I’m putting a little more effort into today’s post versus yesterday’s. I was in a bit of a mood and November Rain conveyed that mood better than anything I could write. Well, at least anything that would have been appropriate and inoffensive. Yesterday just wasn’t the most fantastic day of my life, nor was Tuesday for that matter. It was, however, another day above ground, so I’d still classify it as a victory.

In order to cleanse the mood, I decided to burn some of the Palo Santo I bought in April. Our yoga teacher in Mexico burnt it during our practice and it smelled wonderful. Palo Santo, like sage, is also supposed to cleanse and clear the bad energy out from your space. I’m not sure about all of that, but I definitely and accidentally sent off the smoke detectors. Perhaps I’m missing part of the diffuser or process, but whoops!

Insert Palo Santo for sage and yesterday for 2020 and this would be accurate

The last two days made it glaringly obviously that Athena is gone. She had a way of knowing when any of us were having a bad day. In fact, she made it her business to take care of us on those days. She was such a loving mother hen. I really miss her. Our house just isn’t the same without her.

Create an emergency preparedness plan.

We’ve had an emergency preparedness plan for years because we live in a hurricane prone area. This plan includes our hurricane kit, canned foods, and hurricane shutters. It also includes a plan to ride out the storm in our home. We choose to ride out the storm at home because we’re not in a mandatory evacuation zone. There are a lot of people that live in mandatory evacuation zones that need to be able to get to safety. Now if it was a catastrophic storm headed our way, then we would think about leaving. The one inquiry we would make before leaving is what shelters/hotels or airbnbs would allow us to bring onto dogs.