BBG 2.0

Today day marked day one of BBG 2.0. After finishing week on yesterday, I had thought about repeating 1.0. However, at that point, I didn’t know there was a 2.0 version. Fortunately, BBG 2.0 (the BBG stands for bikini body guide) builds on the momentum of 1.0. After my experience with the primary series of Ashtanga yoga yesterday, I’m excited to build on the gains of my first twelve weeks. So here I am surrendering to to the tortured of Kayla Itsines again.

Naturally, my first leg workout as a part of 2.0 didn’t take up my entire day. I started the day with a gentle vinyasa class with Monica. Unsurprisingly, my body was a little fatigued from yesterday’s great class. Nonetheless, it was a great way to warm up my body and legs for my BBG workout later in the day. Additionally, the timing of the class helped me keep my 16 hour fast. Once my yoga class has finished, I broke my fast with some strawberry skyre.

After breaking my fast, I completed my leg workout. Today’s workout was challenging with some different moves and added weights. My lower back was a bit tight, but did loosen up by the third circuit. Unsurprisingly, I struggled wit jumping rope the most. There were of course burpees and plank jacks, which are always fun. In addition, there were some weighted squats with a twist and deadlifts. Needless to say my legs are going to be sore tomorrow. It may be a quick run tomorrow!

The afternoon brought lots of severe storms and rain. We’ve been under a flash flood warning for several hours. Fortunately, I didn’t have anywhere to go today and my hubby made it home safely. Consequently, my afternoon meditation did not happen in complete silence, but rather the sound of rolling thunder and rain. This evening I made my last Blue Apron meal for the week, which was amazing. I forgot to take a picture, but the chicken, rice and roasted vegetables were amazing. Needless to say, I love Blue Apron. If you’d like to try it, let me know as I have free boxes to give out.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading Vilette by Charlotte Bronte

*Morning and afternoon meditation

*Week 1 BBG 2.0 day 1 legs

*Vinyasa Yoga with Monica from Yoga Mundo

*Watched Great

*Obedience training Anakin courtesy day Goalielocks

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena on multiple walks

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It was another day in paradise. When I left to grab coffee this morning, the temperature was 65 degrees and the dew point was in the fifties. Additionally, the sun was shining bright and there was not one cloud in the sky. After the scorching heat of last week, this morning’s weather felt absolutely sublime! I, for one, am relishing these last nice days as the heat of summer and humidity of rainy season is right around the corner.

Paradise lost, the epic and long winded Milton poem, is how I was feeling when we got the virtual school part of the day. How soon I fell from paradise to the continual battle that is home schooling. Goalielocks assured me he wasn’t sleeping, but was in class. This in-spite of me having to wake him up multiple times throughout the morning. Meanwhile, the Mayor was hard at work watching YouTube videos instead of doing class work. Oh joy!


I somewhat recaptured paradise by going to yoga this morning with Monica. Clearly, it was an awesome class as it left my body and mind feeling incredible and at peace. Afterwards, I took the puppies on a short walk before tackling day one of BBG week nine. Oh man, what a doozy that workout was today!! I mean what fuckery is a burpee with a push-up and tuck jump? Peer torture and a hockey mom killer. Needless to say, those combination burpees were no joke. I was fried after the workout. Unequivocally, I’m totally team BBG and would highly recommend the workout and the app.

Sadly, after lunch I returned to Milton’s Paradise Lost. I had yet another argument with the Mayor over his art homework. He argued vehemently that I should have his schedule changed so he could drop art. Obviously that isn’t possible as we are already half way through the quarter! If there was a genie and I could have one wish only, I’d wish that the boys would understand it is much easier to get their work down timely instead of procrastinating or worse ignoring it.

Okay, so I know that eventually they’ll probably understand, but I’d love to compress the timeline. It was so refreshing speaking without airman last night because he’s got a clear path and plan for his career. Undoubtedly, my Hubby and I were so proud when he sent us a list of IT certs he intends to complete while in the service. Truly, the list is impressive and will afford him many lucrative career options in his post military life. I guess the point is that eventually the kids will find their way and their path. Never in my dreams could I have created a better path for him. Obviously, we are so proud of him and happy that he’s found his path.


This week also marks week three of intermittent fasting on the 8:2 plan. As a reminder, the 8:2 plan means I eat normal five days a week and fast two days a week by only eating 800 calories. So far, it’s going well and I’ve lost a few pounds. A few ponds may not seem significant, but when you have no thyroid every pound lost is a victory. Thankfully, it’s also not difficult to follow and adhere too. When you think about it, you’re only very disciplined two days a week. There are no foods off limits, unless you have a cold allergy or intolerance like me. Consequently, I avoid gluten containing foods, but everything else is fair game!

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading My Antonia by Willa Cather and loving it!

*Gentle Flow Yoga with Monica from Yoga Mundo

*Facetime with my Airman!

*Morning and afternoon meditation

*Week 10 BBG day 1 leg day

*Virtual school torture with Goalielocks and the Mayor

*Obedience training Anakin courtesy day Goalielocks

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena on multiple walks


Affiliate advertising supports this blog.  By clicking on the link and making a purchase, you are helping to support the blog with no additional cost to you.  Thanks!