Big Day

It’s a big day. Thursday. Yep, Thursday has supplanted Friday as my favorite day of the week. Why you ask? Well, every Thursday I get to see and talk to my ride or die (aka my oldest.). Thank god for FaceTime, which gives me the ability to see his smiling face no matter where in this world he’s hiding. Seeing his smiling face every Thursday gives me immeasurable comfort.

Yet this Thursday isn’t like every other Thursday. Not only do I have the best call of the week about to happen, but the Goohees take on Minnesota State in the Frozen Four tonight. Two Hobey Baker finalists and their teams will be fighting for a spot in the national championship game. Through out the season and the playoffs, these two teams have been incredibly fun to watch. I can’t wait for tonight’s game.

Of course, before I get to watch any game, I’ll be meeting with the Broward/Palm Beach PanCan affiliate. Our marquis event, Purplestride will be popping off April 30th. Our affiliate is absolutely killing it this Purplestride season. I love our team and the impact we’re making in our community. Debbie would be proud.

This morning at work had been super sleepy. Consequently, I’ve got a lot accomplished for Purplestride. I started my morning music off with Metallica, but am now watching Foo Fighters’ last show before Taylor Hawkins passing. It’s an awesome show, but absolutely gut wrenching knowing Hawkins passed away two days later. Jake and I saw the Foo Fighters last time they were in town and the show was absolutely epic. The amphitheater was filled to the brim. You literally couldn’t walk anywhere. They’re definitely a band I’d pay top dollar to see again. And now back to my big day!

Morning at Urgent Care

So I spent my morning at urgent care after I got hurt taking the dogs out. Anakin ran hard for the banana grove and tore the leash out of my hand. Both leashes went flying, so I ran quickly to collect them before the dogs realized they were free. Meanwhile, the pain from my finger made me absolutely nauseous. As I brought the dogs in, I caught a glimpse of my poor, injured finger.

I quickly took the leashes off once the dogs weee safely inside before heading to the bathroom to lose my cookies. Obviously, it was a completely miserable span of ten minutes. My hubby was kind enough to call the urgent care to check on the wait times. My boss gave me the green light to do whatever i neeeded. Consequently, I was able to see the doctor before starting my day.

By the time we got to the urgent care, the wait had grown from fifteen minutes to forty five minutes. Due to the extended wait gome, we went back home to wait it out. Fortunately, I was able to get some work done. As luck would have it, I was able to take one call that resulted in a great sale. Once I finished the call, we headed back to the urgent care. Our timing was perfect, they were ready for me as soon as we got back.

Thankfully, I don’t think I broke it. There was an area of concern that the doctor wasn’t sure about, so he was waiting to hear back from radiology. Consequently, we’re treating it as a severe sprain unless the radiologist says differently. Nevertheless, I had to skip my workout today, which is a total bummer. Despite my morning at urgent care, my day ended up being really productive.

The mayor is up in Buffalo and had two games today. They won their first game 8-1 and he had two goals. The second game ended in a 1-1 time, which isn’t a bad result. After all, this is the first time a lot of these kids are playing together. Tonight they’re out to dinner and I’m sure enjoying all that Buffalo has to offer. He has two more games tomorrow, which we’ll be watching from afar. I love watching him play!!

Time Change

The time change is kicking my arse. It’s a complete aggravation. I have slept through my alarms the last two days waking up right before my shift is supposed to start. Fortunately, my commute to the office is a matter of steps and not miles. Nonetheless, I do like to spend some time easing into my day by enjoying my Dunkin’ as I watch the Great British Bakeoff.

Now I don’t entirely harbor ill will towards the time change. As a night person, I love the longer days and later sunsets. As a person that loves to sleep, I love the darker mornings. It’s just that first week post time change that a disaster. I think it’s worse for us this year because the change came after a late night at the rink that was followed by an early morning at the rink.

We are enjoying our evenings off from hockey. It’s nice to have nowhere we have to go after a busy day at the office. Additionally, it makes it a lot easier to have home cooked meals at home instead of frozen pizzas. Unfortunately, there’s just not a lot of time to cook during the season. Tonight the Mayor cooked us chilli tonight, which was fantastic. The hubby and I are always happy to have someone else cook.

The Season is Over

The season is over after the boys lost a hard fought semi final game to the Makos Sunday morning. It’s hard to put into words how hard each of them played during that game. Obviously, it would have been nice to win, but I’m so proud of their efforts. I’m also proud that our coaches didn’t resort to petty shenanigans in an effort to gain an advantage.

Now I’m sure you’re intrigued by that last sentence, so let me elaborate. The league requires that all players, including goalies, have stop patches on the back of their jerseys. Unfortunately, one of our player’s stop patches fell off during an earlier game in the tournament. The opposing coach approached the referee several times asking him to penalize our team for a missing patch.

When the referee basically told the coach to pound sand and take it up with the league, he sent his team manager up to the league director’s office to plead their case to the director. I mean, can you imagine anything so ridiculous?!! Who is that freaking petty? Literally, the other coach was trying to get the league to suspend our coach over a patch that had clearly just fallen off.

While the Makos manager was up there pleading the case, I ran off the bench to get a stop patch and tape. Once back on the bench, we affixed the stop patch as best we could to the back of his jersey. The league didn’t suspend or remove our coach from the game, so obviously they were less than impressed with their pettiness. Fortunately, karma was served rather quickly as the Makos lost their first game of the weekend in the championship game. You just can’t put that kind of energy into the universe and not expect any repercussions.

At any rate, outside of the kids’ first game Friday night. They had a good weekend. In fact, Saturday they beat the Flames for the first time this season. The boys lost to the Wolves, but it took four periods for them to beat the Hawks. My Mayor had a great weekend and I couldn’t be prouder. He always grinds and plays his hardest every shift. This weekend he blocked a ton of shots and had the bruises to prove it. Now that the season is over, it’s fun to look back and see how far he and his teammates have come since August.

Arduous Week

It’s been an arduous week at work. Unfortunately, the workload continues to be super light. I have been able to make the most of the resources I’ve been given. In fact, I’m one of the top in the department, but I’m bored. I like being busy at work. Boredom is not a friend of mine. Although the quizzical characters I get to talk to some days do keep it interesting.

I’ve been continuing the BBG program. I’m re-doing last week’s workouts since I missed the ab workout. It’s an arduous, but productive program. It’s super challenging like P90X, but it takes less time. The reasonable time investment is a huge plus with the program. Moreover, the program includes four cardio and three stretch workouts, so your week is well rounded with strength, cardio and stretch. This was a problem for me previously and most likely why I injured myself.

I’m going to work tomorrow since the hubby has to work as well. We’re required to work two weekends during the open enrollment period, which isn’t terrible. Hopefully, it will be a productive Saturday. Typically, the lead flow is light, but if the quality is high one can have a great production day. I’m hoping for high volume and high quality. Otherwise, I’ll be cleaning the waxy surface of my desk. This weekend we have no hockey, so Sunday will be spent relaxing.

Yesterday we got to talk to Jake, which is always a treat. He looked great despite being exhausted. The last couple of weeks he’s looked tired, but yesterday he looked great. I can’t wait to see him again. It will be so special to have all my boys under one roof! That day can’t come soon enough! Did I mention I can’t wait?!?

Super Sunday

No surprise here, but our Super Sunday was spent at the rink. This was definitely a source of angst when the schedule first came out. The Mayor had two make up games Sunday afternoon in Pines and Coral Springs. Originally, the games were supposed to be at home, but a fire at the rink derailed that plan. The first game was a biggie because if they won it, they’d make states. Spoiler alert, they won!

They played the Florida Warrior, who they hadn’t played previously. I thought we got off to a bit of a shaky start, but once the Mayor got the scoring started it was all over. The boys ended up winning 6-0 with goals from five different kids and tons of assists. That’s exactly what you want to see on the scoresheet. Admittedly, we were all a bit nervous because the kids hadn’t practiced for over a week. Thank god they weren’t too rusty.

Between games we headed to Publix to grab the Mayor a sub. They barely had any time between games, but he needed to eat something. The second game was a much harder contest against Goldenwolves Black. It was a good, fast-paced game with little drama, but in the end they lost 2-0. Honestly, they could have won the game, but couldn’t finish. The Mayor had a great opportunity, but his stick broke on the shot.

Naturally, like everyone else my age, I wanted to see the halftime show. The two things i was excited to watch were the Air Force Heritage Flight Flyover and the halftime time show. Fortunately, I was able to catch the flyover right before the Mayor’s game started. And as luck would have it, the game ended minutes before the show started. I was able to watch the halftime show with my fellow hockey mom and dads as we collectively reminisced over the music and artists performing. It was magical.


Another milestone moment as we picked out Goalielocks’ senior pictures this evening. I can’t believe we have two kids that are now technically adults. I say, technically because of you know, you know. The whole process took an hour or two. It was long and stressful. Thankfully, his pictures turned out well, which made it difficult to pick.

In the end, we ended up with the platinum elite package or whatever the hell they call it. Senior year and high school graduation is definitely a milestone, but boy oh boy do they bilk the money out of you. All year everyone is coming at you asking for cash. Honestly, is it okay that senior pictures are now the same price as a cheap used car? Is the cap and gown really worth the price they charge? Anyway, I can’t wait to get the pictures that I’m going to pay for by selling my kidney. I’m only sort of kidding here.

Tonight we’re just chilling at the house. The Mayor was supposed to have games tomorrow, but the Makos weren’t fit to play. Naturally, the same league that wouldn’t allow Goalielocks’ team reschedule due to a lack of bodies, gladly allowed the Makos to reschedule. Our league has different rules depending on which organization you play for or are affiliated with. It’s an absolute joke. In just a few years, we’ll be done with this god forsaken league. I look forward to blowing up some of these folks in a book about our Florida hockey experience.

Shoulders Suck

I don’t know about you, but my shoulders suck these days. Perhaps it’s because I carry all my stress in my neck and shoulders. Or maybe it’s the sitting in a desk chair for twelve hours plus daily over the last seven weeks. Whatever it is, it’s not working for me.

After work, I did a yoga practice that targeted the shoulders and neck, which should help. I won’t probably see any real benefits from it until tomorrow. Who knew at level 41 stress and sleeping wrong could cause so many issues in the shoulders? Apparently, being a side sleeper for the last 41 year hasn’t helped my current situation.

I’ve been alternating heat and ice on the neck and shoulders hoping to relax and take down the inflammation. If I don’t take care of the neck pain, it will grow into a massive tension headache. This would be no fun for the last two days of AEP. That’s right, the finish line is in sight. Two more miles, I mean days, to go before this thing is finished. Woohoo!

Speaking of injuries, the Mayor’s stab wound tolerated the hockey well. Amazingly, he even showered and cleaned the wound after his games. This morning, however, he showed up with a hurt hip. He’s struggling to walk. Hopefully, his hip will recover quickly. I’m off to bed. I need all the energy I can muster for these final AEP days. Anyway, did I mention shoulders suck?

Finish Line

I feel like I’ve been running a marathon and the finish line is in sight. Like any race, AEP has been exhausting and exhilarating mentally and physically. It will be nice not to spend over twelve hours a day talking on the phone for a change. So if I haven’t called lately, I’ll be back to calling friends and family once AEP is done.

When I was running a lot of 5ks, the finish line always led to a final surge. Naturally, I almost always felt like I wanted to throw up immediately afterwards. However, in the hours and day after the benefits were well worth the hard work. Fortunately, this will also be the case with AEP. Starting next week, we’re actually allowed to take off as much time in December as we want, which is amazing.

While I worked all days, the hubby and the younger two headed to Ellenton for games. Of course I had to work on the one weekend both boys played at the same rink on the same day. So lame!! I did, however, watch the first three games on LiveBarn. Instead of watching the fourth game, I’m nervously writing this blog. Goalielocks is net, which as we all know makes me nutty.

The Mayor’s leg has healed sufficiently, so he was able to play today. He looked great. Please keep his teammate in your prayers as he broke his leg in today’s game. Unfortunately, he caught an edge and slammed hard legs first into the boards. It was absolutely gnarly. Thankfully, it wasn’t worse, but spending your night in the ER in Ellenton isn’t a dream come true.

Scary Moment

It was a scary moment Sunday when the Mayor took a skate blade to the thigh. The Mayor played in the annual Thanksgiving tournament last weekend. Unfortunately, the schedule was such that I had to watch every game from home while I worked. Thankfully, the Ice Den has Livebarn now, so I could watch the game. Additionally, my hubby was keeping me updated via text.

While watching Sunday’s semi-final against the Fury, the Hubby texted me that he was taking the Mayor to get stitches. This was definitely a scary moment for me as I had no idea how or where he was hurt. Unfortunately, he was kicked in the thigh with a skate. The resulting wound looked like a stab wound and was 3 cm long.

The medic at the rink tended to him once they realized the severity of his injury on the bench. Unsurprisingly, he was trying to convince the medic that he should be able to go out and finish the game. Mind you he still finished his shift after taking a skate to the thigh. Once the report was filed, my hubby took him to get stitches.

While it was a scary moment for all of us, it could have been much worse. The skate blade narrowly missed his femoral artery, which makes me shudder to think about. If the artery had been cut, the injury would have been catastrophic. Needless to say, we’re investing in compression gear to protect against the skate blades. In the end, he got five stitches and can’t skate for a week.

The referees did not call penalty on the headshot or the kick to the thigh despite USA Hockey’s commitment to player safety. The Livebarn video of the incident wasn’t great due to where it happened on the rink. Our manager requested the security video from the rink, but the director told her that was impossible. Again, so much for a commitment to player safety. Thank God there’s no delayed offsides or icing on PK’s anymore. USA Hockey is out of touch and useless.