Ugh!!! Ugh was what came to mind as I woke up at 8:07 am realizing I had slept through my alarms. Which as it happens is seven minutes into the start of my shift. Thankfully, I work mere feet for my bed. Nevertheless, I still had to get ready, get coffee and take the dogs out. The puppies start singing as soon as they hear me stir. Unfortunately, they don’t stop singing until I take them out. Goalielocks opted to sleep in the loft last night and was less than impressed with their early morning singing.

I hate waking up late because I feel like you’re playing catch-up all morning. It still takes time to shake the cobwebs off and let the coffee take hold. Fortunately, it was not a busy morning, so I had plenty of time to find my bearings. Once I found my bearings, the wheels decided to call off anyway. In accordance with Murthy’s Law, my VPN started crashing as soon as I got my ish together. Truly, I’m hoping that my VPN is stable this afternoon. Otherwise, it will be a very long day.

Sunset at the Cove Atlantis summer 22

Goalielocks is home for spring break, so I’m able to make some appointments this week. We’re going to get our TSA pre-check down tomorrow. Later in the week, I’m finally going to get my eyebrows down as they are severely overdue. It’s a long shot, but I may even try to get my hair done in a pinch before we leave Friday. The Mayor meanwhile will start his high school spring practices tonight down at Ice Den. Since we’ll be in the Bahamas this weekend, he’s going to skate with Joni Thursday morning.

Write a letter to your 100-year-old self.

If you wrote a letter to yourself at 100, what would you say? I’d write that I told you there’d be no flying cars in our lifetime. Moreover, the crazy cyborg Elon Musk is never going to make it to Mars. Do like how I assumed in 60 years he’d be a cyborg? It kind of feels like that may be his character arc as he plays the role of an eccentric billionaire to a tee. Naturally, I’d also write about how blessed I’ve been to live a life full of love and happiness. My family has been and will always be the center of my universe whether I’m 43 or 103.

Today’s accountability tracker:

  • Workout: 45-minute spin class, plus 15-minute cooldown courtesy of Apple Fitness+
  • Book: Book: Marcel Proust’s  Finding Lost Time
  • Blog: done
  • Today’s song is Free Your Mind by En Vogue