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Oh my wonder pig, my sweet, lovable mischievous Athena, did you really eat my birthday cake? Apparently, our little Piggie princess loves herself some angel food cake. Usually this adorable creature pulls down all the food and makes a complete mess of her stolen goodies, but not last night.

No, when we all walked away, she jumped up and started eating the cake. This polite Piggie didn’t even knock down the cake, but she certainly left her mark. We should have know better to walk away when there was a temping treat within her grasp.

When it became clear there’d be no angel cake, we went back to setting up my jellyfish tank. It is going to take about two weeks to cycle before we can put the jellies in it. I can’t wait until the moon jellies are on their new home. It’s going to make for an incredibly zen space!

Meanwhile, it’s Friday night there’s no hockey and we’re fried. My stomach is rebelling while Hubby’s lower back has gone on strike. To be fair, my stomach probably decided to rebel after I didn’t get to enjoy some strawberry shortcake last night. Truly, the last couple of weeks have hellacious. Consequently, this weekend is all about getting caught up on rest, grocery shopping and laundry (mostly rest.)

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