Here Comes Nicole

Well, here comes Nicole a friendly late-season tropical system. By the time it gets here, it’s supposed to become at least a category one hurricane. Hopefully, we don’t see any strengthening beyond that although the waters off the coast are still quite warm. Right now it’s near March Harbor in the northwestern Bahamas. By the looks of it, the storm is due east of us right now.

Over the last twenty-four hours, the weather has started to deteriorate gradually. We’ve had wind and fast-moving rain storms since last evening. Speaking of fast, I got stuck in rain this morning taking the dogs out for their walks. By the time, I finished my walk around the circle, the rain was already gone. Thank God for the quick-moving rain. I already have a head cold, I don’t need to exacerbate it by getting stuck in a cold rain.

We’re not putting up our shutters since it’s not expected to be a strong storm. Luke took all the avocados off the tree last night as the fruit becomes missiles during these storms. I tried to remove some yesterday, but I could only reach four. The remainder of the avocados were up at the top of the tree. I wasn’t brave enough to get up on a ladder with the wind already moving at a quick clip. Fortunately, my husband is much braver than me. This morning we’ll bring the patio furniture and grill inside.

We usually have quite a lead-up to these storms. This hasn’t been the case with this storm. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t on my phone Saturday and Sunday that I was late to the table for this one. When I opened the local news site Monday morning, I was caught off guard by the here comes Nicole headlines. Fortunately, we have fully stocked our hurricane kit and are ready to go. We have more than enough water and supplies to weather the storm.

Happy National Eat Your Kid’s Halloween Candy Day

Guess what day it is!  Not only is it hump day, we’re over half way there, it is National Eat Your Kid’s Halloween Candy Day.  A little known holiday that’s a bit of mystery outside of the parenting circuit. Nevertheless, it is a very important one.  As a parent, we’ve earned the right to pilfer their candy.  If we left it to them, we’d only get the raisins, pencils or pennies.  We can’t have that nonsense!


Back in my day, you hit the mother load when you got a full size candy bar in your bag.  Oh how we have raise the bar!  Goalielocks came home with several king sized bars last night.  Could you have imagined that back in the 80s and 90s?  If this seems excessive, it is.  However, it does help mitigate the loss of candy to National Eat Your Kid’s Halloween Candy Day.


In order to mitigate the extra calories, I headed back to the Barre for more fun.  It was another fabulous class. Truly,  I can’t recommend Adam’s class highly enough.   Let me tell you, Xtend Barre is a lot harder than it looks.  I felt the first class for almost a week!  You can imagine my horror when I got to class and the dreaded Bosu was back.   Literally, the last time I did the class on the Bosu, I couldn’t laugh, sneeze, cough or move for like 5 days.  It hurt my abs to simply exist.

Unfortunately, I’m battling a nasty cold.  I am praying that I’m done with the coughing fits before the pan of tonight’s class hits my abs.  Otherwise, sweet mother of Jesus,  there will not be enough Aleve in the world to cure my ills.  If I’m looking at the bright side, the good news is that class is superbly effective.  I guess that’s what keeps bringing us all back now isn’t it.

Tonight’s song “I Want Candy” by Bow Wow Wow