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The hiatus is over that’s right I’m back to blogging after a three-month break. It feels good to be back and writing, but I needed some time away. I was exhausted and needed to rest after a crazy hockey season, allergies, work, and autoimmune crud. Nonetheless, summer is here, virtual school is done, so I have some time on my hands. So let me get you caught up on what’s happened since I last wrote.

First of all, the Mayor’s team went on to win the State Championships. When I last wrote, their team had just won their second game of the tourney in overtime. That same night they went on to beat the Ice Storm clinching a spot in the semi-finals. During the semi-final game against the Bulldogs, the Mayor scored three goals. They won that game 6-3 and were off to the championship! The championship was definitely a nail-biter, but the squad brought it. The moment they won was incredible! The video is posted below and I suggest listening to it with the volume all the way up, so you can truly appreciate the moment. At the end of the game, I played John Denver’s Country Roads, which had been the team’s victory song all season.

After states, I think I needed to sleep for a week or maybe that’s how long it took to get my voice back. I don’t know exactly except for it took a lot out of me. It didn’t help that everything was blooming, including our manjo tree, which I’m super allergic to. Consequently, I ended up on prednisone for much of April to clear up the allergy/asthma issues that developed in March. Of course, this also meant I couldn’t go get the vaccine until the prednisone got out of my system. As luck would have it, the health department called me with an appointment opening soon after I started the prednisone. Their timing was impeccable. Alas, the hiatus from hockey was short-lived.

After hockey season ended, Goalielocks joined the Bulls’ Varsity volleyball team. It was the first time, he played a team sport outside of hockey. At 6 ft tall, he’s perfect for it. They had an abysmal regular season, but ended up taking second place at Districts. He’s very excited for volleyball season to return. Naturally, the spring brought spring travel programs and tournaments. The photos below are from a tournament Goalielocks did in Tampa. His team won the u18AA division and he was named player of the tourney. I didn’t make that trip, but the professional photographer got some great pics of him and his team.

The boys finished their virtual school year from hell. I am so glad, like every other parent on this earth, that school will be fully in person next year. I do not want to revisit this virtual school thing. In fact, I’m glad that I’m no longer getting daily attendance calls from the school after watching my kids attend class. Honestly, it was just too much and it didn’t work. While I understand the necessity, the virtual school experience really sucked for everyone involved. They’re now officially a senior and sophomore respectively. Albeit, the Mayor as a sophomore still hasn’t stepped foot on his high school campus as a student.

In May, the Mayor turned 15. Yes, this means he also got his learner’s permit. Needless to say, if you’re local to South Florida, consider yourself warned. He’s driven quite a bit since getting his permit and does pretty well. To be fair, I’m not sure if it’s that he’s doing great or if I’m just numb to the experience given he’s our third driver. Either way, he’ll be taking driving lessons from the same company that Goalielocks did as they did a fabulous job.

Speaking of birthday, Jake turned 22 this week, which is crazy. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to spend his birthday with him, but we were able to chat with him on both Father’s Day and his birthday. He continues to do well and is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree. He started in May and has already completed three classes. We’re looking forward to visiting him later on in the year.

The dogs continue to truck along and drive us batty. They’re quick to alert us to every lizard and leaf outside our windows. Maya has been ill the past couple of weeks. We’re not entirely sure if it’s a bug or her cancer progressing. For the moment, we’re treating it as both with steroids, appetite stimulants, and antibiotics. I had taken her and Athena to the vet in early June. (Even I’m not crazy enough to try the vet with all three dogs!). Both had a weight problem, Maya had lost 10 lbs over the last year, while Athen had found those lost 10 lbs. As a result, Athena is now on a strict diet and Maya is on eat everything possible plan. So far, Athena has lost four pounds and Maya has gained four.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I read Demons, by Dostoevsky

*Ran a mile and a half and walked a mile while watching Curb and listening to music.

*The hiatus is over, I finally wrote another post.

*I listened to my dogs bark with great urgency at my washer and dryer…. Sorry guys, they’re not a threat.

*Today’s word of the day is a frittata. I love frittatas, but they’re way too much work for a weekday breakfast. The hiatus is over!

*I can’t believe we’re almost through the first six months of 2021.

*I took my puppies including sweet Anakin for a walk. Did I mention the hiatus is over?

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