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Do you ever feel like you wanna crash into someone like a wrecking ball and shake some sense into them? I’m currently at that place and would love to crash through my hubby’s boss’ wall like the Kool-aid man and slap him silly. It’s been ten weeks since he last paid my hubby. Ten mother fucking weeks of bullshit excuses. Worse than that, the Hubby has been home from work since the beginning of February.

If you know my hubby, you know he likes to work and he’s really good at what he does. Being off for an extended period of time just isn’t in his nature. Naturally, he’s been trying to fill the gaps with side jobs, but that can only take you so far. Consequently, here I am singing Miley Cyrus wanting to drive down to Dade and shake some sense into his boss.

Whoo, now that I got that out I feel much better. I’m so pumped that it’s Friday afternoon. The weekend is just mere hours away. I’m looking forward to tacos tonight, the Mayor’s private lesson tomorrow morning, and coffee with my dear friend Terri. It’s also my rest day, so I’m gonna try to work in an excellent yin practice sometime tomorrow. Unless I still feel like being a wrecking ball because in that case, I’ll probably go with a power vinyasa class.

Today’s accountability tracker:

  • Workout: 45-minute spin class, plus 15-minute cooldown courtesy of Apple Fitness
  • Book: Book: Marcel Proust’s  Finding Lost Time
  • Blog: done
  • Word of the day: satyr. A satyr is a lascivious demi-good from Greek mythology and is sometimes seen as the companion of Pan. Used in a sentence: the satyr hid in the kudzu vine out back.
  • Today’s song is Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus

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