It’s crazy to me that after a letter from our state hockey league addressing poor parent and coach behavior that people still don’t get it. Last weekend there was a squirt A game (I mean u10a) on the West Coast in which a parent opened the door to argue a call. Let that sink in for a second. It wasn’t even a rec game where you’d expect that kind of uneducated and uncouth behavior from a parent.

To be fair, it was a squirt a travel game filled with future NHL stars. Obviously there was a lot of skin in the game. So much that this dad felt the need to open the door to tell the ref there were too many men on the ice. Spoiler alert the right number of players were on the ice for both teams. I’ve seen a lot of crazy things in my years as a hockey parent, but a parent opening the door to the ice sheet during a game takes the cake.

Naturally, this set off a lively conversation on the youth hockey forum. People, the majority in fact could not believe parent could behave this poorly at a game. Unsurprisingly, the guy did have a few defenders okay two defenders. Their argument, by the way, was that he’s a good dad and was just concerned about the ref’s missing a call. After all their kids work so hard and should lose on the account of a bad call. Again this was u10a game in southwest Florida and there was no missed call.

Eventually the moderators had to shut the comments off because these two jokers were getting ridiculous. They couldn’t understand how we could judge someone as a bad person/dad for their actions at the game. There is a Grand Canyon size gulf between disagreeing with someone’s actions and judging them as a bad person. My dude made a poor decision and needs to be held accountable, but he probably is a good guy. Anyway, you can’t fix crazy.