Tuesday, which is the perfect opportunity to donate to Team Deb Force Five.   You can help us double pancreatic cancer survival rates by 2020!

Tonight’s song is none other than “My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison.  This is one of my favorite songs from a former Beatle. George may have been the quiet Beatle, but his musical talents speak volumes.

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