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Gotta be honest, today didn’t suck. In fact, it was pretty, pretty damn good. I had a productive day. This is the first Wednesday that I had to balance my three workouts with my new job. Did I mention that I love the flexibility of my new role? I snuck in my BBG arms and my yoga class in this morning. Moreover, I was able to squeeze in my run before I had to make dinner. Additionally, I had a really productive professional day making contacts with several decision-makers. Also, I heard from Jake today, which always makes for a great day.

Today’s I ran an interval run on the treadmill, which is super fun. I love watching Curb while I run, but I’m hankering to run outside. Especially since they re-did the running paths outside our community. Unfortunately, it’s still super hot and humid outside. Nonetheless, I’m hoping I can get up early enough to run this weekend before it gets too oppressive. The treadmill is a good training tool, but I’ll be curious to see what kind of pace I can maintain on the road. Also, I’m hopeful that there will be fewer people crowding the paths compared to March.

In other news, it appears that Palm Beach schools will not be going back to their physical schools when school starts in August. I think you all remember my feelings about virtual school. Unfortunately, this comes as no surprise as cases continue to rise here. Naturally, I would prefer they hold off starting until September. One because I think it would be healthier for the kids to start the year back in school. Secondly, because I want to be able to take the boys out to visit their brother. Unbelievably, they haven’t seen their brother since December 9, 2019. As for our timeline to visit him, it’s contingent upon base restrictions and caseloads in his area. That is to say, we don’t know when we’ll be able to visit him. Sometimes it’s tough to be a military mom, but it is always rewarding.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I read Shirley, by Charlotte Bronte.

*Slow Flow with Jen from Open Heart Yoga Studio

*Morning and afternoon meditation

*Took obligatory picture of Anakin! It turned out super cute!

*Obedience training Anakin

*Week 8BBG 2.0 day 3 arms, cardio and yoga

*I’m excited to see my boy soar!

*I enjoyed the beautiful frondescence of my vegetable garden. Did I mention that today didn’t suck?

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