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Today was a successful day. First and most importantly, I slept like a baby with the weight of the insurance exam off of my shoulder. Additionally, both kids were up and ready to go to school on time, which was a huge win. Moreover, my workouts went super well. The first of which was the BBG arms/upper body workout. Holy cow this workout was difficult, but it was so good. After BBG, I headed straight to yoga with Kaye at Open Heart Studio, which was delightful. Lastly, I ran for a mile and then walked a mile. Even today’s run went smoothly!

Of course, my day doesn’t just consist of working out. In between all the workouts, I got a lot of work done for my work. I’m super excited that we’ve branched out into a broader marketing firm. In addition to awesome professional gear, we now offer social media management/marketing, lead generation campaigns, website design and management, and e-commerce. Quite frankly, we have a lot to offer businesses of all sizes. So here’s your call to action. If you’re a business owner, let’s set up a time to chat about how I can add value to your organization. Schedule a meeting here.

Tonight I cooked up a HelloFresh meal that I picked out specifically for the Hubby since it featured Frank’s Red hot sauce. It was super easy to make, but I didn’t love this one. The mixture of the hot sauce flavor with the honey did not mesh well with my stomach. After dinner, the Hubby and Mayor headed to the rink for hockey practice. Meanwhile, I stayed home to attend the league conference call for Goalielocks’ team. Our season for national bound teams starts this weekend, which is super exciting.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I read A Room With A View by E.M Forster

*It turns out their are unique challenges to managing a U18 team. Thus it seems we may have a caravan to the Carolinas in our future.

*I ran a mile and walked a mile today.

*I am missing my airman and the beautiful terrain of Utah.

*After today, my running streak stands at 8 days.

*As the weather cools off, I look forward to breaking out my zephyr dress from Lilly.

*BBG 3.0 week 2 day 3: arms, cardio and yoga! Today’s run was one mile! It went really well actually. Today was a successful day!

*I took my puppies including sweet Anakin for a walk. Today Anakin is wearing his bow tie and it doesn’t seem to be bothering him.

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