Ten Things

List 10 things you know to be absolutely certain.

Todays prompt is to list ten things that I know with absolute certainty. Personally, I think ten is a mighty high number these days judging from the nonsense I see on social media. So here are my ten things:

  • My world revolves are my boys.
  • Another day above ground, no matter how rough, is better than being below ground.
  • My dogs light up my world and I don’t think I could live without one again.
  • I miss having my parents close by.
  • I miss having my grandma close by.
  • Hockey is the greatest sport in the world and the Q is wrecking it by removing fighting.
  • An adventure with loved ones is worth more than a material gift.
  • European chocolate is much better than American.
  • MTV in its current iteration absolutely sucks and should be off the air. I miss spending time watching music videos.
  • If you’re going to order a steak well done, don’t order steak.

That’s my list. What ten things would be on your list?

Brief Athena update. She’s slid back a little bit this weekend. Although she’s more stable than she was the previous weekend. Fortunately, she doesn’t seem to be in any pain and has not lost her appetite at all. These days she’s enjoying donuts, puppy ice cream (loves the cheese bacon flavor), and roast beef. Her favorite places to hang out are her new bed or the couch.