First Day of Virtual School

Today was our first day of virtual school. As expected, it was a bumpy start to the day. Unsurprisingly, the bumpy start was fueled by arguments with teenagers over getting up early to be ready for school. To be fair, there was some conflicting advice as to when/how/where they needed to be today. Fortunately, all of this was clarified during the school day.

I was impressed that Palm Beach school’s servers and technology were up for the challenge. Comcast, on the other hand, was clearly not ready for the increase in internet usage. Frustratingly, we were without internet (and Hulu) did several hours this afternoon. In order to minimize conflict, Goalielocks used the PC up in his rom, while the Mayor used my MAC in our master. Crisis and conflict avoided!!! Lately, any victory no matter how small is worth celebrating.

While the boys got a jump on their school work, I was able to get in my run and a yoga class on Zoom. Unfortunately, the path is completely crowded, which makes Athena nervous. I have never seen so many pedestrians on the path! She stopped numerous times and pulled off to the side whenever a bike whizzed by us.  Ultimately, it made for a slower run, but that was fine with me as my legs were tired and sore from yesterday’s workout. At the end of the run, we logged 2.5 miles in the South Florida heat. Yoga was awesome. It was incredible being reunited with my Tuesday Noon crew. In fact, it almost felt like things were normal.

Today’s first foray into virtual learning felt a bit like managing zoo. Although I have to say my boy looked happy to be on Zoom with his classmates. Hopefully the social reconnection via their online meetings. It is going to take a lot of patience from all sides to make it work. Not that we really have a choice because this truly has to work. I don’t see how we can return to school this year at all.


Since we had no WiFi this afternoon, I took the time to make the boys some homemade brownies. Fortunately, they are not gluten free, so I cannot eat them. As for dinner, we had plenty of leftovers from Lucille’s last night. We did take some time to get outside for a bit this evening since it had cooled down and the dogs needed a walks. In fact, Goalielocks had to go on a 30 minute walk for gym. Anakin was more than happy to oblige him.

To all the parents, who are working and assisting your kids with virtual school, best of luck. Remember brunch is seven days a week and you don’t even need an Uber to get to your couch. To all the teachers, you are amazing. Your job just changed in a completely revolutionary way. Your students miss you and your parents, at least most of them, have a new sense of respect for you! For my essential workers, the world would not spin without you. For those on the frontline of healthcare running short on supplies, thank you for continuing to care for our families and communities.


Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*reading Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackery

*Watched The Office season 7

*2.5 mile run with Athena

*Yoga for a Strong Back and Gentle Flow – Open Heart Yoga studio, taught by Monica

*Supervised the boys for day 1 of virtual school

*cursed out Comcast while my WiFi was down for hours

*Baked homemade brownies

*took a quick walk with Athena and Maya this evening

*Called my parents reminded them they shouldn’t go to the store!

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