Save $100 A Month

If you use shopping cart or affiliate software for your business, you’ll want to pay close attention to this article. It can save you hundreds of dollars in overhead expenses for your business.   Especially if you’re using software or services just a ThriveCart, SamCart, PayKickStart, Clickbank or JV Zoo. You’ll want to pay attention…because what I’m sharing with you today is making marketing history.

GrooveDigital software development company, owned by marketing legend Mike Filsaime, is focused on creating the most powerful, affordable and simple to use all-in-one software service that you can use to build, grow and manage an online business.  Well, they just seriously disrupted the business software market by carving off a major portion of their flagship product, GrooveFunnels, and making it completely free (at least for now).  Introducing GrooveSell.. a powerful sales and affiliate platform for digital marketers and infopreneurs to sell their products.  The software at it’s core helps you take payments and manage customers for physical products, digital product and services. It comes with a full-featured affiliate system too (GrooveAffiliate) which lets you amass an army of commission-only salespeople to help you promote and get paid for your products!


This easy-to-use software creates checkout pages that are designed to convert more visitors into buyers, more clicks into sales, and manage the process from beginning to end.  This is no “basic” software version either. It allows you to do some pretty ninja tactics to increase your dollar per sale. Not only can you do the usual up-sells and down-sells in your product funnel, but the software adds order bumps before purchase, and true 1-click up-sells (with and without confirmation) to your funnels. This allows you to make point of purchase impulse sales of related items, increasing your dollar per transaction of just pure profit.


GrooveSell also features a powerful set of tools that lets you set flexible pricing structures that are unheard of on other platforms. Need a free trial product? No problem! You can set any trial length or price you’d like. If you have an one time onboarding charge followed by a monthly maintenance fee.. GrooveSell can do that too. Want to offer two annual payments that recur every year at the same time? It can do that too.


You even have eight different options for recurring billing. The system will automatically charge your customers at their regular billing interval (weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly, every two months, quarterly, bi-annually, annually and every two years).  It integrates with all of the major payment processors, like Stripe, PayPal, and and if you don’t have a merchant account, they are releasing GroovePayments very shortly, where they will process payments for you for a very competitive percentage.  Plus, it grows with you. For bigger businesses doing high volume there’s merchant account warming and load balancing built into the system, so you can avoid getting your credit card or PayPal account shut down during major promotions.


With your free account you get:


-Unlimited products

-Unlimited product funnels

-Unlimited checkout loads (bandwidth)

-Unlimited affiliates

-Unlimited customers

-Unlimited support

-Unlimited payment gateways


And all of this is free. That’s right, free for life.

-no credit card required- ever

-no monthly fees

-no surprise bills

-full feature set

-every upgrade they ever do


Plus, there’s an incredible bonus of GroovePages Basic, which lets you build pages for up to three product funnels. So you can create a sales page, checkout page, and thank you page to deliver your product to your buyer.  The bottom line is: You can do anything with GrooveSell that you can do with any digital marketing shopping cart out there.



How much does grabbing your free GrooveSell account save you?


Well let’s compare GrooveSell to the other major players in this space

ThriveCart (one time $495.00 payment)

SamCart ($49.00 per/month)

PayKickStart ($99.00 per/month)

JV Zoo (5% commission on all sales, +2.5% additional for some sales)

Clickbank ($49.95 activation fee, $1+7.5% transaction fee for each sale, and a whopping $2.50 fee each time you want to withdraw your money!)


Which brings us to these questions… What’s the catch? Why is it free?


There’s zero catch. In fact, when you get your free account, you won’t even get an immediate promotion to try and upsell you.  The software is in beta at the time of this writing, so there are some features (like support for worldwide currency) that is not yet available. Moreover, the company has assured me that all features will be ready by their launch in July 2020. Until then, the platform is still fully functional and useable.


GrooveDigital stated that the company wanted to give back to the community, and provide real value to people… not just a flimsy ebook or lame set of templates to entice you to join their list… but REAL value in the form of a useable product that never requires a purchase.


And they’ve done just that. You could build a pretty decent business using nothing but the free product you get with GrooveSell, plus your social media pages.


While the folks at GrooveDigital hope that one day you’ll decide to upgrade to the full suite of tools that comes with GrooveFunnels (which includes an email service, membership sites, video marketing, a helpdesk, calendar, and all the tools you need to manage and grow a robust business), GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate are yours to keep for free, forever.


All you need is your name and best email address.


Oh, there’s also an active Facebook group. The company keeps out the spam and off topic posts, and instead ensures a community of users that share ideas and information. We are all learning and growing there together.


Whether you already have a shopping cart service and looking to reduce your monthly bills, or your just getting started with your online business and your budget it tight… you’ll want to check out GrooveSell. Do it today while it’s still free.



My Baby Boy Is 14

Oh man, my baby boy is 14! Where oh where has time gone. Clearly, he’s no longer a baby. However, since he’s my youngest, he’ll always be my baby boy. Today was all about him and of course virtual school. His birthday brought a nice celebratory feel to the day, which was a nice change of pace. He rode with me to get coffee and they were happy to treat him with extra goodies at Dunkin’.

Meanwhile day two of weaning Goalielocks off the third shift was again successful. I can feel the difference in my blood pressure, my outlook and genera well being. Likewise it’s going better for Goalielocks too. He’s getting his work done, but he’s also getting more sleep. Truly, he may not be on the most conventional of schedules now, but it’s working for everyone and that’s all that matters. After all, I haven’t even lost my composure since Monday!

As for my birthday boy, he’s made great strides over the last week. He’s now almost completely caught up in of his classes. Thankfully, he’s also making sure he’s not falling any further behind. Additionally, I think it’s easier for him since we’re no longer sharing a computer. He now has my old MacBook Air, which he loves. Both boys are doing their work at the kitchen table now unless they have a concurrent Zoom meeting.

While Goalielocks caught some Z’s and the Mayor worked diligently, I logged my BBG week 11 arm workout. It was another tough workout. Obviously, Kayla Itsines felt the need to ramp up the difficulty significantly during these last three weeks. Truth be told, I am loving this program. I have never been stronger or in better shape. After week twelve, I will be repeating the program, but will add more weight to the exercises. BBG fits my lifestyle and fits into the quarantine lifestyle seamlessly.

This afternoon, I picked up the cookie cake I ordered the Mayor from Publix. It was the first opportunity I’ve had to go to Publix in weeks. In the morning, I also ordered them Pub Subs for lunch, so they’d be ready at the same time as the cake. After picking up the subs, I went to the bakery to pick up the cake. I’ve never seen a bigger cake box for a smaller cake. Honestly, the box is large enough for a full sheet cake. Meanwhile his cookie cake is 12 inches in diameter. We also picked up some chocolate ice cream for him and chocolate chip cookie dough for Goalielocks. I love how considerate my Mayor is!

This evening we enjoyed the Mayor’s favorite meal: vodka sauce pasta with breaded chicken. My Hubby was the chef and the dinner was sublime. Of course, we had some drama when the tag team of Anakin and Athena struck the kitchen. Somehow they managed to get into the raw chicken. Fortunately, Anakin promptly through up the entire thing. Naturally, they spent the rest of the dinner hour in their crates.

Afterwards, the Mayor put on Impractical Jokers while we digested our meal. We closed off the night with some yummy cookie cake and ice cream. His present has been on back order and should be here hopefully by Friday. I should also give a shoutout to my oldest brother J, whose shares a birthday with my mayor. After all the good food today, I may need to run an extra mile tomorrow!

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

*Watched Futurama 

*Morning and afternoon meditation

*Week 11 BBG day 3 arms and chest

*Obedience training Anakin courtesy of myself and the Mayor.  I’ve included some pictures in the above. 

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena on a walk. 

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The Mondayest Monday of Them All

My day started late when I didn’t hear my alarm and when I did: chose to ignore it. Consequently, I spent my whole morning feeling behind. Although, like everyone else, I really have nowhere to go. See this is the mind fuck (sorry mom) that is life in quarantine. However, to be fair I did have a date with Monica and my yoga mat at 10:00 am, so I wanted to be sure I ate early enough to prevent an upset tummy.

Naturally, the high point of my day came on my mat. Monday’s class are a gentle vinyasa flow class that is the right speed to accompany my BBG leg workouts. Particularly, I enjoy the difference in each of the classes. Moreover, I think it’s the variety that has really helped drive my practice forward. Honestly, I loved my vinyasa class Saturday and am looking forward to more. For the first time in forever (I couldn’t help myself here and I bet you sang it too,) my foot didn’t bother me post class.

Apparently, while I was getting my namaste on. Athena and Anakin were involved in some shenanigans in the family room. Since Maya is a senior dog coping with cancer, I buy her CBD calming treats and CBD joint health treats. Surprisingly, my two mischievous dogs figured out how to get the treats down. Moreover, they figured out how to open the container. Once the treats spilled out, it was game over for this partnership. We don’t call her the Piggie for nothing! Athena lorded over the spilled treats and ate them all while Anakin whelped in protest.

AC67792A-A42C-4AD0-80CE-054C0425125FOf course, I didn’t find out about this until after lunch. Miraculously, it some how the Mayor completely forgot about it until later in the day. In fact, he announced it while I was drinking my coffee. “Athena ate all the CBD treats and Anakin was jealous.” Now I can’t fault the Mayor for not taking them away from her. She can be very food aggressive when it comes to her treats. He did, however, make sure that Anakin didn’t get any. Next time, the Mayor knows to come and get me, so I can stop the craziness. As for Athena, she’s just laying on the couch in a daze. Gone is her normal twinkle in the eye, but at least she’s relaxed and going to be okay.


I started the day off with discomfort in my neck and shoulders. The kind of discomfort that sets in from sleeping wrong and being stressed. Consequently, I spent a good amount of time making sure that discomfort didn’t morph into a tension or migraine type headache. Obviously, I brought out all the weapons I had at my disposal: foam roller, heat pad, tiger balm, therapy balls, yoga, meditation and my massage gun. Hopefully, my neck and shoulders will feel much better tomorrow after all the intervention and relaxation today.


For dinner, I made curry chicken with coconut rice and roasted cabbage and poblanos. Thanks to the poblanos, I somehow manage to get a small burn on my hand after dinner. This was my third Blue Apron dinner and it was again very tasty. The recipes are very easy to follow and relatively quick. Significantly, these meals provide a quality protein, grain and a variety of vegetables. Unfortunately, my family does not love vegetables. Fortunately, I do. I also love that it’s been different vegetables every dinner. Like most people, I tend to gravitate to one or two different vegetables. This is helping game mix it up.

Lastly, enough can’t be said about the misery of virtual school. Initially, I thought we would have some flexibility with dates and meetings, but there’s none. I am completely on board with the schools being closed and virtual school being in session, but there has to be some balance. There has to be an understanding that parents can’t oversee multiple kids at once or be in multiple rooms. Maybe it’s just me and my hard-headed kids. I’m not trying to complain about the teachers because their jobs, especially now, are incredibly difficult. Nonetheless, I’m just feeling absolutely defeated in this arena. Am I alone here?

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

*Gentle Vinyasa

*Watched Futurama 

*Morning and afternoon meditation

*Week 11 BBG day 1 leg day.

*Obedience training Anakin courtesy day Goalielocks

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena on a walk. 

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Hidden Joy

Some days it’s easier to see the hidden joy that seems scarcer during a crisis. Today was one of those days. Admittedly, the end of last week was rough, but today I woke up with a renewed spirit and joy in my heart. Hopefully, virtual school won’t kill the joy by Monday evening! My body and soul felt restored from the fatigue of the previous days at least until about 3:30 pm.


Like Pinky and the Brain, my mission remains consistent from day to day. I get my Dunkin’ coffee and remain out of the public unless absolutely necessary. Since we were running low on chicken and Prosecco, the Hubby and I headed to BJ’s after coffee. Much like last time, we had to wait in line before we were allowed into the store. Fortunately, there was a nice zephyr and cloud cover to mitigate the heat and humidity.


For the most part our shopping experience was great. There was a shopper on her phone, who rudely monopolized the meat aisle. Clearly, she was more important than everyone else. Finally, a fellow shopper got tired of waiting for her to move or respond to her. When the other shopper reached over her to grab meat, the Covidiot lost her mind in a profanity laced tirade. If I was quicker and not wearing a mask, I would have recorded the shit show for your viewing pleasure. Outside of that one, selfish Covidiot everyone else was pleasant and nice. Fortunately, we’re fully stocked and won’t need to go back or order until next month.


Afterwards, we headed to Joey’s Bakery. I may have been craving a bagel with cream cheese. Also, Joey’s has the best gluten free baked goods around. Consequently, I also picked up a baguette for dinner and a piece of cake for dessert. Honestly, I can’t tell you how happy I am to have a good gluten free diary nearby. I don’t eat baked goods often anymore, but when I do they should be tasty I’ve been gluten free since January. Although I’m not a stickler about it, I feel much better when I don’t eat it.

Once we got home, we started preparing the roast we bought at BJ’s. Thankfully, I had the farm fresh carrots and onion to add into the crockpot to accompany the roast. We also added some small golden potatoes. While I prepared the vegetables, the Hubby browned and spiced the roast. We cooked the roast on high for five hours. While the roast, rested I made the gravy. As I finished the gravy, the hubby sliced the roast. Fortunately, this was another successful culinary collaboration. It was super yummy and we’ll have enough leftovers for lunch and another dinner.

While the roast cooked, we actually had a productive day. We got the floors vacuumed and mopped. The Hubby got some work done in the garden before a storm blew in. Indeed the storm was a godsend as we badly needed the rain. Of course, a non severe storm would have been optimal. Nonetheless, we used the the time wisely by getting work done around the house. I even logged a meditation for shrugging off negative. For this I used the Sattva app and their free Combat the Crisis- Covid-19 series.


The meditation left me feeling refreshed and energized for the rest of the day. Shortly thereafter, the roast was done and we had dinner. After dinner on Sunday is always my favorite time because our Airman calls! Could there be anything better? Nope! He’s loving the Air Force and really excelling in Tech School. We’re hoping to be able to drive him to his FDS upon his graduation, but we’ll have to wait and see what travel restrictions remain in place. Let’s pray that the travel restrictions have been lifted by that time!


Today’s storm did come as a harbinger of things to come.  The rainy season and hurricane season are right around the corner.  I’m not sure we’re ready to face the cone of so death while living under the Spector of Covid19.  It honestly just feels like a lot.  Perhaps it feels that way because again we’ll be remanded to our homes, but with the threat of no WiFi or power.  At this point, it just seems inhumane.  Here’s hoping that this hurricane season is uneventful and full of fish storms!!!

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading My Antonia by Willa Cather and loving it!

*Grocery shopping at BJ’s

*Facetime with my Airman!

*Morning and afternoon meditation

*Week 9 BBG day 7 rest day 

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena on multiple walks


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Wasted My Morning

So I totally wasted my morning by sleeping through my alarm for over two hours. How I didn’t hear the alarm going off every nine minutes is beyond me. In fact, I keep the phone on my dresser right next to my head. Perhaps it was my subconscious mind not wanting to wake up from my dream about Momcation in Turks and Caicos. Or perhaps it was the sheer exhaustion from my increased workout last week. Maybe I do need two full days off.


Nonetheless my morning was shot. By the time I ate breakfast and finished my coffee, it was too late to run. Simply put I didn’t have enough time for the food to settle, run and be back in time for yoga. Seriously, it was probably the universe telling me to take a light day. Who am I to refuse the advice of the universe?!? I went to my yoga class, which was amazing. Afterwards, I ate my lunch.

I spent my afternoon relaxing on the couch nursing a sinus headache and my Balthazar obsession. Fortunately, episode 4 of season 2 did not disappoint. Of course, the best per of every afternoon is hanging with the puppies on the couch. All three of the puppies like to take their afternoon nap on the couch as I watch Balthazar. I had contemplated making a run up to our corner shop, aka Walgreens, for more Cadbury mini eggs and charcoal masks. But then I remembered I was tired and really don’t need more Cadbury in my life.

While we did have an inbound call from a math teacher today, virtual school went pretty well today. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. This whole virtual school situation is tough. I can only imagine the added level of stress this has added to the teachers. Undoubtedly, they’re chasing down students to get work turned in and make sure nobody is left behind. It’s clearly not an ideal situation, but we’re finally starting to get into a rhythm albeit a dysfunctional rhythm.

Speaking of dysfunctional, my neighborhood Facebook groups have been pretty boring lately. Truly, it’s amazing, but people are being nice to each other. Moreover, it seems that people realized that just because they have an opinion doesn’t mean they need to share it on social media. This seems to be a groundbreaking revelation for some. As for the rest of my newsfeed, it remains a hot mess. There is so much misinformation on Facebook that it’s just disgusting. This may be Facebook’s jump the shark moment.


On a literary note, I finished Wuthering Heights last night. Certainly, this novel will hold a place in my top book list. While I hated Heathcliff, one of the novels main characters, the story and the character development are incredible. It was a relatively quick read. Since I finished it pretty early last night, I started reading Willa Cather’s My Antonia. Surprisingly, I was able to get through three chapters last night. Fortunately, I love what I’m reading so far. The change of scenery from the Moors of Scotland to the American plains has been fun. Stay tuned for my thoughts on My Antonia.


Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading My Antonia by Willa Cather and loving it!

*Morning meditation

*Gentle Yoga For A Healthy Back with Jenn from Open Heart Yoga Studio

*Started reading Success Factors by Jack Canfield

*Watched Balthazar Season 2 episode 4

*Learned a new word – weleful which means to produce prosperity or happiness.  However, please make note this word is no obsolete. 

*Week 9 BBG rest day 

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena on multiple walks

*Obedience training Anakin with Goalielocks.

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Steak and Potatoes

In what has become a Wednesday tradition, we had grilled steak and potatoes for dinner tonight. I have to say this is a yummy and nutritious meal. In fact, it’s an absolutely amazing! Clearly, it’s even better since the Hubby makes it while I go to yoga. This week we grilled top sirloin steaks and filet mignons from Omaha Steak. Everything was so good that no sauce was needed. Incidentally, I had ordered them when you couldn’t find meat anywhere. Now with meat plants closing down in the Midwest, I’m really glad I did.



While the grill master was preparing an epic mid week meal, I was at yoga. And by at yoga, I mean attending virtually via Zoom. Wednesday’s class is with Christine of Movement Yoga. I love this class because it’s as functional as it is spiritual and physical. Truly, this class has helped me reopen my muscles and soft tissue in a way I’ve never experienced. Today’s class was all about the lower back and it was delicious. Some how Christine always knows what I need on a given day. In addition to the therapy balls, we did a great flow with plenty of twists, which I love.

Christine’s class was a nice compliment to my BBG arm workout from this morning. Maybe it’s just me, but I think the program has really ramped you in week 9. There were plenty of challenging, but productive exercises today. You know what I’m talking about. These are the exercises that make you cry as your doing them because they suck. However, you know these are exactly the exercises you need to take your fitness to the next level. A couple of these exercises were new this week. Fortunately, the app features good visual for each workout. Needless to say by the end of the fourth circuit my tempo was lagging.

Post workout the dogs and I went out for a couple of walks. Today’s weather was absolutely beautiful. Our humidity and heat disappeared overnight. It was a comfortable 68 degrees this morning compared with the sultry 80 degrees of Tuesday morning. Of course, I ran yesterday and will run tomorrow morning. I’m hopeful that the cooler weather will at least last through my run tomorrow morning. My afternoon indulgence was watching a new episode of Balthazar. This show is so good!

As for our evening, we sat outside as the food finished. In fact, Goalielocks came out and completed some of his work with us. It was a beautiful evening. After dinner, Goalielocks worked with Anakin on training. Since everything is closed down, we’ll be responsible for ensuring Anakin is a well trained dog.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë and loving it!

*Morning meditation

*Mid Week Yoga Break with Christine from Movement Yoga

*Started reading Success Factors by Jack Canfield

*Watched Balthazar Season 2 episode 3

*Week 9 BBG arms resistance workout 

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena on multiple walks

*Obedience training Anakin with Goalielocks.

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Sunday Brunch Day

It was Sunday brunch day here in our house this morning!!!! And it was fabulous, but first can we pause an acknowledge that I actually know what day it is?!!! #winning. Naturally, today’s brunch wasn’t like our usual brunch. There were no caramel rolls due to my laziness and an inability to find yeast. Moreover, there were no house guests. While I missed eating the caramel rolls I shouldn’t be eating, I definitely missed having family and friends over.


The Hubby made his world famous cholesterol bake, while I made waffles in lieu of the rolls. I don’t know about you, but my favorite way to eat a waffle is with fruit and whipped cream. This, I planned to make a strawberry sauce. Thankfully, My Mayor helped me with the strawberry sauce by slicing up the fruit while I finished making the waffles. As I finished the waffles, the hubby cooked up a bunch of bacon as the cholesterol bake cooked. Yes, brunch was going to be yummy!


It wouldn’t be brunch, however, if there weren’t mimosas. Importantly, we made sure that we had a sufficient mimosa bar as we ate breakfast and played games. This included three types of orange juice and three different sparkling wines. For our wines, we had an Asti, a champagne and a Prosecco. All of them were yummy! Clearly, the secret to a successful brunch is a top notch mimosa bar.

Admittedly, the hubby and I may have enjoyed more mimosas than was advisable. Fortunately, it’s not a long walk from the kitchen table to the couch. We did play a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity in which all of our cards sucked and the Hubby one. This was a first! I’ve never played a this game where turn after turn everyone’s cards suck. I’ve also never played a board or card game where the Hubby one. Normally, Goalielocks win this one.


Afterwards, the hubby took a much deserved nap on the couch as I hung out with the puppies and read news on my phone. I also perused Facebook for awhile, but quickly tired of my newsfeed. Meanwhile, the boys enjoyed the dry ice that came with our Omaha Steak delivery.  Then for some reason, I felt compelled to eat more Cadbury Mini Eggs. This was a bad idea because while they are tasty, I had already eaten too much. In fact, I don’t think Swiss chocolate would have gone done any easier. Sadly, I’m not a baller, so I couldn’t fall asleep no matter how hard I tried.

This evening Jake called from Tech School. Spoiler alert – he’s doing awesome. I am often reminded of how incredible he is as a human and humbled that he’s my child. He’s chose a path of sacrifice and service, but this same path will ensure he and his family have a bright future. To be honest, the most difficult part of the pandemic is that we can’t visit him. It’s tough to be away from him during this time and to not even have an option to see him sucks. At any rate, words remain inadequate to describe how proud I am of my airmen.

Since the Hubby and I were tired and on the phone with Jake, the Mayor decided to make dinner. He was craving Caribbean jerk chicken with black beans and rice. Fortunately, he’s in the culinary academy at school. Truth be told, my Mayor is probably the best cook in the house now. Or maybe that’s how we feel since we don’t have to cook it?!? At any rate, we’re definitely winning! I hope your Sunday was as fantastic and mimosa filled as mine. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to enjoy brunch with friends and family again.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë and loving it!

*One mimosa, two mimosa, red mimosa, blue mimosa

*Completed BBG day 7 week 8- and then there was rest day

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena on multiple walks

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Does this whole quarantine situation have you feeling a bit overwhelmed? If you answered yes, you’re in good company with the rest of us. Since this is a situation we have never been in or lived through, the experience of everything is emotionally taxing. Not only are the dynamics of the workplace changing, but those working from home are now tasked with teaching their children. Okay, maybe we’re not teaching our children, but we’re trying to manage their schoolwork, project, odd and even day schedule and Zoom meetings.


Honestly, it’s a lot. In the couple of weeks, I’ve noticed people starting to buckle under the pressure of this virus. For example, our neighborhood Facebook group has always been a source of entertainment. People liked to complain about driver’s inability to navigate the round about properly or the snow birds driving 20 miles under the speed limit. Most of the time, the quarrels on there were mostly benign.


However, the virus has brought out the crazy. To be honest, it started pretty early on when a guy from our sister neighborhood came through ours and saw kids playing basketball on our courts. (Our neighborhood kept its courts open.) This particular neighbor felt that it was totally cool to take pictures of the 12 year old boys playing basketball, so he could post them to the group and shame them. Moreover, his approach was probably the most pathetic aspect of his post. Why a grown man would post on Facebook that he didn’t know how to explain to his son why they kids could play basketball and he couldn’t is beyond me. I don’t know dad, but grow a pair and tell him you’re not comfortable with him playing basketball right now.


Flash forward to the last couple of weeks and things have really gotten unhinged. Perhaps the funniest is the lady that took to Facebook to complain about a man that spit into the grass while he was walking. Now said lady wasn’t on the path or near him, she just witnessed the act. I’m guessing she’s not a runner or she would know people have done a lot worse on the path. Logically, I can see how she’d be upset if she was planning to lick the grass or roll around it. Otherwise, I don’t get the need to complain on Facebook about it.

Oh but this week brought in sheer Facebook gold. First, someone distributed a letter about the tribulation and the rapture anonymously via mailboxes. While I agree that this person was wrong to use mailboxes in the distribution of this letter, believing in the rapture and end times does not make you a religious zealot or mental health patient. Nonetheless, this poor kid has been compared to the criminal that mailed anthrax to people post 9-11 and school shooters. Clearly none of these people have spoken to my grandma. I guess believing and sharing tenets of the Christian faith in this manner is terroristic. Fortunately, they’ve called the police and the postmaster general. I’m sure both officials will be anxious to throw the book at this perp for sharing their religious beliefs.


But perhaps the most egregious and offensive post came at the expensive of a mom and her child at the local grocery store. This resident was horrified that this child felt the need to touch things in the laundry aisle and wasn’t within an acceptable distance of their parent. Now it’s okay to have your opinion, but to publicly post it to shame the other mom is awful. What if the child had sensory issues or special needs?! What if the mom was feeling completely overwhelmed and let her kid have space? Why the judgment?


This pandemic sucks, undoubtedly, but we have a choice in how we respond. We can choose to be a light and extend people grace. We can choose to support our friends, neighbors and small businesses. Moreover, we can choose to take this time to make our lives better by improving connections and improving upon ourselves. Or we can choose to be assholes. I don’t know about you, but I choose to be kind, positive, the best virtual teacher I can be and to give people grace during these difficult times. And most importantly, as you may have guessed from all the memes I’ve posted, I choose to laugh.  Rant over!


Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë and loving it!

*Cleaner Anakin’s cage after he experience some nighttime, explosive diarrhea. 

*Completed BBG day 5 week 8 – full body workout 

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena on multiple walks

*Picked up dinner from J. Alexanders 

*Pulled my hair out (again) managing my teenagers virtual schooling.

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Cloudy Night

It’s a cloudy night after a hot and humid mornings here in South Florida. In fact, I was lamenting to my parents that are few point was more than double their ambient air temperature. Who needs a 72 degree dew point in April?!! Not this girl!!! Fortunately, there was sufficient cloud cover to prevent our temperature from rising into the 90s again.  Meanwhile, the temperature in Minnesota was in the low 30s when they checked on my Grandma today. 


Initially, I tried to wake up earlier so I could run earlier. Sadly, the best laid plans don’t always work. I guess you could say that I was a bit slow moving this morning. Nonetheless, Athena and I still got out for our morning run. Since it was so humid and still hot, I carried a water bottle for her and planned stops to rest throughout. Athena is my favorite running partner still home, so I have to take care of her.

Additionally, running in the heat and humidity can be dangerous especially with a thyroid issue. Consequently, we took water breaks every half mile. Moreover, for our second mile I changed my running strategy. Instead of running the full second mile, I alternating running for a minute with walking for thirty seconds. I love changing up the workout and this is a good way to build endurance safely.


Post run I did my stretch routine and relaxed on the couch before yoga. I also took this time to rehydrate a little. Thursday yoga with Jenn was an awesome compliment to my run this morning and Christine’s class yesterday. Today we did a lot of work on our hips, legs and back. My shoulders were sore from all the work I did on them yesterday, but they loosened up after my run. Thankfully, the work we did on the lower body in class today is essential to keeping my legs and hips healthy. I have to admit running without pain is pretty great!

When I’m not working out, I’m hanging out with my precious puppies or harassing my children to complete their work. I much prefer my sweet Anakin to yelling at teeenagers. At this point in the quarantine, I feel like my life’s allusions are akin to a train wreck. Fortunately, I know I’m not alone in this feeling. Moreover, I know this is a temporary situation. Nonetheless, writing and talking about the pressures of life in a pandemic is absolutely necessary and healthy. If could describe your quarantine experience in less than two words, how would you describe it?

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë and loving it!

*Watched episode one of Sanditon and Schmitt’s Creek

*Completed BBG day 4 week 8 

*Walked 1 mile with Athena and Anakin

*Attended Gentle Yoga For Strong Back with Jenn from Open Heart Yoga Studio

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena on multiple walks

*Pulled my hair out (again) managing my teenagers virtual schooling.

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Da Weekend

Da weekend is here and absolutely nothing has changed in our day to day lives from yesterday. I’m just kidding we had a couple of outings today that were essential. We had to pick up a few things for the garden and groceries. Fortunately, we were able to stop by a local farm and get box of vegetables and fruit. The fruit and vegetables look amazing! Plus, the price of $20 total can’t be beat by any super market.


I have been trying to get a Shipt delivery slot since my last delivery on Sunday. Sadly, there were no slots available, which meant for the first time in years I had to fo a full grocery trip myself. Ugh! To say I’ve been spoiled by Shipt would be a compete and utter understatement! Nevertheless, I strapped on my mask and headed to Target.

Target wasn’t too bad, but it’s a pain in the arse wading through the crowds in the aisles. Fortunately or rather unfortunately, I didn’t waste my time with all of the aisles since their selves were empty. Thankfully, I was able to get most of what we needed including Easter candy for the boys. When I got home the boys ripped into me for buying milk that expires in the next two days… Spoiler alert – they’ve already drank one of the gallons I bought. They totally made the milk disappear – problem averted! Sadly, since I couldn’t find enough milk to keep on standby, I’ll have to make another grocery run.


This morning I met my Momcation friends on Zoom for a virtual brunch. It was fantastic. For this glorious occasion, I brought out the Corona Refresca for the first time. It was a bit sweet, but pretty tasty. Of course, the best part was the company. I’m so bummed we won’t be traveling to Turks & Caicos later this month for our annual Momcation. Nonetheless, Zoom brunches and happy hours will help film the void and provide some much needed socialization.


Unfortunately, I also received word today that my dear friend and former employee Michele passed away. The news really took a bite out of my soul. Michele was a one in a million woman. She was simply extraordinary. Every thing this woman faced over the last eleven years, she faced with an uncommon strength and grace. At work, she was the glue that help make our ORS team a family. To say we loved her dearly, would be an understatement. For me she was not only an employee or colleague, she was a friend that became family. Please keep her family and friends in your prayers as they grieved during this difficult time.


Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf

*Studied and practiced Norwegian

*Watched Family Guy and the Crocodile Hunter

*Watched American Pie

*Week 7 BBG rest day

*Brunch with my girls via Zoom

*Grocery shopping at Target

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena on multiple walks

*Worked on Obedience Training with Anakin inside.

Affiliate advertising supports this blog.  By clicking on the link and making a purchase, you are helping to support the blog with no additional cost to you.  Thanks!