Manic Monday

There are days I miss Norway more than others and today was one of them.  Another manic Monday on the roads of South Florida was enough to drive me batty.  I don’t know what it is about S. Florida that people here think the rules and laws apply to everyone but them.  Sometimes I feel like the Transporter as I mentally prepare to drive in South Florida.

While waiting to make a right hand turn on McNab today (always a logjam) I watched someone drive down the right, grassy shoulder to move through traffic more quickly.  This illustrious person, who shouldn’t be allowed to drive, felt their time was more important than the people’s property they drove over.  They were a total douche canoe.

giphy (15)bdoXY

Twenty minutes later, I watched in disbelief as another driver drove up the shoulder on the turnpike lest they wait in traffic.  This poor woman may have been late for her bridge game had she waited with the rest of us peons.   I truly do not understand what it is about South Florida that makes it so magnetic to the world’s worst drivers.  According to, Florida’s drivers are the worst in the nation.  They’re not wrong.


So what does this have to do with Norway?  Not one Norwegian honked at us during our trip.  Even when we mistakenly drove down a pedestrian area (whoops) or were driving a little slow to find a stride, nobody honked at us.   Norwegians drove as if the law applied to everyone.  Imagine that!  Nobody drove like they were above the law.  That and the fact Norwegians keep their country very clean.  They pick up after themselves and even public bathrooms on top of mountains are clean.