Run Free

Run free, run wild and embrace the runner’s high.  If you had asked me two and a half years ago if I was a runner, I would tell you that you’re the craziest person I had ever met.  Don’t get me wrong, I love cardio and thoroughly enjoy teaching Zumba.  Running, however, is an entirely different animal.  By all means, running to me was an instrument of torture. And then came Debbie, an avid runner and health nut, who inspired me to become a runner.


When someone you love gets a horrible diagnosis, nothing you do to support them seems adequate.  It just never seems like its enough.  Nevertheless, Goalielocks, Jake and I started running 5ks for Debbie after our first Purple Stride.  At each of these 5ks, we did 12 in 2016, we wore purple to support Debbie.  Moreover, as a novice runner the purple was a reminder that many people are facing much harder obstacles than mile 3 of a 5K.  She was and still is my inspiration when I run.


Consequently, Jake and I both ended up becoming accidental runners.   If I’m being honest,  I can’t say that I love running when mid-run.  I can, however, say that I love the runner’s high .  Moreover, I love that I have become something I never though was in my wheelhouse.  Debbie inspired me to run.  As a consequence, I found a new love while pushing myself to achieve something I didn’t think was possible.


Undoubtedly, Debbie was a good egg – the best.  I miss her everyday although I’m positive she’s always on my run with me.  Without fail I see a beautiful yellow swallowtail on  every run as I get to Debbie’s neighborhood.  Each time, this beautiful butterfly greets me and Athena as we push on from mile one and onto mile two.  I know what you’re thinking and if it was at mile 4 or 5, then I’d probably agree that it was an apparition driven by exhaustion.

I ran tonight for the first time in weeks due to injuries and a cold.  Overall, I’d say it went well given I’ve been battling a cold that’s been trying to work its way into my chest.  Nonetheless, Athena and I hit the pavement tonight.  There’s only two weeks left to the Purple Stride event and I need to be ready.   As it stands right now, there’s no way I’ll be able to repeat last year’s somewhat respectable performance.   Importantly, you can join our team or support us by clicking here.  My goal is to have both the largest team and be the first place fundraising team.

Tonight’s song (hopefully will inspire you to donate or join our team) comes to us from Joe Cocker performing The Beatles’ “With a Little Help From My Friend.”