Rest in Peace Jimmy

Rest in peace Jimmy Buffett. Waking up to the news that one of my favorites, an absolute icon, had passed was so sad. I’ve been lucky to see Jimmy Buffett three times since living in South Florida. There has never been roadtrip in our family without Jimmy Buffett as the soundtrack. In fact, I’m not sure I know anybody that can go to the Florida Keys and not listen to Jimmy.

The last time we saw Jimmy was when he toured with the Eagles in 2018. Jimmy always put on a great show and I was excited to share it with the boys. My boys really enjoyed the show although I think they may have been equally entertained by my former coworkers at our tailgate, which is fair. They are pretty awesome. Jimmy Buffett will live forever through the music and empire he created. I could share Margaritaville, but instead I’ll share my favorite Buffett song, which is Pencil Thin Mustache.