The Storm

The storm has pulled out of Florida. We continue to experience gusty winds and a few fast moving showers. Last I spoke with Melly, she still had power, but her AC had seized up. The AC will definitely do that during a storm. Typically, you’ll turn your AC down as low as possible, so your house stays cool as long as possible once you lose power. Right now it appears everyone came through the storm unscathed. Okay, just confirmed with Melly’s mom she’s come through the storm with no damage.

Meanwhile, I went to the doctor to address the asthma that’s been a pain in my chest. (See what I did there? I worked in a nice little boffola.) My lungs were pretty tight and the wheezing was obvious. Consequently, I’m starting back on Singulair today. She also added a daily inhaler, prednisone, and refilled my rescue inhaler. Hopefully, this will clear out my lungs, so I can hike Utah’s parks without issue. Nevertheless, I will be following up with my doctor before I head west to be sure it’s safe for me to hike. Given the remoteness of the Mighty Five, I want to be sure I’m medically cleared to hike them.

I finished out the day at work by Facebook stalking the Mayor. He’s in week two of Eels training camp and is really enjoying it. They works these kids hard, which is awesome. It’s exactly what we’re paying them for. The best part is the hard work and discipline that comes from hockey will follow the Mayor for the rest of his life. It was great to hear from Jake that he felt playing hockey prepared him well for basic training.

What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it?

The last thing I searched online for was if my dogs could safely eat peaches. I decided to cut up a peach for my smoothie tonight and wanted to share it with the puppies. Turns out it is safe for them to eat peaches just not in massive quantities. Arrow loved the peach. Anakin was a bit tentative, but ended up enjoying it.

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is here and in full swing. Currently, Hurricane Idalia is churning off our west coast. It’s supposed to go into the Big Bend area tonight or early tomorrow morning. With a kid in Ft Myers, Orlando and Tally, at least one of them is expected to be impacted, so please pray that they stay safe and dry. Unfortunately, it seems Hurricane Idalia wants to be a bit extra and turn back towards Florida’s Southeastern coast early next week. It’s still a ways out, but here’s hoping that doesn’t happen (understatement of the week right here.)

Hurricane season is far from my favorite time of year. It’s days and days of waiting for a storm that may or may not hit. Either way you have to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Our hurricane kit is well stocked and we have plenty of water. Now most of the water may be sparkling, but I do have plenty of regular water to give to the dogs. We also have plenty of canned food including the shakes I’m enjoying while on a liquid diet.

What TV shows did you watch as a kid?

I watched a lot of shows. My folks didn’t have cable, so we watched a lot of Hogan’s Heroes, Gilligan’s Island and Brady Bunch during the summers. My favorite afternoon shows were part of the Disney Afternoon lineup to include DuckTales, Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers, Tailspin and Dark Wing Duck. As a teen, Pinky and the Brain soon became my go to show. In fact, my Roomba mop and vacuum are named after the titular characters of that very awesome show.