End of an Era

Today marked the end of an era. It was the Mayor’s last league game as a Hawk. In fact, it may have been his last league game as a youth hockey player. We don’t know yet if he’ll play juniors next year or U18aa. Nonetheless, it is crazy to think my youngest son, who was a four-year mite, is about to age out of U16. Truly, it was a bit of a spiritual experience.

As always for a home game, I was the DJ for today’s game. For some reason, the kids play their best when I play heavy metal. Strangely enough heavy metal isn’t their personal music preference. Either way, the heavier the music, the better they play, so cue the Five-Fingered Death Punch and Rammstein. If the players had their way, there would be more rap in the rotation. Unfortunately for them, or maybe fortunately for the rest of us, there are very few current rap songs with clean versions.

Our first year with Coach David, the boys selected John Denver’s Country Roads for their victory song. I say victory song chiefly because everyone knows John Denver is for winners. Three years later, I played it as their victory song. They held off Clearwater White to get a big win today. The last time we played the team, they killed us. Today’s victory was bittersweet as it marked the end of an era. Feeling nostalgic, I again played John Denver’s Country Roads for their victory song. It’s hard to believe this chapter of his life and ours is coming to a close.

And now here’s your weekly recap in photos and memes, you’re welcome.

While the Chinese ballon was shut down last Saturday, the memes continue to be top-notched. I love this one calling out folks that were concerned about the balloon but have no problem giving the Chinese government their info on TikTok.

The Mayor’s high school season came to an unceremonious end Monday night with a playoff loss. Curiously, the league offered the team a place in the state tournament round-robin stage with no ability to move on to the playoffs. Say what?!? No thanks, we’ll pass.

Tuesday night was the SOTU at 9:00 pm EST. Do they not realize that some of us have to get up for work Wednesday morning? My ass was in bed by the time the speech popped off. I did however enjoy the Cruella De Ville/MGT memes that I saw Wednesday. Since I didn’t watch the speech, my one takeaway is that MGT channeled her inner Cruella De Ville when getting dressed. And if there is a news source you can trust, it’s memes on social media.

The Mayor discovered the workout clothes Jake left behind at Christmas and decided they were now his. Jake, being the awesome big brother he is, was happy to let The Mayor have them.

Anakin snuck out and went duck hunting in the lake behind our house. Fortunately, there were no gators in the lake when he decided to go for a swim. Moreover, no ducks were hurt during his hunting adventure.

Goalielocks came home last night for a visit. It was so nice to see him. All of us, including the puppies, we’re happy to have him home.

And as noted above, the Mayor’s team’s regular season came to an end today. The end of an era. In tribute to the boys and their end-of-season victory, today’s video is Country Roads.