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After two flights and a pit stop at MacDonald’s in Detroit, we finally made it to Chicago! This was my first time back in O’Hare since middle school. I remember the terminal walkways looked much bigger and much newer back then. Now it’s not so big and fancy compared to some of the newly remodeled airports.

Admittedly, I don’t eat MacDonald’s often. If I’m eating MacDonald’s, it’s either a desperation play or vodka made me do it. Today it was a desperation play as we didn’t have too much time between flights.

What a freaking mistake that was! I’m still feeling it! I ordered the artisan grilled chicken sandwich because calorie wise it was semi reasonable and it looked more gratifying than a single cheese burger. Wrong!

I was so hungry having totally forgotten to eat breakfast as we rushed to the airport. Despite this crazy level of hungry bordering on hangry, I couldn’t finish the sandwich. It was truly the one of the most vile things I have ever eaten.

Honestly, I would have been better off eating the soles of my shoes because they would have been less rubbery. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure they stole the rubber chicken from Carrot Top’s prop box and made into my sandwich. If I were him, I’d be mad that his prop was sacrificed for a subpar imitation chicken sandwich.

Now here we are in the Marriott seven hours later and my stomach is still angry with that sandwich. This is why I’m not going to be eating at Macdonald’s again sober. My sandwich today evoked memories of the horrific school lunches they served in elementary.

Meanwhile, my boys feel that the current Chicago weather is nice and comfortable. It’s been a battle since we landed to get them to put on jackets, pants, gloves, etc. “It’s not cold mom.” Yeah, my arse it isn’t cold. I’m looking forward to rehashing this argument tomorrow as we leave for the rink bright and early.

Tomorrow will be a busy day with three games and two team functions. Fortunately, the games are all at the same arena tomorrow. Sunday on the other hand will be a complete disaster. It should be an interesting day as I attempt to make all games in different arenas across town! I’m heading to bed hoping that the nausea caused by that blasted rubber chicken sandwich will be gone tomorrow. Over and out from Chicago!


  1. “Vodka made me do it” has been a constant refrain of mine since I was strong enough to pry open my dad’s secret liquor cabinet behind his shoe tree. I feel for ya.

    Good luck with the games!! I hope the boys have fun, and everyone emerges with teeth intact and a nice medal aroud their respective necks. Go team!

    Regards that “I’m not lovin’ it” pic up top….I don’t eat at McD’s myself, but I feel obligated to point out in my capacity as Lamestream Media News Anchor that the image on the left side was shown long ago not to be the infamous “pink slime” ready to be shipped off to the McNugget assembly line. It was (is), in fact, a picture from inside a plant that manufactures insulation, if I recall. It was used by a zealot who wanted to dissuade people from eating “mechanically separated chicken” so badly that they had no problem distorting the truth to meet their ends. So, while there are no doubt many legitimate reasons to avoid McNuggets (taste being the main one, in my book), this image is not one of those reasons.

    We now return you to your regular broadcast already in progress 🙂

    1. Good point on the chicken image. I had the hardest time finding an appropriate image that would convey the awfulness of the sandwich.

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