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Staying Sane

When you’re a busy hockey mom/career woman like me, staying sane amidst the crazy is always top priority.  The responsibilities of work, home and hockey (insert sport here) pull you in a million different directions concurrently.  Sometimes you feel like you’re caught up in the rack, a medieval torture device, because you’re being pulled so many different directions.  So how does on stay sane when juggling life’s many responsibilities?   How does one find a way to release the pressure and unwind?  I’m glad you asked.

Here’s my Hockey Mom Fit Life guide to staying sane:

  1. Surround yourself with great people.  Your squad will pull you through the best and times and the worst of times just like in a Charles Dickens’ novel.           original (1)
  2. Make staying fit a non-negotiable priority.  There is no better way to cope with the stressors of life than taking a kick arse zumba class or running 3 miles.  Seriously, it works wonder for both your physical and mental health.  giphy (39)
  3. Get in the habit of reading books, not just your Facebook feed.  A great novel can lift your spirits and stimulates your mind.  There’s nothing bad about that combination.  q35ff.jpg
  4. Take a yoga class.  Regardless of what type of yoga class you take or your level, nothing beats the supreme relaxation of savasana.   I’ve been waiting all week for tomorrow’s aerial yoga class and its end pose savasana.  In the yoga swing, which functions like a hammock, savasana is otherworldly.  Undoubtedly, I will fall asleep during the final relaxation pose again.  If I had my druthers, there would be an entire class of savasana.  (Just a suggestion Monica!)
  5. Eat well 80% of the time.  Feed your body and soul with natural, whole foods that will fuel your workout.   Additionally, when you fall off the wagon, and it will happen, don’t be yourself up over it.  As long as you’re not falling off the proverbial wagon all day every, you should be okay.2kNwjP

  6.  Treat yo self!  Back to the 80/20 rule, make space in your diet to treat yourself.  One of my guilty pleasures, is European chocolates.  Can you blame me? I didn’t think so.  Particularly, I adore Neuhaus and Leonidas chocolates.  A nice box of chocolates will last me almost.  I allow myself to have one a day, like the vitamin only better, so I never feel that I’m deprived.             mti2ota3ndi3otexmtq1otuw
  7.  Take a vacation that isn’t related to your child’s sport.  This summer we spent fifteen days in Norway as a family.  While it certainly was not cheap, it was one of the best experiences of my life.  It is a trip that we as a family will never forget.  Moreover, it was a nice departure from our everyday obligations and life.  Sometimes that’s all you need.
  8. Don’t be afraid to enjoy an adult beverage with your squad and be grateful for Uber.                                     tenor (9).gif
  9. Pay it forward.  Nothing keeps you grounded like giving back and making the world a better place.  For me, it’s all about funding pancreatic cancer research in honor of my dear friend Debbie, who was the inspiration for this blog.  Pancreatic cancer robbed us of a beloved member of our hockey family way too soon.  Consequently, we will never give up the fight to find a cure for this insidious disease.  This November, we will participate in our 3rd straight Purple Stride in her honor under Team Deb Force Five.  You can join us at the event or you can donate in her honor here at our: team site.
  10.  There’s no better way to relax than by listening to fabulous music.  For instance, his morning I was rocking out at work to REM, Tom Petty, The Beatles, AC/DC, so tonight I’ll leave you with some REM and No Doubt. C’est la belle vie! 


Loyalty is a fickle character trait that is coveted and prized in our friends and colleagues.  If you wish to see loyalty in its purest form, look no further than a child or a dog.  There is no more of a loyal companion than dog.   Young children’s loyalty to their parents is fierce.  Of course by the time they’ve reached middle school their more loyal to Snap Chat than their parents.  I loved the quote above from Claude McKay because it is totally on point.  How can you be loyal to someone else if you aren’t loyal to who you truly are?  #mindblown


Why is it at we get older it seems loyalty becomes a rare commodity?  Why is that for many adults their loyalty is based on expediency?  This is especially true in the workplace, but also exists within many of our social circles.   As a kid, I thought of loyalty in terms of my loyalty to people.  While this concept is still very much alive in my life, now I think of loyalty differently.  Rather than emphasizing a person, I am loyal to my ideals and my ethics.  I don’t believe in loyalty by expediency.  When I think about what winning means to me, it means winning without cheating.  Winning without cutting corners or bending the rules.

Loyalty Quotes

I love my family and friends that have become family.   These brilliant people, some of who at present are blowing up my phone with phenomenal memes, are loyal people. They’re loyal to their ideals, their friends and especially their family.  Perhaps that’s why I so dearly love my hockey family and my friends that became family.  A special shout out to my non-hockey friends, who tolerate the insanity of our schedule and our limited ability.  We truly appreciate your understanding of our craziness.

Super Saturday

We spent our super Saturday dividing and conquering.  While I traversed the state for hockey with Goalielocks and my two brothers from another mother John and Jon, the hubby stayed in town for the Mayor’s evening games. Since the Mayor was at a friend’s for most of the day, so hubby was able to have a productive day at work.  Meanwhile, we spent 3.5 hours driving from the Palm Beaches to Ellenton on 70, which is largely a two lane road.  We had great company for the drive, althought I’m sure you can imagine how much fun this drive is.

We actually made great time, so we were able to stop and have lunch on the banks of the Manatee River at Woody’s River Roo.  This nice spot is absolute perfection for feeding hockey players, while enjoying a great drink and the beautiful location  Moreover, it’s not fancy, so you don’t have to worry about the kids breaking anything.  As I sat dockside admiring the beautiful view, I succumbed to the temptation and ordered a mimosa.   I had a cup of clam chowder and a salad, while Goalielocks enjoyed the burger.  We finished our lunch and headed to the lunch, which was less than five minutes away.


Meanwhile back in South Florida, the Mayor was gallivanting about with his boy JM driving the Kaputa and the bulldozer.  As I sat in the sin bin between periods, I caught a video the Mayor had posted on his Instagram that had me in stitches.  It was a video of him driving in slo-mo and then speeding by.  Honestly, it was the funniest thing I saw all day.  When we finally got home after a long day on the road, the Mayor was super excited to tell me about driving both the bulldozer and Kaputa.

Both of the boys’ teams went 1-1 on the day, but both hubby and I were happy with their efforts.  While the day was as long as the drive,  the time spent was well worth the investment.  We only covered a good 380 miles in 7 hours of driving! (Thank you JB for driving our motley crew across the state!)  Our first game in Ellenton certainly didn’t end how we wanted it to, but what I enjoy most of all is spending time with my kids and with our hockey family.   The Mayor and his team did well this evening winning their game 4-1.  My Mayor was stoked that he scored a goal and his usual line mates did equally as well.

The wonderful people that make up our hockey family are incredibly dedicated to their families.  Morevoer, they’re invested in their children and super fun to be around.  When I look at social media influencers on instagram and beyond, I see people who’s only commitment is to themselves.  Whatever commitment they had to their family or their kids is secondary to their own interests.  Its sad really.  In contrast, the hockey parent life calls for a parent that is selfless.  Hockey parents have to be  willing to dedicate of time and resources (aka money) to their children’s athletic pursuits.  I know some day my kids’ hockey careers will come to an end.  At that point, I’ll have time and money to spend on my interests.  Until then, I’m committed to living the hockey mom life.  In fact, I’ll be back at the rink tomorrow morning for Goalielocks’ game.

Hockey Mom Wisdom

After an insane weekend of hockey, I thought I’d write about my learnings as a hockey mom.  As I reflect on my facebook memories today, a picture from the Mayor’s first hockey practice came up and Goalielocks’ first time between the pipes.  They were so young and green and so was I as a hockey mom.    Flash forward seven years later and I’ve learned quite a bit.   Some of it I learned the easy way and some well you know….



To all my mighty mite(aka U8) and squirt (aka U10) parents, here is some of my hockey mom wisdom:

      1. Make sure your car has enough space for hockey bags, suitcases, extra kids and coolers full of beer and liquor.
      2. Waze is the best app for getting you to the rink on time while avoiding speeding tickets, accidents and construction.  It will help you find the closest coffee shop.share-image.png

      3.   Its okay to yell at your kids from the stands, however realize they usually can’t hear you.  If they can hear you, they’re mortified by you.  This is especially true if you know nothing about the game.
      4. While it is okay to yell from the stands, don’t use microphones or megaphones to amplify your message.  This elevates you to a rarefied level of bat s$#t crazy occupied by only a few select hockey moms like Megaphone Mom.  Tame your crazy before you get to this level or your kid will be a parent cut.  See the video at the top. Poor Carson…..
      5. Leave the coaching to the coach.  They’re coaching hockey for a reason and you’re not.  Its really quite simple.                                                                                                             aad13ba889cfd36f0966f75fe8be7707--youth-hockey-hockey-mom
      6. If you’re going to work the sin bin, you cannot react to the game.  You cannot question the ref’s call, you must sit quietly.  Also, don’t google tales or stories from the sin bin, apparently its a popular porn subject.  #lessonlearned
      7. If you’re in the sin bin and next to the bench, don’t give the coach continuous feedback on the players and shortcomings.  I witnessed that several times this weekend and was waiting for the coach to cold cock the guy in the box.  Unfortunately, he didn’t.  However that would have made for an awesome Youtube video if he had.
      8.  A Vodka and LaCroix cocktail is a great option for tournament drinking that will minimize the carbs and the calories.  You’re wardrobe and ego will thank me for this one.                                                27b3cdb7b7c3220354b8af6a2f067b97--pop-of-color-love-the
      9. Be well prepared for every tournament.  This means stuff to fix equipment, plenty of booze, medicine bag, and a hangover mitigation kit.  This kit will help you bounce back in no time from the team BBQ Saturday night to the 6:00 am Sunday game.  Your hangover mitigation kit should include activated charcoal (found at Whole Foods), Nuun (electrolyte tablets) and Ibuprofen or Aleve.
      10. If you are drinking at tournament or a rink, remember that someone has to be an adult and its not your 8 year old child.  (For me, its hubby.)
      11. You can never have enough sweaters or blankets for the rink.
      12.  Importantly get certified in CPR and AED, so you can take care of your goalie parents when their kids are between the pipes.  Don’t worry, when you get to U14 and the head hunting starts, your goalie parents will be ready to return the favor.  e00883921c15472700e926b34c0eb5cb
      13.   Savor the ride.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long and will be over before you know it.  After the list, the video at the bottom is of my oldest son’s last youth hockey game. By comparison, to other seasons it was an amazing last season for him as his team went undefeated in league play and won the state championship.                                                                                   13507211_10154149205718213_2112240283562587252_n
      14.   Your hockey mom crew will become your ride or die crew.  They will become your family and a major source of strength and support.
      15. Importantly before you head to the rink make sure you are headed to the right rink.  When you drive your goalie to the wrong rink, it is an absolute disaster. 
      16. All in all there are few moms tougher or grittier than a hockey mom. We are absolutely fabulous even though we’re tough as nails.  How many people do you know that can walk across an ice rink in high heeled boots?  Only a hockey mom that’s who.


After 10 games in 4 days for two kids, two teams, at two rinks, tonight both Goalielocks’ and the Mayor’s teams are champions!!!!  It was a rough start for both teams.  Goalielocks’ team won Thursday night, but one of our stars was taken down in a nasty hit.  There was some concern that he would miss some games due to a concussion, but fortunately the hit looked far nastier than the outcome suggested.  Thankfully, he was absolutely fine with no headaches or any concussion symptoms post-game.  Hallelujah!  The Mayor’s team got a slow start Friday losing to a team they beat the previous weekend.


Additionally, what is fun to watch as a hockey parent is when a team starts working together.  The focus shifts from trying to score a goal yourself to trying to setup your teammate.  In the Saturday’s second game, I really noticed this shift in the Mayor’s team.  Here’s hoping it bleeds over in league play next weekend!

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Goalielocks’ team went 5-0 on the weekend and was fairly dominant.  We got into some penalty trouble, which is pretty normal for U14AA.  The talk of the U14AA tournament was crazy megaphone mom, who makes the rest of us hockey moms look sane and normal.  I assure we’re not.   She proudly shared with one of my fellow hockey parents that the megaphone has gotten her kicked out of countless baseball, lacrosse and hockey games.  Consequently, I’m going to go out on a limb here.   I am going to assume she’s either certifiable or she’s a bit slow.  Now she is blonde, so either assumptions is equally plausible.

Undoubtedly, hockey tournaments are exhausting, but exhilarating as well.  For the hockey family, tournaments serve as reunions.  A wonderful opportunity to see all the friends you’ve made throughout the years that are no playing across the state of Florida.   I should clarify that Megaphone Mom is not from Florida.  Even us Florida hockey parents are’t that crazy.   Our level of crazy is purely superficial when compared to the likes of Megaphone Mom.

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The Mayor and hubby have been sleeping for two hours already. Apparently, there 4:45 am wake up call left them exhausted.  As a public service, I skipped the early morning game.  Nobody, and I mean nobody, should have to deal with me on that little sleep. There’s not enough caffeine in the world to make me palatable in that situation.  Moreover  I’ve been rocking a sinus headache since my migraine abated.  Sadly, it feels like a sinus infection is trying to take hold, but I’m not going down without a fight.  Overall, we had a fantastic weekend with our hockey family.   

Labor Day Tournament Day 1

After driving for what felt like countless hours on the turnpike, we finally made it to the Labor Day Tournament. Well at least hubby and Goalielocks did. Due to a number of accidents, the drive took longer than expected so I dropped them at the rink in Kississimee before heading to Orlando.

I abhor driving in Orlando, but driving in Friday night rush hour in my hubby’s truck takes the cake. Nevertheless, I survived the drive. The Mayor and I made it to RDV in once piece.


Both boys played last night at 6:45 and 7:50 respectively in two different rinks. I was bummed that I had to miss Goalielock’s game. The rink in Kississimee is like a cave. There’s no cell service, so this goalie mom was dying from anticipation in RDV.


Goalielocks and his squad played great. They ended up winning the game 10-0. Always a good night when your goalie gets a shutout.

The Mayor’s squad played a local team that was pretty well padded with travel players. They ended up in a tie, but they had a lot of critical opportunities they were unable to convert. My mayor had a great game getting a hatty and an assist. The Mayor was excited to play last night and is really looking forward to today’s game.

Last night’s loser was definitely Steak N Shake, who saw their entire computer system go down during a storm. By the time we had left, their credit card processing machines still hadn’t come back online.

Finally, the parents were in good form. We kept the bartender in the lobby busy and the bicep curls looked good. Nobody got arrested, broke anything or got sick, so all in all it was a good night.