Wrecking Ball

Do you ever feel like you wanna crash into someone like a wrecking ball and shake some sense into them? I’m currently at that place and would love to crash through my hubby’s boss’ wall like the Kool-aid man and slap him silly. It’s been ten weeks since he last paid my hubby. Ten mother fucking weeks of bullshit excuses. Worse than that, the Hubby has been home from work since the beginning of February.

If you know my hubby, you know he likes to work and he’s really good at what he does. Being off for an extended period of time just isn’t in his nature. Naturally, he’s been trying to fill the gaps with side jobs, but that can only take you so far. Consequently, here I am singing Miley Cyrus wanting to drive down to Dade and shake some sense into his boss.

Whoo, now that I got that out I feel much better. I’m so pumped that it’s Friday afternoon. The weekend is just mere hours away. I’m looking forward to tacos tonight, the Mayor’s private lesson tomorrow morning, and coffee with my dear friend Terri. It’s also my rest day, so I’m gonna try to work in an excellent yin practice sometime tomorrow. Unless I still feel like being a wrecking ball because in that case, I’ll probably go with a power vinyasa class.

Today’s accountability tracker:

  • Workout: 45-minute spin class, plus 15-minute cooldown courtesy of Apple Fitness
  • Book: Book: Marcel Proust’s  Finding Lost Time
  • Blog: done
  • Word of the day: satyr. A satyr is a lascivious demi-good from Greek mythology and is sometimes seen as the companion of Pan. Used in a sentence: the satyr hid in the kudzu vine out back.
  • Today’s song is Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus

Is it 6:00 yet?

Is it 6:00 yet?!?! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to start my weekend. To be clear, I have no plans whatsoever, but that is what makes this weekend grand. After a week of shingles, I will make this weekend all about rest and recovery. My big weekend plans are exclusively Netflix and chill. I definitely don’t want to experience shingles again anytime soon. The rashes are mostly gone, but I still feel them. This whole “ghost” rash shit is for the birds.

I’m usually an optimist, so I was hopeful that my hubby’s volunteer status would move back to a paid employee. It appears, however, that my optimism was misplaced. Now I find myself feeling needing unusually pessimistic about the situation. My hubby’s cavalier approach to the situation is not helping either. Rest assured if I didn’t get paid, there would be hell to pay until the situation was rectified. I tend to be just a little bit more aggressive than the hubby.

The added stress of the volunteer status is the likely trigger of the shingles, which is excellent. The longer this situation goes on, the longer my autoimmune flare will continue. So I’m winning on all fronts here. My hubby volunteers and my son washes shit off his shoes in the kitchen. Life is good. Here’s hoping his volunteer status ends post haste and we can return to our regularly scheduled programming. Anyways, is it 6:00 yet? Because I’m ready for this day to be over.

Dreamy Saturday

Dreamy Saturday indeed. Don’t worry J Lo wasn’t in my dreams again last night. No, this dreamy consists of a day well balanced between productivity and relaxation. I was able to get some work done this morning before taking Monica’s great vinyasa class. As for Monica’s class, it is always challenging and invigorating. My headstand practice continues to improve. I actually stuck one for several seconds before almost tipping over. Fortunately, I was able to catch myself and come back down the right way. Monica’s Saturday class is ninety minutes of yoga bliss. By the end of class, I’d burned over two hundred calories and was drenched in sweat. Obviously, I was also completely relaxed and ready to face the rest of the day.

I grabbed a quick lunch. Today it was a lean cuisine. Since I’m starting the anti-inflammatory diet tomorrow, I figured I’d enjoy one last microwave meal. Doesn’t that sound tasty? By the time I finished eating, it was time to meet Luke’s colleague to deliver a check and pick up a check. Fortunately, we met at the rink, which has a Dunkin in the parking lot. Unsurprisingly, I indulged in a second cup of Dunkin’ on the day. Meanwhile, I chatted with my folks. I was happy to share how well Jake is doing at his new base. Thankfully, he FaceTimed them soon after I finished talking to them, so they were able to see and hear first hand how well he is doing. Naturally, my parents were tickled pink to see his new abode and see his face.

I worked while I finished my coffee, making for a spectacularly productive afternoon. Afterward, I went for my run. There were storms in our area, so it was another treadmill run today. Correspondingly, I turned on Curb and my music. The run went well and felt good. My hips, ankles, and knees all felt good throughout and after the run, which is key! I’ve been running for twenty-two to twenty-five minutes with a five-minute warm-up and thirteen-minute cooldown. As for the tempo, I’ve been steadily increasing it week over week. Indeed I’m ramping up the tempo very gradual. If I ramp it up too fast, I will reinjure my tendon.

Tonight I cooked up a delicious parmesan crusted chicken with roasted carrots and couscous. This was another HelloFresh meal and it was delicious and easy to prepare. I will be ordering this meal again. Naturally, the boys hated it, which was okay because we wanted to eat more. As for the rest of the evening, we’re watching Seinfeld with the puppies. Moreover, we’re planning our trip to see Jake! I can’t wait! It has been way too long since I’ve seen that boy. As for his brothers, they haven’t seen him since December! Hopefully, we’ll have the trip figured out and planned by the end of the weekend.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I read Shirley, by Charlotte Bronte.

*Vinyasa with Monica from Yoga Mundo

*Morning and afternoon meditation put me in a good space. It was a dreamy Saturday!

*I made celery juice today. I’m not looking forward to drinking it.

*Took Anakin out to go to the bathroom. Today he was chasing feathers.

*Obedience training Anakin

*Week 8 BBG 2.0 day 6 yoga and cardio.

*As a treat, I enjoyed a Kinder bar again! I wish I had one more.

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Three Games, Two Rinks and One Tired Mama

It was a three games, two rinks and one tired mama kind of Sunday.  Our day started with a relatively early U16 game against Panthers Red at 10:15.  Concurrently, I was at Glacier in Pompano for the Mayor’s 11:30 schedule.  Of course, you have to be there an hour earlier, so you’re leaving the house a lot earlier than you’d think to get to a 11:30 am game.  This is not aided by the fact that I must have my pre-game Dunkin’, so I built-in additional time for that pit stop.



Goalielocks had a great first game earning a shut out!  I don’t have many details on the game other than we won, TK had a hat trick and Goalielocks had shutout.  Oh the hardships of the divide and conquer life.  While Goalielocks and his team were marching to victory, the Mayor’s team was off to a somewhat shaky started giving up a goal on the first shift.  Fortunately, they recovered and both goalies closed the door.  The Mayor ended up scoring the third goal off the goalie’s back.  As a goalie mom, I’m not sure how I feel about that, but as the mom of a forward I was quite pleased.   Their team ended up with a decisive 4-1 victory.


It wouldn’t be February, however, if you weren’t stalking the pointstreak page for all the results in your kids’ divisions.  Goalielocks’ team entered the day in a must win situation. We all were texting all of our contacts to figure out how the games on the West Coast had gone to see our team’s situation shifted.  It didn’t.  This made tonight’s game a playoff game.  Whatever team won the 4:15 pm game would qualify for states.  As a goalie mom with a hyperactive thyroid and a propensity to freak out, this isn’t the game I was looking for tonight.  Thank god for beta blockers.



Our squad came out firing on all cylinders.  They were playing physical, moving the puck and it paid off midway through the first period with a nice goal by MG.  There were plenty of penalties throughout the first and second period with the game calming down somewhat in the third period.  With almost a minute left in the second period, the Hawks put in a shorty on a 2-1 breakaway.  There went my heart rate marching right back up to obscene levels.

Goalielocks’ teammate put in a beautiful goal on a breakaway early in the third.  Ah, yes sweet respite, my heart rate backed off some.   With less than 3 minutes left, the other team pulled the goalie.   There went the heart rate. We ended up getting another penalty, so the last two minutes were played 6 on four.  Oh sweet mother of god, it was the longest one hundred and twenty seconds of my life.  Nonetheless, our squad stood strong til the end.  It was a demanding game and it took a lot to get here.  We’ve had so many injuries, serious injuries that necessitated surgery, that plagued us early and midway through the season.  In the end, their hard work and persistence paid off.  Congratulations Panthers U16 Gold!

I filmed the end of the game on Facebook live and kept filming after the handshake line. It was pretty cool to see how the kids interacted after such a hard-fought game: makes you proud to know them.  In the end, we finally made it home just before or after 7:00 pm.  I’m really not even sure.  Today was a wonderful blur of hockey and rinks.   Thankfully, I was able to get most of the household chores and all of the laundry done yesterday.  Lastly, I head back to my endocrinologist tomorrow and am hoping for some good news, so please keep me in your prayers.


Just Like That

Just like that we’ve made it to Sunday evening and are now staring down another Monday.   Sunday evening shares an odious border with Monday morning.  No matter what is on the weekend docket, it seems to fly by!   Friday ended late with hellish traffic on the turnpike and 441.  By the time I picked up Goalielocks from his friend’s house, it was well after 7:00 pm.   When I finally got home it was after 7:30 pm.  Friday night was such a blur, I can’t even tell you what we had for dinner.


Saturday brought a busy schedule with a stretch session at Massage Envy in the morning and two games for the Mayor in the afternoon/evening.  Since my injury and diagnosis, I haven’t been able to do much at all.  Consequently, I’ve been quite stiff.  Teodora is a gem, thought, she gave me a nice, easy and effective stretch.  It would have been great to have an hour session, but I wasn’t sure how I’d tolerate it.  Simply put it felt amazing to stretch and be stretched.


No sooner had I gotten home then we had to head up to the rink for the Mayor’s games.  Thankfully, his two games were local this weekend.  After coaxing with a trip to the Apple Store, Goalielocks joined me for the games.  The first game, against our organization’s 07′ team, was quite close.  The Mayor opened up scoring with a nice shot in the first period.  Fortunately, I not only had the goal horn queued, but it worked almost immediately.  That contest ended in a 2-2 tie.   Bottom line is we needed at least a point out of that game and we got it.

Between games, my plan was to go home, relax and have my groceries delivered, but with a little coaxing I quickly changed my plans.  We headed to the Brass Monkey, our favorite dive bar/restaurant near the rink with some of the Mayor’s teammates.  Fortunately, for me and my sparkling chardonnay, Jake was home to receive the grocery delivery (#crisis averted.). The food at the Monkey is quite good, but the service is less than stellar.  Saturday’s performance was no exception to these rules.  I think my favorite part is when the server charged all of the bills on the wrong credit cards.  Unbelievably, our bill and the family whose bill we paid were within cents of each other. It was, however, quite entertaining.


Post dive bar dinner, we headed back to to rink for game two.  I was hoping it would be a good game, but we didn’t play our best.  We ended up giving up two short-handed goals due to silly errors.  Again I had the goal horn queued, but sadly wasn’t able to use it for our boys.  I wish I had more photos and videos to post, but I was playing music at the Mayor’s request.

Today Goalielocks and I endured iPhone warranty hell courtesy of Best Buy and T-Mobile.  The process to get it handled by insurance takes entirely too long.  While going outside of the insurance process costs entirely too much.  Ultimately, I ended up paying out-of-pocket, so Goalielocks could have a working phone.  Last Friday his school had a gas leak and his phone stopped working.  Fortunately, he actually knows my phone number, so he called me from his friend’s house.   After more than two hours, his phone was finally ready and operational.  He was ecstatic and I was exhausted!

Before venturing into iPhone repair hell, I made some blueberry muffins, as part of my meal prep, for the week.  Sadly, they didn’t make it past 12:00 pm.   Fortunately, I wasn’t the one that ate them all.   After fixing Goalielock’s phone, I came back to prep my meals for the week.  This week I made butternut squash noodles with lemon chicken sauce.  I adapted the recipe from a great recipe I saw on Facebook using spaghetti squash.  To save time, I opted for the pre-packaged butternut squash noodles. This saved forty minutes of cook time and cut down the work.  Here’s the recipe: Lemon chicken with butternut squash noodles.


According to Myfitness Pal, with the butternut squash noodles and no added cheese, this dish has 229 calories with 16 net carbs, 20 grams of protein and 8 grams of fat.  Lastly, it is 3 Weight Watchers points.   If you try it, let me know how you liked it.   The meal prep containers came from Amazon and are available for purchase here.  Their top and bottom shelf dishwasher safe, freezer and microwave safe and free of BPAs.