Dreams Are Made

Dreams are made of these is today’s prompt for bloganury. While I was in Savannah, I had the most vivid dream that Anakin, my sweet puppy disappeared. I never established if he was taken, ran away or dead; I only knew he was gone. Consequently, I searched high and low across the globe looking for my sweet boy, but he was nowhere to be found. It was awful!

Fortunately, it was just a dream and he’s currently laying down next to me on the couch. Outside of my vivid dream about Anakin, I find myself dreaming of traveling a lot. Obviously, I’m missing the amount of traveling we did prior to the pandemic. My dreams predominately take me to Europe and Scandinavia to be specific. It probably doesn’t help that I’m reading a novel set in Norway.

Work was the stuff that dreams are made of today. I had one customer that was frustrating, but only because she made absolutely no sense at all. As for the rest of my clients, they were buyers today. Moreover, I even had a few clients from last week that called back to buy today. You can’t ask for a better Monday than that. Of course, Athena had to keep it interesting by pooping right in the path of the Roomba, so that was fun.

Frenetic Day

Today I had a frenetic day where I continuously felt I was behind the eightball. Now there was no reason for me to feel that way, so perhaps my thyroid is off-kilter. Nonetheless, I didn’t feel like I had the impactful day I had yesterday. However, I did have my first sales meeting with a client and that went swimmingly. Consequently, I really should feel much better about the day. Anyway, I skipped my BBG workout since I was rushing from thing to thing today. Perhaps that’s why I feel so off this evening. No need to fret my pet, I will be logging my run and my BBG ab workout tomorrow. Hopefully, I can even run outside. We shall see!

Since I’ve been dealing with some flare-ups the last couple of weeks, I’m starting the Tony Robbins lemon water and celery juice routine in the morning. I bought all the required stuff this afternoon from Target. Tomorrow I’ll juice the celery. Can I tell you how much I hate celery juice? Honestly, it’s so gross! But it’s supposed to be so good for you especially if you have autoimmune issues like myself. Additionally, I’m switching back to an anti-inflammatory diet. Admittedly, I’ve been eating Lean Cuisines for lunch, which aren’t the epitome of the anti-inflammatory diet. Instead, I’ll be eating a diet that is more plant-based.

Come to think of it, perhaps my day was blown askew by the vivid dream I had last night. This is good and worth the read I assure you. So picture this, my friend Jodi and I are watching our boys play hockey at a tournament in Minnesota. The rest of our organization was there to include the Toros U14 (aka bantam team.). Before our sons’ games, we were watching the younger boys play and befriended a new hockey mom. This new hockey mom happened to be none other than Jennifer Lopez. Naturally, we met her at the mall where we were shopping between hockey games. Now before you call me completely crazy, she does live in Miami and does like sports.

At any rate, we befriended her and help show her the ropes. An opposing player leveled one of our guys in the neutral zone. It wasn’t a clean hit. Unfortunately, the child was injured and that child happened to be Jennifer Lopez’s son. Fortunately, Jodi and I have been through every hockey injury in the book, so we were calm and collected. We were able to keep this newbie mom called as the paramedics responded to care for the injured player. I’m pretty sure he had a broken clavicle, which is a pretty common injury in hockey. Clearly, the dream was utterly fabulous. I mean it had my good friend, hockey, shopping and Jennifer Lopez in it. What could be better? No wonder I had a frenetic day, there’s no way it could have lived up to my awesome dream!

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I read Shirley, by Charlotte Bronte.

*Gentle Flow with Jennifer from Open Heart Yoga Studio

*Morning and afternoon meditation. Yet I still feel like I had a frenetic day!

*Took Anakin out to go to the bathroom. He was quickly hunting the butterflies and dragonflies.

*Obedience training Anakin

*Jake called to update his new base.

*Week 8 BBG 2.0 day 5 yoga.

*As a treat, I enjoyed a Kinder bar today. I loved it!

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