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Week 2, WOT 2, is coming to an end today. For us, week two brought a Christmas Day call that was simply the best. Of course, their are mixed feelings of joy and missing him, but we’re grateful that he is doing so well. Ordinarily, the trainees don’t get to call home to week 3. Hopefully, we will get another call in the coming week. This call can come any day before lights out. Needless to say, I will be carrying my phone everywhere next week.

In week 2, airman are given their weapons and they start learning to assemble and dissemble them. Jake said it was relatively easy save for some rust on the weapon. Their practice weapons are fake m-4s and are kept in their forms. Next week they’ll start going to the range to practice with their M-16. They’re also learning to march and working on drill. Here’s a video on week 2: WOT2

This week they spent their classroom time learning about the core values of the Air Force, history of the Air Force, human relations and the organization of the Air Force. Additionally, the ABs have started their BMT jobs. Jake’s job is chaplain guide. He is responsible for marching the “baby flights” to chapels and helping the chaplain as needed. He loves it!

As for us, the Air Force Mom BMT group continues to be a saving grace. It’s nice for us to understand what he’s experiencing week by week and on a daily basis. Finally, tomorrow will usher in WOT3 and bring us one week closer to graduation!  We love you Jake!

Term guide:

AB: airman basic, his rank during basic training.

BMT: basic military training

MTI: military training instructor aka drill sgt.

WOT: week of training

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