Tech Hell

Well, today was a day spent in tech hell. It started early in my work day before I even logged into my phone when Comcast went down. Thankfully, we have both AT&T and Comcast, so I could switch the system over to the AT&T wifi. Unfortunately, this usually smooth procedure did not go smoothly this morning. Finally after fifteen minutes of trying, I was finally able to get everything up and running.

Needless to say, the rest of my day followed suit. Even after I followed the “have you tried turning it on and off” move, my system was still giving me fits all day. This was made worse by a severe storm that temporarily knocked out power and my wifi. In fact, the cell service and both internet providers were down during the storm.

Naturally, the Mayor decided to ride the bus in this weather instead of riding home with Goalielocks. Consequently, the bus dropped him off at the bus stop in the middle of the severe storm. Clearly, he couldn’t walk home in that weather and I had no car.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t reach Goalielocks or the Hubby to have someone pick him up. This all coincided with the service interruptions. Fortunately, our friend Hanh was able to pick him up and grt him home safely. Thank God for Hanh! She really saved the Mayor from being in an unsafe situation today.

Tonight the Mayor’s down at Ice Den watching his coaches play in their season opener for FAU. These kids love their coaches! I love it because Coach Israel and Coach Matias hold these kids accountable and helping instill healthy life long habits. They coach the kids holistically and it is awesome. I’m excited to see how the Mayor develops as a player and person over this next season. As for my tech hell, Comcast is still down. Fortunately, our Roku runs on the AT&T wifi. Lastly, our sweet Maya came home tonight. We are so heartbroken.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I’m reading Wolf Hall, by Hilary Mantel.

*I ran a mile and a half and walked a mile this evening. It felt great to run again even if it sucked

*Seven days until I’ll have all my boys in one place!

*We’re tracking the Tropics here in Florida. Fortunately, it looks like none of these waves will be impacting Florida. As for autumn in Florida, the only thing that changes is the season. The temperatures, meanwhile, stay steamy.

*Tonight I made sheet pan chicken fajitas via Hello Fresh. This recipe was easy to make and super tasty.

*The word of the day is bourgeoisie. When I see that word, I’m compelled to re-read Orwell’s Animal Farm.

*I took my puppies including sweet Anakin for a. I put on his harness every morning. Fortunately, we had no run-ins with the toads, lizards or grasshoppers today.