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I took a few days off from blogging after feeling like the weight of the world has been on my shoulders. It was an emotional weekend as Goalielocks played his last youth hockey game. His hockey journey started over a decade ago and has been magnificent. Nevertheless, it’s end is quite bittersweet. While us team lost both games Saturday, both he and his goalie partner were absolutely outstanding.

Beyond the last hockey game, there’s just an awful lot going on in life right now. Some good and some terrible. The last couple of month have been truly been the most difficult of my life. We, more to the point I could definitely use some prayers. This spring will bring more changes as Goalielocks graduates high school .

I’m certainly not the only mom that feels like I’m balancing the weight of the world on my shoulders. Its a tough gig this motherhood gig. While you’re in the throes of it, time feels like it’s stood still. And then you blink and their adults. As a mother, you give them everything you have no matter on what’s happening in life.

Weight of the world

For women who are ‘difficult’ to love. By Warsan Sire

you are a horse running a lone

and he tries to tame you

compares you to an impossible highway

to a burning house

says you are blinding him

that he could never leave you

forget you

want anything but you

you dizzy him, you are unbearable

every woman before or after you

is doused in your name

you fill his mouth

his teeth ache with memory of taste

his body just a long shadow seeking yours

but you are always too intense

frightening in the way you want him

unashamed and sacrificial

he tells you that no man can live up to the one who

lives in your head

and you tried to change didn’t you?

closed your mouth more

tried to be softer


less volatile, less awake

but even when sleeping you could feel

him travelling away from you in his dreams

so what did you want to do, love

split his head open?

you can’t make homes out of human beings

someone should have already told you that

and if he wants to leave

then let him leave


  1. Great ! I read your post. Sounds like you will have an emotional year ahead of you with your kid graduating. Take a moment to celebrate what you’ve achieved so far and appreciate the memories that this part of your education has given you.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Maria! You’re so right about celebrating the achievements and memories of this stage.

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