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Not only was March an unbelievable joke, it also lasted a century. Okay perhaps March didn’t last a century maybe just a decade. The pandemic, the isolation, the toilet paper run, and the insane people all on global scale made March 2020 a month we will all remember. Consequently, we find ourselves in a global crisis that promises to long disrupt life as we know it.

I know it seems daunting, but we have an infrangible spirit. Together with our family, friends and communities we will get through this period. Honestly, it was talking with my grandma that gave me the most hope. My grandma’s generation lived through both the depression and World War 2. They know all too well the sacrifices and fear that happen during a global crisis. Just like her generation, we too will make it through this and we will be changed. Hopefully, we will come through this kinder, more humble, less wasteful and more generous.

One thing that has become crystal clear is that our nation’s teachers are saints. I say this after two days of virtual school with my younger two boys. I spent my day repeatedly harassing my boys to complete their work. Truly, the whole experience is exhausting. Nonetheless, I’m grateful to our school district for enabling online learning during this time. As someone who spent ten years convincing people online education was viable, I’m thrilled to see online learning come to our country’s rescue. It’s truly phenomenal that the kids can continue learning and connecting with their classmates throughout this pandemic. These social connections are everything!

There are some positives to this experience. mean I guess the upshot of social distancing is the perfect excuse for an introverts night in or ghosting someone. Additionally, it’s given me an opportunity to slow down and reconnect with people. I’ve talked to more people on the phone over the last couple of weeks than I have in the last year. Importantly, I’ve made it a priority to check in on the grandparents. We cannot discount the loneliness and isolation many feel while we’re in lockdown. My grandma’s building has been locked down for weeks, so social interaction is at a minimum. Jake and I both try to call her regularly to make sure she’s ok.


Positive things we can do throughout the pandemic:

  • Spend quality time with our families
  • Reconnect with friends and family in meaningful and regular fashion
  • Find innovative ways to hang out with friends and family outside the home (i.e. Uno games via Zoom.)
  • Spend time creating a manageable workout routine
  • Learn a new skill or language (mine is teaching – it’s not going well.)
  • Become a Facebook expert on all things epidemiology, international relations and financial markets
  • Support the small business owners in your community by getting take out, buying produce boxes from local farms or taking virtual fitness classes from your favorite gym or teacher.
  • Be kind to yourself – this is a difficult season for everyone including you.
  • Treat others with grace – see the bullet above
  • Foster an animal from your local animal shelter.  I promise you that puppy kisses make everything better.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackery

*Watched The Office season 8

*BBG arms and abs week 6

*Run virtual school for my two teenage boys

*Took Anakin on a walk to see Goalielocks fishing 
*Worked on Obedience Training with  Anakin 

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