Missing Skill

Today’s bloganury prompt is all about the missing skill you wish you had. I haven’t participated bloganury yet, but with nothing else compelling to write here I am. The one missing skill I wish I had was singing. I cannot carry a tune to save my life and I love singing. In fact, I’m quite jealous of all the amazing singers in my life. This is also why I was in band and not choir.

So I was finally able to workout today. I’ve taken the past couple of days off because I jacked my knee up. Consequently, I substituted body weight exercises for the plyometric exercises. While I was able to get through the workout, my knee didn’t tolerate it very well. It’s swollen and a bit weak. I’m probably gonna need to wear a knee brace when I run and workout. Obviously, I have my fingers crossed hoping I can run tomorrow. If my knee doesn’t tolerate it, I’ll pivot to walking immediately.

Since the boys are back in school, it’s back to the status quo during the day. My door is always open to my sales assistant, who never judge me for my missing skill. Even if I’m singing Metallica poorly at the top of my lungs. They probably think I’m trying to speak their language. Nonetheless, thank god for dogs that love us unconditionally.