Better Today

I’m happy to report I’m feeling better today after heading to bed at 8:30 last night. My throat isn’t really sore anymore, but I’m tired. However, I’m pretty sure constant fatigue is just part of being a mom. In fact, my family was quite confused when I opted to go to be so early. It took a minute to fall asleep, but I slept really well. Nonetheless, I was relieved when I woke up feeling much better than when I had gone to bed.

Naturally, I did get some reading in before ultimately going to sleep yesterday. finished The Life of Charlotte Bronte by Elizabeth Gaskell. Truly, this book was absolutely amazing. If you are a fan of the Bronte sisters, you need to read this book. If you’re looking for a story of perseverance in the face of heartbreak, this book is for you. Moreover, if you’re looking for some literary smack talk, aka Jane Austen isn’t that great, this is the book for you. Finally, Gaskell does a great job of using Bronte’s own words via letters to paint the picture.

As I read her biography, I was in awe of the constant and total heartbreak faced by the Bronte family. Since I’ve read most of her novels, I recognized some places and characters from their real-life companions. In fact, I loved Villette. The fact that Lucy Snowe was an ode to her sister Emily is both poignant and touching. As a woman, it was interesting following the struggle of the three sisters to get published under their male aliases of Acton, Currer, and Ellis Bell. They felt if they published the books in their own names, the critics and the public would be distracted by their sex. In fact, all of England was up in arms trying to decipher who Currer Bell could be after the success of Jane Eyre. Fortunately, Charlotte was able to enjoy her success. Sadly, success came posthumously to both Anne and Emily Bronte.

Today was a super busy day. I started my day behind the eight ball. In fact, I was ten minutes late for my yoga class. Oddly, I thought the class started at 10:15 am instead of 10:00 am. Whoops! Fortunately, I didn’t miss too much of the class. Monica’s vinyasa class is always vigorous! Amazingly, I leave her vinyasa class feeling both energized and calm. Truly, it’s hard to explain that state of being. I should tell you that this was my first Tuesday morning Vinyasa class. I usually go to the 11:30 gentle flow class, but I had a conflict today.

Fortunately, my morning got brighter when I saw two of my friends leaving class. Kaye has been a part of my yoga journey for years, but I don’t get to see her enough anymore. My other friend Amy, who was in my chair yoga training, was there too. It’s always good to see friendly faces! As I headed home, I called my folks to see how they’re doing. Minnesota, much like Florida, is sweltering hot and humid. They’ve been getting some rain, while it’s been bone dry here. Unfortunately, the Saharan dust storm has been keeping us dry. I’m hoping that the weather pattern doesn’t do a full 180 turn for the holiday weekend.

The afternoon I spent being productive and taking care of stuff around the house. I’m excited to say I got everything done on my checklist today. Moreover, I got my run in this afternoon. The first five minutes were tough, but the rest went pretty well. I’m still on season 5 of Curb. Honestly, I don’t know if I could get through my run without Larry David. In fact, I was so caught up in Curb that I extended my cooldown by ten minutes. Whoops! As always, I went through my post-run stretch routine. Finally, I cooked up some one-pot chicken and udon noodles courtesy of Blue Apron. It was super easy to make and very tasty!

Before I leave you for the evening, I have some prayers requests for three young gentlemen. Each of these kids has played with Goalielocks over the years and they and their families mean the world to us. Theses boys have been through so much collectively over the past few years that none of this seems fair. I don’t remember experiencing anything similar in my youth. Yet, these kids persevere and support each other in amazing ways.

Please keep Goaleilcocks’ teammate Cole in your prayers as he embarks on his twentieth week of chemo. It has been a marathon of treatment for Cole and his family. They could really use your prayers for Cole’s healing, support of their family and strength for all of them. In Arizona, Jorden, a former teammate continues to recover from devastating injuries sustained in his ATV accident. Please pray for his continued recovery and for strength for his family. Finally, Lucas, Goalielocks’ teammate, was admitted to ICU today due to diabetic keto acidosis. His condition is stabilized, but Type 1 diabetes is a beast. Please pray for his continued recovery, stabilization of the disease and continued management of it. Please also keep his family in your prayers.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I read Shirley, by Charlotte Bronte.

*Vinyasa with Monica from Open Heart Yoga Studio

*I am still sick of all the windbags on Facebook.

*Morning and afternoon meditation

*Took obligatory picture of Anakin! It turned out super cute!

*I avoided the zoo that is Publix by ordering groceries via Shipt.

*Obedience training Anakin

*Week 7 BBG 2.0 day 2 cardio and yoga

*And now I feel better today!

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