My Sweet Little Boy

My sweet little boy Anakin had to go to the vet today for his rabies vaccine. Since he started limping in the last couple of days, I also had the doctor evaluate his left shoulder. Our appointment was scheduled for 4:00, so we left the house at 3:20 to get there a little early. Apparently, that was a total mistake.

Due to COVID19, no puppy parents are allowed into the clinic. Consequently, we had to take a seat and wait outside. This would be okay, except it’s Florida and it’s 90 degrees with a dew point of 76. I wouldn’t be surprised if the heat index surpassed 100 today. My poor puppy was getting so hot. Fortunately, I was able to get a water bowl for him. Meanwhile Goalielocks and I melted in the heat.

We waited until after 6:00 for him to be seen. I was dying from the heat and ready to throw in the towel. Nonetheless, my sweet little boy needed his rabies vaccine, so we can start taking him of dog parks. Also, the vet isn’t super close, so I didn’t want to have to come back a different day. Fortunately, his exam went well and there is no structural issues causing a limp. The vet feels like he likely hurt some soft tissue jumping around and being a puppy. Now we’re home and he’s comfortable resting after his vaccine and a pain shot for his shoulder.

Meanwhile, my throat is starting to hurt and my glands are feeling a bit swollen. My temperature was a little higher than normal this morning, but still not above normal range. I ran my 2.23 miles (#IrunwithMaud) this morning without too much difficulty. Afterwards I went almost straight to yoga, which was pretty awesome. Thankfully, I had enough time to do my post run stretch routine with the therapy balls before yoga.

Today’s class was a gentle flow with Jenn from Open Heart Yoga Studio and it was divine. The slower flow, yin and restorative poses have done my mind and body so much good. I was a balls to the wall kind of girl before I got injured and sick. Honestly, it’s probably why I got injured and sick. Now it’s about finding balance in my yoga practice, my workouts and life. Since I’ve started the quest for balance, my mobility and ability to slow down have improved greatly. I’m so excited to share my experience with my future yoga students.

I’m hoping some sleep will do my body good because I was hoping to go into the yoga studio to support its reopening. Nonetheless, if there’s any hint of a sore throat, I will be partaking in class from home. Fortunately, the Zoom classes have been great and with great support and feedback from my teachers. Otherwise I have a low key last day of school planned for the boys. My afternoon will be spent in yoga teacher training while the boys wrap up their school work.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading Vilette by Charlotte Bronte

*Morning and afternoon meditation

*Gentle Flow with Jenn from Open Heart Yoga Studio

*Week 2 BBG 2.0 day 4 cardio

*Went to the vet and melted in the heat like a circle in a spiral.

*Obedience training Anakin

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena on multiple walks

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Week 12

After fifteen weeks, I’ve finally made it to week 12 (aka the final week) of BBG. Ordinarily, this 12 week program takes 12 weeks to complete. However, I ran into three separate weeks where my allergies and/or a cold settled into my chest. Consequently, I took those weeks off when I was sick to ensure my asthma get aggravated and reappear during this Covid-19 season. Sadly, I learned my lesson several years ago when I spent four months ill with bronchitis. This timeline probably would have been shortened if I had relaxed when I first got sick. Nonetheless, I’m no longer a BBG novice!

Since quarantine has started, my Monday workout routine has shifted a bit. Now I got to yoga with Monica in the morning and then complete my BBG workout in the early afternoon. Thanks to the Mayor, Anakin made a quick impromptu visit to class.  Fortunately, the yoga leaves my legs stretched and ready to go for the workout. This is important because the Monday leg workout is super intense. Today’s workout was no exception! Indeed the evil burpees with a push-up and tuck jump we’re back. Those things are the worst! However, they went far better this week as opposed to two weeks ago. Needless to say, my legs will be sore tomorrow.

After a quick lunch, the Mayor and I took the three dogs for a walk. Okay, truth be told it was more like they walked us. Anakin is still learning to walk on a leash, so he pulls a lot. While he may be little, he is mighty. Consequently, I ended up walking him and the Mayor took the girls less than half way through. Naturally, it was at this point that Anakin decided he wanted to run. He’d run with a big smile on his face and then stop to turn around and look at his sisters. Then he’d do it again. I wanted to use the gentle leader collar or whatever thingamajig is called. So I guess the upside is I got a little bit of a run in with my jog. Fortunately, the weather was absolutely perfect so we definitely enjoyed our time outside.


Of course it wouldn’t be Monday if my day didn’t include virtual school woes. While Goalielocks got up for his dad and started to get to work, he was back in bed by the time I got up a half an hour later. So frustrating! Unfortunately, I spent more time than I wanted to arguing about whether he was sleeping or not. Of course adding to the frustration was the fact he didn’t do the dishes before going to bed last night or this morning! I need to remind myself that this will all be over at the end of the month.


Tonight I cooked my latest Blue Apron meal and it was Mexican spiced beef and rice. Again the recipe was easy to follow and the ingredients were high quality. Additionally, this recipe took less than thirty minutes to cook, which is awesome. For the first time in years, Goalielocks liked the tacos! I was so surprised! He ate his meat and rice on a tortilla, while I ate mine as a rice bowl. Naturally the best part of the dinner is the left over guacamole sauce since I’m the only one that eats it.  I hope your Monday wasn’t too manic!

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte

*Gentle Vinyasa Class with Monica from Yoga Mundo 

*Watched Impractical Jokers

*Morning and afternoon meditation

*Week 12 BBG day 1 leg day!

*Obedience training Anakin courtesy of myself and the Mayor. 

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena on a walk. 

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The Mondayest Monday of Them All

My day started late when I didn’t hear my alarm and when I did: chose to ignore it. Consequently, I spent my whole morning feeling behind. Although, like everyone else, I really have nowhere to go. See this is the mind fuck (sorry mom) that is life in quarantine. However, to be fair I did have a date with Monica and my yoga mat at 10:00 am, so I wanted to be sure I ate early enough to prevent an upset tummy.

Naturally, the high point of my day came on my mat. Monday’s class are a gentle vinyasa flow class that is the right speed to accompany my BBG leg workouts. Particularly, I enjoy the difference in each of the classes. Moreover, I think it’s the variety that has really helped drive my practice forward. Honestly, I loved my vinyasa class Saturday and am looking forward to more. For the first time in forever (I couldn’t help myself here and I bet you sang it too,) my foot didn’t bother me post class.

Apparently, while I was getting my namaste on. Athena and Anakin were involved in some shenanigans in the family room. Since Maya is a senior dog coping with cancer, I buy her CBD calming treats and CBD joint health treats. Surprisingly, my two mischievous dogs figured out how to get the treats down. Moreover, they figured out how to open the container. Once the treats spilled out, it was game over for this partnership. We don’t call her the Piggie for nothing! Athena lorded over the spilled treats and ate them all while Anakin whelped in protest.

AC67792A-A42C-4AD0-80CE-054C0425125FOf course, I didn’t find out about this until after lunch. Miraculously, it some how the Mayor completely forgot about it until later in the day. In fact, he announced it while I was drinking my coffee. “Athena ate all the CBD treats and Anakin was jealous.” Now I can’t fault the Mayor for not taking them away from her. She can be very food aggressive when it comes to her treats. He did, however, make sure that Anakin didn’t get any. Next time, the Mayor knows to come and get me, so I can stop the craziness. As for Athena, she’s just laying on the couch in a daze. Gone is her normal twinkle in the eye, but at least she’s relaxed and going to be okay.


I started the day off with discomfort in my neck and shoulders. The kind of discomfort that sets in from sleeping wrong and being stressed. Consequently, I spent a good amount of time making sure that discomfort didn’t morph into a tension or migraine type headache. Obviously, I brought out all the weapons I had at my disposal: foam roller, heat pad, tiger balm, therapy balls, yoga, meditation and my massage gun. Hopefully, my neck and shoulders will feel much better tomorrow after all the intervention and relaxation today.


For dinner, I made curry chicken with coconut rice and roasted cabbage and poblanos. Thanks to the poblanos, I somehow manage to get a small burn on my hand after dinner. This was my third Blue Apron dinner and it was again very tasty. The recipes are very easy to follow and relatively quick. Significantly, these meals provide a quality protein, grain and a variety of vegetables. Unfortunately, my family does not love vegetables. Fortunately, I do. I also love that it’s been different vegetables every dinner. Like most people, I tend to gravitate to one or two different vegetables. This is helping game mix it up.

Lastly, enough can’t be said about the misery of virtual school. Initially, I thought we would have some flexibility with dates and meetings, but there’s none. I am completely on board with the schools being closed and virtual school being in session, but there has to be some balance. There has to be an understanding that parents can’t oversee multiple kids at once or be in multiple rooms. Maybe it’s just me and my hard-headed kids. I’m not trying to complain about the teachers because their jobs, especially now, are incredibly difficult. Nonetheless, I’m just feeling absolutely defeated in this arena. Am I alone here?

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

*Gentle Vinyasa

*Watched Futurama 

*Morning and afternoon meditation

*Week 11 BBG day 1 leg day.

*Obedience training Anakin courtesy day Goalielocks

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena on a walk. 

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Wasted My Morning

So I totally wasted my morning by sleeping through my alarm for over two hours. How I didn’t hear the alarm going off every nine minutes is beyond me. In fact, I keep the phone on my dresser right next to my head. Perhaps it was my subconscious mind not wanting to wake up from my dream about Momcation in Turks and Caicos. Or perhaps it was the sheer exhaustion from my increased workout last week. Maybe I do need two full days off.


Nonetheless my morning was shot. By the time I ate breakfast and finished my coffee, it was too late to run. Simply put I didn’t have enough time for the food to settle, run and be back in time for yoga. Seriously, it was probably the universe telling me to take a light day. Who am I to refuse the advice of the universe?!? I went to my yoga class, which was amazing. Afterwards, I ate my lunch.

I spent my afternoon relaxing on the couch nursing a sinus headache and my Balthazar obsession. Fortunately, episode 4 of season 2 did not disappoint. Of course, the best per of every afternoon is hanging with the puppies on the couch. All three of the puppies like to take their afternoon nap on the couch as I watch Balthazar. I had contemplated making a run up to our corner shop, aka Walgreens, for more Cadbury mini eggs and charcoal masks. But then I remembered I was tired and really don’t need more Cadbury in my life.

While we did have an inbound call from a math teacher today, virtual school went pretty well today. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. This whole virtual school situation is tough. I can only imagine the added level of stress this has added to the teachers. Undoubtedly, they’re chasing down students to get work turned in and make sure nobody is left behind. It’s clearly not an ideal situation, but we’re finally starting to get into a rhythm albeit a dysfunctional rhythm.

Speaking of dysfunctional, my neighborhood Facebook groups have been pretty boring lately. Truly, it’s amazing, but people are being nice to each other. Moreover, it seems that people realized that just because they have an opinion doesn’t mean they need to share it on social media. This seems to be a groundbreaking revelation for some. As for the rest of my newsfeed, it remains a hot mess. There is so much misinformation on Facebook that it’s just disgusting. This may be Facebook’s jump the shark moment.


On a literary note, I finished Wuthering Heights last night. Certainly, this novel will hold a place in my top book list. While I hated Heathcliff, one of the novels main characters, the story and the character development are incredible. It was a relatively quick read. Since I finished it pretty early last night, I started reading Willa Cather’s My Antonia. Surprisingly, I was able to get through three chapters last night. Fortunately, I love what I’m reading so far. The change of scenery from the Moors of Scotland to the American plains has been fun. Stay tuned for my thoughts on My Antonia.


Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading My Antonia by Willa Cather and loving it!

*Morning meditation

*Gentle Yoga For A Healthy Back with Jenn from Open Heart Yoga Studio

*Started reading Success Factors by Jack Canfield

*Watched Balthazar Season 2 episode 4

*Learned a new word – weleful which means to produce prosperity or happiness.  However, please make note this word is no obsolete. 

*Week 9 BBG rest day 

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena on multiple walks

*Obedience training Anakin with Goalielocks.

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Productive Monday

I can’t even believe I’m writing this, but I had a productive Monday.  More impressive is the fact that I know it is Monday.  Mostly likely, this is the last time this week I’ll know what the day.  Importantly, it was also the boys last day of spring break, so we spent today getting ready for virtual school as it starts tomorrow!!! Oh joy!

I got an early start to my morning with my coffee plus Vital Proteins and the news.  Quickly,  I remembered why I stopped reading the news all the time.  Usually, my first workout of the day would either be a run or my BBG resistance, but today I began my day with an awesome gentle yoga class via Zoom.  It was awesome!

After yoga, I completed the week six BBG resistance leg workout.  (P.S. if you haven’t seen the Sweat App, it’s slick and worth checking out.).  Honesty, I did more squats and lunges in 30 minutes than should have ever be required in a lifetime.  Should feel awesome tomorrow! I kid, I kid. It was a fabulous, effective workout for my legs and glutes.  I cooled down with a stretch session and quick walk around the circle with the dogs.

In the afternoon, the boys and I took the pups for a walk.  Anakin walked with Goalielocks, while I had Maya and Athena under my control.  The Mayor, however, decided to join us on his rollerblades.  Fortunately, the weather was beautiful with clear, beautiful, blue skies.  Unfortunately, it was pretty hot, so we ended up cutting out walk a little short.  All three dogs did great on the walk.  We had a great time and it was nice to get out of the house.

We ended our night by supporting ordering BBQ via Delivery Dudes.   After a crazy, productive day with two teens and three dogs, I felt a break from the kitchen was not undeserved.  While I prefer eating home cooked food, I feel it is important to support our local restaurants and businesses throughout this pandemic.  In fact, tomorrow is Takeout Tuesday2.  You can support your local restaurants on this day by ordering here: Door Dash

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*reading Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackery

*Watched The Office season 6

*Watched episode 1 of Balthazar – pretty good

* BBG legs week 6 workout

*1.5 mile walk with my boys and puppies

*Gentle Flow – Fightmaster Yoga

*Set up the boys for day 1 of virtual school

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What Day Is It Anyway?

This isolation thing has me wondering what day is it anyway? All the usual markers of my week are gone! How is one to distinguish Sunday from Monday with no Monday bus stop run! If there’s no yoga and I don’t go to my 4:00 pm class, is it even Wednesday? Honestly, I’m all over the place with my days. Frankly, I just lost my train of though as my mayor farted in my face. Only teenage boys tell their parents goodnight in this fashion.

Time is blending together as the isolation wears on. I’d hardly know it was a new day if I didn’t get my morning coffee. Admittedly, the Sweat App does help as I do my resistance workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesdays and Thursdays are for running. Although tomorrow, which I’m told is Saturday, I’m going to run three miles.

This week we passed our time with some Disney movies and the Tiger King. Wow! If ever there was a show that could make you feel better about yourself whole making you terrified for society, this is it! I’ve never seen more of a train wreck before and I’ve lived in Florida for nearly fifteen years. From beginning to end, the Tiger King was a wild ride in insanity. I’m not neither Team Joe Exotic or Team Carol as I think they’re both terrible. I did, however, learn (thank you Carol) that is you want a big cat to eat something it shouldn’t put sardine oil on it…. Why would you even know that?!!! Oh wait…..

This evening we started watching The Office again. It made me miss Jake and Mel, so I had to text them that. Coincidentally, they were watching The Office season 1 together via FaceTime. Clearly, great minds think alike. Every time I watch this show, I love it more. It’s the perfect television binge for a pandemic.

While we binged on Netflix, our Maya stayed by our side on the couch. Her incision site is healing well. More importantly, she is returning to her normal self. She has a good energy, a happier disposition and a healthy appetite. In addition, she even tried to play with Athena and Anakin today. We’re very happy with the progress she’s made over the last twenty four hours. We’re praying that her biopsy results show nothing nefarious.

I thought it might be fun to catalog what I’ve learned during our time in isolation.  Here’s what I learned this week:

  • Skipping rope is a lot harder than I remember it being.
  • I suck at skipping rope
  • Sardine oil makes big cats hungry
  • Not all hard seltzers are created equally
  • It is possible to make a yummy gluten free cake at home.  Thank you Krusteaz!
  • My runs are getting faster!
  • Connections via technology are great, but they’re no replacement for the original.  
  • Becky Sharp is one of my least favorite characters in literature. 
  • It’s scary to drop off your pet for surgery. 
  • I should not partake in more than 2-4 margaritas in a night.
  • I now understand how my parents felt when they told teenage me not to go out, but I went out anyway.
  • A college degree isn’t necessary to be an expert in a given field.  A Facebook page, however, will make you an expert in everything.

What have you learned during this pandemic? I hope your list isn’t empty as there will be a quiz when this is all over.


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Sweet Maya

Our sweet Maya has had a lipoma on her tummy for the last six months. After an inconclusive biopsy last month, Maya ripped it open causing an infection. Sadly, it got infected and quite smelly. Originally surgery on the growth was optional, but the infection and damage Maya did to the tumor necessitated it’s swift removal.

Consequently, I had her scheduled for surgery tomorrow. Additionally, I set up an appointment to make sure the infection was treated before her surgery. After seeing the damage Maya was able to do to the growth, the vet moved the surgery up to today. Since we’re in the middle of a pandemic, we were given curbside assistance. Sadly, we were not able to accompany Maya in for her appointments or post-op recovery.

Maya is our first family dog and almost eleven years old. She’s been very healthy outside of a lung cancer scare last year. According to the vet, the mass in the lungs is still there, but is extremely slow growing. Nonetheless, this was a high anxiety day for me and the family. I may or may not have called the vet’s office a couple of times to check on her.

Finally, the vet called at 2:00 pm to let us know her surgery had gone well. Thankfully, they were able to get all of the mass and she tolerated the surgery well. He also indicated that the wound looks great. At this point, she was in the post operative area where she was waking up from the anesthesia. Lastly, he indicated we could pick her up around 4:00 pm.

It would probably come as no surprise that I was at the vet’s office by 3:55 pm. I was anxious to see our sweet Maya again. The vet assistant walked her out and she was wagging her tail. Maya looked tired, but happy to see Goalielocks and I again. She’s spent the rest of the evening chilling with us on the couch. Now we’ll be crossing our fingers that the biopsy results show no cancer. Fortunately, the vet should be calling us Monday with the results. Keep your fingers crossed!

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Pandemic Pandemonium

Day three of pandemic pandemonium and I’m over it.  Admittedly, it’s not the virus that scares me.  Nope, it’s the thought of dealing with two teenagers in close proximity for eight weeks that has me wrecked.  I have no doubt that I’ll continue to display sangfroid as it pertains the virus.  I’m less certain that I’ll survive homeschooling my kids.

I’ve taken a few steps to preserve my sanity or at least what’s left of it.  So here’s my advice, start day drinking.  I’m only kidding, so don’t be mad mom!  In crazy times like these, it’s important to keep a semblance of a routine.  I still get my coffee and eat my breakfast at the same time.

Working out is a huge part of staying both mentally and physically healthy.  Fortunately, I’m back to my workout routine with a few changes.  Sadly, the yoga studio is closed, so until this is over I’m practicing at home.  Thankfully, there  are some awesome YouTube yoga channels.  I love Fightmaster Yoga and Yoga With Adrienne.

In addition to my normal workouts (including my runs,) I’ve added an afternoon walk with the dogs and the boys.  Today we took them for a 1.5 mile walk/jog.  It was a beautiful day and all three pups enjoyed being outside.  As a bonus, I got the boys off their phones and TVs for almost 45 minutes.

These are trying times.  It’s something most of us have never experienced and that can make it scary.  Please be sure you’re checking in on your friends and family to make sure they’re okay.  As I have no doubt that loneliness will soon become a byproduct of this pandemic.


In the meantime, social distancing remains the most altruistic and effective way to help our communities weather this storm.  Speaking of storms,  it feels like we’re waiting on a massive storm to come ashore only there’s no Jim Cantore or cone of uncertainty.  My only hope now is that the toilet paper is back in stock by the time hurricane season starts.  In the meantime, we’ll be doing our best to survive the pandemic pandemonium.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*reading Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackery

*Watched Schitt’s Creek – a couple of episodes from season 3

* BBG upper body and ab week 5 workout

*1.5 mile walk with my boys and puppies

*Yin practice – Fightmaster Yoga

*Watched Frozen 2 and now I want to go to Norway!


And So It Begins

And so it begins, the first days of no school and social distancing. After only a few hours of this today, I fear for the weeks to come. No, I don’t fear the virus. I fear being in close quarters with teenagers for weeks on end with little to no contact with the outside world. I also fear that this will last long than needed because people will continue to travel and run errands ill. Simply put you can’t trust people to do the right thing.


I mean look at the hoarders that have bought all the toilet paper on the planet. It’s as if they anticipate being quarantined while experience explosive diarrhea for weeks on end. Honestly, the extreme prepping makes me feel like Jim Cantore should be on our beaches and I should be watching for our hurricane updates. Much like hurricane there’s a cone, but this isn’t a cone of uncertainty. No this time, the cone covers all of am kind. Good times – said nobody ever.


Perhaps my least favorite part of all of this is the unnecessary fake news and political bullshit. Clearly, people don’t research anything before they share a post. Between posts of a Norwegian University’s partial statement and the sharing of the news a Navy Seal helicopter crashed today killing 30 (it actually happened six years ago,) I can’t deal with stupidity any longer. At first it was like a train wreck that I couldn’t take my eyes off, but now it’s just reckless and stupid. The last thing needed now is fake news and misinformation. What we do need it more memes and humor to help us get through the pandemic.


Fortunately, my darling dogs have been keeping my spirits high. Well, except when we caught Anakin, our new puppy, hoarding toilet paper behind our Christmas tree. (Yes, our Christmas is still up. Our hockey season just ended and our new puppy loves to hangout underneath it, so why bother taking it down now.). In other news, we got a new puppy!! I’ll share a whole post introducing Anakin’s with all of you. Needless to say, I’m completely in love with our little guy!


I’ll be posting more often throughout this historic pandemic, so I’ll have my thoughts or lack thereof for posterity’s sake. Also, I’m pretty sure I’m going to need to vent. Finally, please stay safe and stay home. For most of the Corona Virus may make us mildly ill. However for our elderly, patients with underlying health conditions or people with suppressed immune systems, it is deadly! Please protect the vulnerable people in your community!  And so it begins, the time to keep our wits about us, stay home and keep our vodka chilled.


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Not So Super Bowl

After a not so super bowl, it’s been a brutal forty-eight hours.  Seriously, could there have been a more boring game?  I’d go over some highlights, but the only one I can think of is not having to use Melatonin Sunday night because the game put me to sleep. Unfortunately, we learned during the game that the hubby’s cousin was seriously injured in a snowmobile accident.  She’s presently recovering in ICU at the University of Minnesota, please keep her and our family in your prayers.

super-bowl-memes-more-entertaining-than-the-game-was-30-photos-15Yesterday while I was on a conference call, Goalielocks started screaming.  Fifteen year olds usually don’t scream for S&G, so I was concerned.  I quickly ran out and found him with our eldest and beloved dog Maya.   Maya was coughing up blood and Goalielocks was hysterical.   After calming both of them down, I returned to my call and the hubby called the vet from the job.

We were able to get her into the vet late yesterday afternoon.  My Hubby came home early, so he and Goalielocks were able to take her and I could keep working.  No sooner had they left when Athena began crying and howling.   She had spent her day cuddled next to Maya’s side.   Athena loves her sister and is very protective of her.  Literally, she cried the entire time they were gone.

The vet appointment took a long time, so I had to pick up my Mayor from the bus stop.  I had him take Athena out, but she would only pull him to the front yard and not do her business.  She was too preoccupied with Maya not being there. In fact, she broke out of the garage.  Instead of running freely and as quickly as possible as she usually would, she stopped in the driveway again looking for her sister.

Unfortunately, the doctors found a mass in her lungs that they think is lung cancer.  We are devastated.   Maya is our first dog and has been a member of our family for almost ten years.  Truly, she is an integral part of our family.  The boys took it really hard.  Goalielocks spent the night laying next to her making Maya was comfortable.  The next steps are for Maya to go in for an ultrasound and some additional diagnostic testing. We’re hoping to do this in the next week or two.   Meanwhile, I ordered every CBD treat and treatment I could find for dogs.  I’m anxious to see how our doggies enjoy the peanut butter turmeric CBD treats we bought her.   Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Saturday I took the Mayor to get a haircut. As he gets older, he is looking more and more like Jake.  They truly could be twins separated by a mere seven years.  More than that, he just looks old.  He’s not my baby anymore.   Sunday afternoon he had two games, which were fun to watch. It’s always nice to be at the rink ad with our hockey family.  Plus, it wouldn’t be Super Bowl Sunday if we didn’t have a late afternoon hockey game.  More to come on Sundays games and bad hockey parent behavior in a future post.


Meanwhile, in Minny my parents survived the brutal cold that is January in Minnesota.  They’re presently looking forward to more accumulating snow as the week wears on.  I have to tell you, I don’t miss it at all.  Nevertheless, I’m relieved that my family is all safe and warm and wasn’t impacted by any of the energy outages experienced during the brutal cold.

I’m off to practice a little yoga and read a little Proust before heading to bed.   Please keep our family in your prayers.