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Today the spoils of Prime Days have started to show up!!! We’ll be getting a steady stream of packages over the next week or so, which is always exciting. I definitely took advantage of Prime Days this year to stock my pantry. Consequently, it will save me a lot of money over the next few months. This, of course, will be helpful as the Mayor is starting Junior hockey next month. For the uninitiated, junior hockey ramps the cost up from “an arm and a leg” (cost of youth hockey) to organ territory. Now in order for you kid to play hockey, they’ll need your arms, legs, and at least one kidney.

I digress. My favorite thing that was delivered today was Athena’s new bed. It’s super plush and supportive for her. She has a bed in her crate but has been sleeping on the floor next to our bed this past week. As Athena lives out her bucket list, my princess will be as comfortable as possible. This puppy will want for nothing. She absolutely loves her new bed. I guess part of me hopes if we keep spoiling her, she’ll get better. Love is the best medicine and she’s surrounded by it.

The Amazon fairy also brought us some more rice, protein shakes, a new pair of jeans (yay) and accessories for my new Roomba mop that’s coming next week. I ended up buying the Roomba J7 and Braava mop combo during Prime Days. Our current Roomba, Lord Vader has died. After running over Athena’s poop several times, it was her puddle of pee that finished him off last Saturday. I love my Roomba. Even with the three dogs, it does a great job of keeping the floors clean without me, or anyone else, having to do anything. I’m an ardent supporter of anything that makes life easier.

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