State Tournament Time

It’s state tournament time for the Mayor and his Hawks’ squad. We journeyed to the west coast yesterday for an early evening game in Estero. Unfortunately, our first game was against our fellow Hawks teams. I never enjoy these inter organization games especially when there’s hitting involved.

Fortunately, yesterday’s game was a clean game and pretty good. Unfortunately, a Hawks team had to lose. The Mayor and his team came away from the game with a 2-0 win, but it was a hard fought game. The 07 squad came to win and their effort showed it.

Today, they’ll face a tough Flames team and Clearwater team. Hopefully, the boys will bring their A game today and perform better than my NCAA tournament bracket. More to come later!

Presidents’ Day Weekend

Presidents’ Day weekend has been synonymous with hockey tournaments for the past decade. Often, we’ve been separated by garages, cities and even country as we divided and conquered our hockey schedule. This Presidents’ Day weekend was the first time we’ve been together since our travel hockey days started.

This weekend we’ve been in Charlotte for Myhockey’s Carolina Cup. A couple quick observations. The weather completely sucks here. It’s been in the high 30s with rain every day. Its’s also strikingly brown and gloomy. Perhaps.l, we’re a bit spoiled by the perpetual sunshine and greenery in Florida. Also, the traffic is horrendous. We’re from South Florida, so we’re used to traffic nightmares. However, we didn’t anticipate that the traffic would be insane here in a Charlotte.

As I write this, we’re stuck on a tarmac weighting for clearance to take off. This is obviously one of the less glamours parts of travel hockey. We have a connecting flight in Atlanta, so here’s hoping we get to ATL with plenty of time to spare. Oh snap, we’re finally pushing back. I was beginning to think I’d have enough time to write the Grapes of Wrath as we waited for takeoff.

Goalielocks and I got upgraded to First class, which would be even more cool if the flight have beverage service. Unfortunately, it’s too short for any of that action. Thankfully, it has afforded a lot more room to relax in as we waited out the delay on the tarmac. Sadly, I think our nice layover in Atlanta just changed into a short one with this delay. We had hoped to grab a drink and dessert before the second flight. Oh well…..

Well, we’re about to take off, so this will be a two part post. More to come on our trip to Charlotte!

Game 1 is in the Books

Game 1 is in the books here in Charlotte. The Mayor scored two goals and had two assists. His line continues to gel incredible well together. The final score was 6-2 Hawks with all three offensive lines making the scoresheet. Overall, it was a solid team effort this morning.

Game 1 is in the books!

It was a fun game to watch. In fact, you can find it the videos on my Facebook. My commentary is colorful, so if you’re easily offended, you may want to skip the feed. If on the other hand, you like a good gong show, then my feed is perfect for you. I’ll be live from Pineville ice arena at 3:15 and live from Extreme Ice at 8:40.

One Year

One year ago, we said our goodbyes to Jake at MEPS Miami. We headed home, while he awaited his departure to basic training. It’s amazing how quickly the year has gone, but also amazing how the memory of all those emotions comes flooding back. Last year, I felt I had left a piece of my heart at MEPS as my boy went off into the unknown. We didn’t really know what to expect as he began his journey in the service, which left us with a bit of anxiety and fear. Of course, all of those emotions were mixed in with the immense pride we felt in seeing him take the oath.

Now here we are a year later, we’ve fallen into the rhythm of what it means to be a military family. It took adjustments. Particularly, it took a lot of adjusting in the beginning. His time in Basic was definitely the worst since we rarely heard from him. Once he graduated Basic and headed to Tech School, it got a bit easier. I say a bit because it’s never easy to be away from your kids. Also, his tech school was really rigorous and a lot of people don’t make the cut. Not surprisingly, he soared through tech school as he soared through Basic. I had worried that he’d sound sad or upset when calling from Basic. You can imagine my surprise and relief at hearing him sound happy, confident, and knowing that he was now where he belonged.

When we left him at MEPS, he was our boy. When we saw him again at BMT Graduation, he had transformed into a man and world-class airmen. Without a doubt, the young men and women that serve are given an incredible gift. They’re given the gift of understanding an objective that is bigger than themselves. Their Instructors teach them that under no circumstance is a wingman left behind. Moreover, the military teaches them responsibility and discipline. Imagine if more people lived by that credo. Maybe we wouldn’t have people fighting over wearing a mask to protect others. Perhaps people would learn to see the world through a wider lens instead of being so self-absorbed.

As for the present day, I’m now on a whole new countdown. Now, I’m counting down the days until he comes home for leave. That’s right my friends, my boy is coming home for Christmas!! Best present ever! Before he arrives, we have some decorating to do. I finally have all my photos framed and ready to hang for my Air Force wall. We also got a new Christmas tree today, which we’ll be putting up shortly. I’m curious to see if Anakin likes to hide under this one as much as our old tree. Our old tree finally gave out after fourteen years of service. It was starting to look like an extremely tall version of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I read The Idiot, by Fyodor Dosytoevsky

*I can’t believe it’s been one year! I’ve been looking back at photos and blog posts from last December. It’s fun to look back at the pictures and see how shy he looked. The transformation from December to February was amazing!

*Today I ran one mile and walked a mile today.

*I spoke too soon the universe continues to correct me.

*I’m looking forward to crashing on the couch after work with my beloved puppies!

*Before I crash with the puppies, I will be cooking up a delicious meal courtesy of HelloFresh.

*After today, my running streak stands at 3 days. Today’s run really challenged and frustrated me.

*I love the footprints the puppies leave on the patio when coming back in every morning. The only challenge is when the muddy footprints continue onto the white tile.

*BBG 3.0 week 4 day 4: running! After taking a six week hiatus from BBG, it’s really kicking my butt.

*I took my puppies including sweet Anakin for a walk. Today Anakin is wearing his Christmas bow tie. He looks mighty dapper if I say so myself. Naturally, I bought all three dogs Christmas outfits. I can’t wait to share the pictures with you. You’ll love them!

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A Different Holiday

It was a different holiday this Thanksgiving thanks to the second wave of COVID, but the virus didn’t stop us from spending quality time with the family. Thankfully, technology allows us to be together even when we’re miles apart. It was awesome to see Jake, my folks and my brother’s family on Thanksgiving.

Naturally, I would have preferred to see them all (especially Jake) in person, but this was a great substitute. Jake, by the way, looked great, which warms my heart and lessens my anxiety. Unfortunately, the younger kids don’t like to be on the Zoom. It was like pulling teeth to get the Mayor and his cousin on the call. Goalielocks was a little better, but he was still fighting it.

Obviously, we ate entirely too much and continue to do so thanks to leftovers. Fortunately, my daily uniform continues to be yoga pants, which are mighty forgiving. I was, however, able to re-start my BBG workouts after changing the my schedule and getting the blood pressure under control. It has felt good to log some serious work outs this past week.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to work while the Mayor plays in the championship game. He’s had an awesome tournament this far leading his division in points and points per game. I’m proud of how hard he works for his team on and off the ice. Unsurprisingly, his hard work is paying off. It’s a lot of fun to watch him and his team play.

Lastly, help me wish Our Sweet Anakin a very happy first birthday! For his birthday, he got a new chewy bone, some raw hides, a Christmas collar and some Christmas outfits. Naturally, I also got his sisters some goodies too. I’d hate for them to feel left out. So even though it was a different holiday, we have a lot to be thankful for including our sweet birthday boy!

Off to Bed Early

Well I’m off to bed early since I’m not feeling fantastic. Clearly, the Saharan dust isn’t agreeing with me and my allergies. I did log my workout today, but it was a fight to get through yoga. My body is just exhausted and maybe fighting something off it could be a a cold or an autoimmune flare. Or I could have just worn myself out.

Today started in the most Monday of beginnings. Anakin had a blow out in his crate early this morning. Honestly, it was not a great way to start the day. Needless to say, I was feeling a bit salty about the mess I had to clean up. Obviously, I needed some coffee on board before I could confront that mess. So Anakin and I went to Dunkin for coffee and Donuts.

Afterwards, I started the work of cleaning out Anakin’s crate. Fortunately, we have a high pressure hose that worked perfectly for cleaning out the crate. Thankfully, my Mayor helped by changing out the puppy pad, vacuuming the floor and mopping the impacted area. Once I finished the cleaning, I was able to finally enjoy my coffee.

The rest of the day was spent dreaming of foreign vistas and ports. There are so many places I’d like to visit once the world opens up again. Moreover, there are so many people that I want to visit and see. First and foremost, I cannot wait to see my airmen!!! Hopefully, I’ll be able to see him before the summer is over. I’d also like to see my family in Minnesota sometime soon. What is the first place you want to visit once the world reopens?

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I read the The Life of Charlotte Bronte by Elizabeth Gaskells. It is an absolutely amazing book.

*Gentle Flow with Monica from Yoga Mundo

*I am still sick of all the windbags on Facebook.

*Morning and afternoon meditation

*Took obligatory picture of Anakin!

*Obedience training Anakin

*Week 7 BBG 2.0 day 1 legs and yoga

*And now I’m off to bed early!

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Between the Storms

As my luck would have it, I was able to do all my driving between the storms. Honestly, it had to be pure luck. No sooner had I sat down comfortably on my yoga mat when the sky opened up. And when I say opened up, I mean full-on monsoon rains. Fortunately, I love practicing yoga during a storm. There is something completely soothing about practicing to the sound of falling rain. Now there were a couple of bolts of lightning that were a bit too close given the loud thunder and how vigorously the thunder shook the building. Thursday’s class is seventy-five minutes of gentle flow, so by the time, we finished our practice the storm had passed.

No sooner had I made it home when the storms again opened up. This was, of course, the case when I went to grab my coffee this morning. As I left, the storm was pulling away from our house and I hit a few sprinkles as I got to Dunkin. Fortunately, the heavy stuff held off until after I got home. I moved up my run a half-hour since my yoga class was moved up a half-hour. Consequently, my Thursday date with Curb happened at 10:00 instead of 10:30. Naturally, my legs were quite sore after the back to back days running. My foot felt pretty good, but my body was tired. Nonetheless, I persevered and logged three miles on the treadmill. Since I was heading immediately to yoga post-run, I did a truncated version of my post-run stretch routine.

Honestly, I’m exhausted. I should really just take a hot shower and go to bed, but here I am finishing my blog. Seriously though this week has been mentally and physically exhausting for no specific reason other than the dumpster fire that has been 2020. My neck and my shoulders are super tight. I’m hoping with the great work we did in Jen’s yoga class today that they’ll feel better tomorrow. My shoulder gets horribly tight since my diagnosis of Graves. Unfortunately, the tightness migrates up my neck as well. For the most part, my yoga practice keeps my shoulders and neck open. Nonetheless, I do get periodic flare-ups, which suck bananas, but I digress.

Speaking of dumpster fires, I started reading Life of Charlotte Bronte by Elizabeth Gaskells. When I say dumpster fire, I’m referring to the unmitigated tragedy that was the life of Charlotte Bronte and her siblings. Gaskell wrote the biography beautifully in the style of a novel. Gaskells, of course, was a contemporary and friend of Charlotte’s. Her biography is not only a view from the rearview mirror of their friendship but also the viewpoint of her family and friends. Some have argued that Gaskells’ portrayal of Bronte’s life was sanitized by her piety in the face of Bronte’s more worldly view. Thus far I have made it as far as the death of Charlotte’s mother. At the time Charlotte and her siblings were quite young and quite alone and often left to their own devices. Honestly, it’s amazing that three literary geniuses could arise out of such an upbringing.

I cooked another HelloFresh dinner tonight, which was Balsamic Fig Chicken with roasted potatoes. I don’t know what I did, but my piece of chicken was not great. The rest of the dinner was fantastic. Fortunately, the entire family ate the meal I cooked tonight. This is pretty significant since my Mayor has decided to be a picky eater. Tomorrow I’ll be cooking another pasta dish. Since neither service provides gluten-free pasta, so I substitute gluten-free pasta from the grocery store. Meanwhile, my Mayor cooks the delivery service pasta for his spaghetti lunch. After dinner, I swept the floor picked up the kitchen. Then the dogs and I chilled on the couch and watched It’s Always Sunny. My boys drove down to Miami to skate for a couple of hours this morning. It’s great to have them back on the ice!

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*The Life of Charlotte Bronte by Elizabeth Gaskells

*Morning and afternoon meditation

*Gentle Flow with Jenn at Open Heart Yoga

*Thought of ways to incorporate the word cove into my blog.

*Took obligatory picture of Anakin!

*Yonder look for a full product review on ny new scale

*Obedience training Anakin

*Week 5 BBG 2.0 day 2 run!!! Back at it baby!

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena out for a walk

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The Tropics

The tropics have fired up early this year! Tropical Storm Cristobal is churning away in the Gulf of Mexico bringing much of the Florida peninsula rain today. Markedly, today is the first day in a minute that we haven’t received significant rain. Nonetheless, it’s still overcast and cloudy and we didn’t see the sunrise and won’t see the sunset either.

Unfortunately, the path a head for the storm brings it to our airmen’s doorsteps. Fortunately, it appears to be mainly a rainmaker at this point. Also, they’re forecasting it to remain a tropical storm at landfall. This is obviously a good thing, but it along with the path could change at any point. Fortunately, his base has been through these things before and is well prepared for whatever Cristobal will bring.

Since the weather’s still questionable and we’re still staying home as much as possible, I made today productive. Or at least as productive as I could. Fortunately, I got a lot done around the house. I started cleaning our bathroom, but fill finish it tomorrow. However, I was was as able to get the laundry completed. Naturally, I spend a lot of time straightening up the family and room and living rooms because that’s where the dogs spend most of their time.

Unbeknownst to me, Anakin stuck outside behind me when I went outside to shake out the broom. You can. Imagine my surprise when coming out of the bathroom two minutes later, I couldn’t find him anywhere. And then I heard him barking. The poor guy snuck outside and was at the front door waiting for me to open it. Thankfully, he’s a well trained puppy and didn’t run off. Obviously, we were both relieved when he made his way back inside. Nonetheless, I’m sure there are plenty of untold stories from his outdoor adventure today.

Before all of that nonsense, I got in my fourth run of the week. I decided to do a hybrid steady state and HIIT. After warming up, I ran five minutes at a steady state before walking. Once I started walking, I started the interval work. For this I alternated every 30 seconds between 7.0-8.0 mph sprints and walks at 3 mph. Clearly, this type of run brings its own challenges, but I find it goes quicker. This is likely due to changing the tempo so frequent. Afterwards, I completed my post run stretch routine, which felt great and continues to keep my legs healthy.

For dinner, I made the hubby and I cumin spiced pork roast served with vegetable fried rice courtesy of Blue Apron. Since I accidentally selected the 2 serving option, I ordered Pizza Hut for the boys. The Mayor was pleased that after having asked everyday for the last week, I finally acquiesced to his request. Fortunately, both their pizza and our pork with fried rice were great. Since we were doing carry out at Pizza Hut, we ate dinner a little bit earlier than normal as the hubby picked it up on his way home.

Today’s featured picture comes courtesy of my mother’s garden in Minnesota. The pink and white flowers are peonies. My great grandmother passed these beautiful plants down to my mother. I always loved going to my great grandmother’s house and seeing the peonies that lined her driveway in bloom. Indeed getting out of the car was a treat as the sweet aroma of the peonies hit your senses. My great grandmother also passed down the purple flower, an iris, to my mom. Unfortunately, I cannot grow either of these flowers in South Florida.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte

*Morning and afternoon meditation

*Worked on website

*Obedience training Anakin

*Cooked a super yummy dinner courtesy of our friends at Blue Apron.

*Week 3 BBG 2.0 day 6 cardio

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena out for dinner

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Congrats are in Order

Congrats are in order for my airmen, who completed his technical training today. We’re so excited for all that he has accomplished since joining the service last year. Of course, it was a wonderful surprise to get a FaceTime call from him in the middle of the day. Seeing his smiling face with his graduation certificate was an absolute treat!

Since it was Tuesday, I logged a solid 2.7 miles on the treadmill while watching Larry David and the early Curb episodes. I usually do a mixed tempo run on Tuesday. However, today I decided to do the first half at one speed. The second half I did at three different speeds by altering the tempo very sixty seconds. By the end of the run, I was completely gassed! Fortunately, tomorrow I have my tempo run, which is a feast way to mix things up.

Afterwards I went to yoga at the studio. It’s the first time I’ve been to class since the studio closed due to COVID. There were only two of us, but it felt great to be back in the studio environment. Monica did a nice, balanced flow that my body just loved. In fact, I’m pretty sure I was on cloud nine after our time in sleeping pigeon. Oh that felt so good!!!! Sadly now that I’m back in the studio you won’t be subjected to me and my yoga poses. After class, Monica came over and we gave her two mango and banana saplings.

We had thought about taking Goalielocks to hockey tonight, but the city where the rink is located is under curfew. Since we live far from the rink, we decided to keep him home out of respect to the curfew. Plus, it would be the Hubby’s luck to get picked up for it. Needless to say, it just seemed like a smart decision to stay home tonight. Plus, it’s raining. Who wants to go anywhere when it’s raining?

Before I forget this morning, the Mayor and I were watching a nature show in the Smithsonian Channel. It was about the Sea of Okhtosk in north eastern Russia. First of all, this place looks absolutely amazing. However, it seems a bit scary between the bears, the Siberian tigers and volcanos. Nevertheless, the bears captivated Anakin. He alternated between barking at them and just taking in the scenery. Clearly, it was quite adorable.

This evening we’re just chilling at the homestead. I made an Italian Steaks and Panzanella from Blue Apron. It was okay, but the steak wasn’t super tender. My boys didn’t like the panzanella because it had pesto on it. Needless to say, I don’t understand how anyone could not like a bread salad. As for the post dinner chill, we’re enjoying some vintage episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading Vilette a wonderful book by Charlotte Bronte

*Morning and afternoon meditation

*Worked on website

*Jake finished his technical school!! Congrats are in order!

*Gentle Flow with Monica from Open Heart Studio

*Obedience training Anakin

*Enjoyed a well cooked dinner courtesy of myself and Blue Apron!

*Week 3 BBG 2.0 day 2 cardio

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena on multiple walks

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Making Progress

After feeling pretty tired for ages, I feel like I’m finally making progress. Fortunately, it seems the recent change in my thyroid meds are making a difference. Despite making progress on the thyroid front, I was starting to feel ill on Thursday with sore throat and swollen glands. Thankfully, an early bed time and some extra sleep made all the difference. Happily, my throat was a bit sore yesterday, but I feel 100% better today.

And thank goodness for that because I had chair yoga training at Open Heart Yoga Studio. After seeing nobody for months, I was looking forward to seeing people outside my immediate family. There were only three of us in studio with the others on Zoom. I love that technology provides an opportunity for people to take trainings or continue their studio practice at home.

Today’s training was five hours and it was five hours well spent. I love how chair yoga makes yoga accessible to everyone. Further, I realized that while I was injured and in a boot, chair yoga would have been perfectly suited to my physical challenges. Honestly, I learned so much great stuff today that fits in perfectly with what I’ve been learning in teacher training. I’m excited for how I can augment my own practice and help others find their own chair yoga practice.

Naturally, we took a break at 3:23 pm to watch the SpaceEx launch. You could feel our collective relief as the rocket successfully launched into orbit. I would have liked to watch it outdoors, but where the studio is located didn’t provide the best viewing opportunity. Also, it was pretty sunny , but there was some cloud cover to the north that may have obscured our view. Plus, it was super hot!

For dinner, the hubby made a very yummy Blue Apron General Tso’s chicken. It was so good!!! In fact, the Mayor immediately declared that we must make that recipe again. The flavor was good, the chicken and bok choy were perfectly cooked. While we finished dinner and relaxed afterwards, we anxiously awaiting word from family in Minnesota that they made it home safely. Thankfully, we just got word that my sister in law made it home safe. My dad made it home about thirty minutes ago. Please pray for everyone’s safety.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading Vilette a wonderful book by Charlotte Bronte

*Morning and afternoon meditation

*Chair Yoga Teacher training with Eva from Open Heart Yoga Studio. Making progress towards my goals!!

*Obedience training Anakin

*Enjoyed a well cooked dinner courtesy of my awesome hubby!

*Week 2 BBG 2.0 day 6 ran 2.7 miles

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena on multiple walks

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