Watching the Skies

Today’s bloganuary prompt is all about watching the skies and how the stars make you feel. The timing could not be better. This evening right after work, SpaceEx launched their Falcon 9 rocket. Fortunately, the Hubby gave me a heads up, so the boys and I were able to watch it. By the time we made it outside, the booster had separated from the rocket and was starting its descent. Meanwhile, the rocket was continuing to gain altitude as it tracked southward over our house.

We finally lost the booster right as it was about to land. We could see the engines fire and then it disappeared. I have to admit that it never gets old watching the launches. It’s incredible to me that we’re able to see so much from hundreds of miles away. I tried to get some photos of both the rocket and booster, but it’s hard to capture how cool it looks on film.

Back to the prompt of watching the skies, when I look up at the stars or even at the rocket, it’s a bit like staring at the ocean. You can’t help, but feel small while being mesmerized by the beauty of the night sky or sea. There’s something comforting in the largess and beauty off both. One of the coolest experiences we had here in Florida was the night sky after Wilma knocked out power to the South Florida area. You could literally see every star in the sky and the the Milky Way was incredibly vibrant. It was incredible!