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Week one, otherwise known as WOT1, is well underway at JBSA Lackland. The ABs are no longer know as skittles as they’ve been issued their ABUs, PT clothes, sneakers and combat boots. They also had their first official PT test to establish a baseline. Afterwards, the ABs are given a colored belt based on their performance. Hopefully, Jake got a blue or green belt. You can see a video on week one here.


They also start their military education in week one. This covers everything from who they should salute to the military code of justice. Based on the pictures I’ve seen online, his classroom looks nicer than some colleges. Additionally, he was also issued his weapon a M-4 training rifle. This rifle can’t be fired, but will be used to teach the airman how to disassemble and reassemble their weapon. This week they also learn about nutrition, suicide prevention and reporting procedures.  Lastly, they’re getting used to living in their new digs.  Fortunately, Jake is in the new dorms AKA Disneyland.

We haven’t received any mail yet, but we know he is super busy. We’ve been trying to sending daily letters from all of us. We each write separate letters and mail them together. Today I wrote him a letter from our puppy Athena. Whenever Jake would come from work, school or Mel’s house, Athena would greet him with sneezes. It was so cute! Athena is definitely missing him. Hopefully, he’ll enjoy her letter.

IMG_7407 (2)

At the homestead, I’d like to say it is getting easier, but it’s not. The hubby and I find ourselves in our feelings all the time. Fortunately, I’ve stopped eating my feelings. My body is feeling the emotional stress thanks to the autoimmune disease, so I’ve dialed it back a bit this week.

My thyroid is relatively steady, but the symptoms will take 1-3 years to abate. Oh goody, said no one ever. Needless to say, with all that’s been going on, I’ve had trouble sleeping. Consequently, after being inspired by my niece and nephew this fall, I bought a Warmies microwaveable French lavender stuffed elephant. It’s filled with beans or corn and smells wonderful. When you hear it up, it functions as aromatherapy and heat therapy for sore muscles or joints. Needless to say, I’ve been sleeping much better since my I bought this.

I wrote earlier this week about the birth of Sweet Ava. Her arrival has brought so much joy to our world. Luckily, I got to spend some quality time with her and her mama yesterday. It’s amazing how the fear, excitement and anxiety of being a first time mom come back to you after almost twenty one years. In my opinion, there are few seasons in life as difficult or as beautiful as becoming a mom. Consequently, I’m glad that I’m able to help out.

Tonight I’m chilling at home watching The Office and missing Jake. He will be at BMT throughout the holidays. If you’re so inclined, please consider sending him Christmas card at the address below:

Countdown to graduation: week 1, 7 weeks to go

Week One video:

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