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So today’s bloganuary prompt is all about strength today. The old adage that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is honestly played out. I mean after the last two years, so we even need to test that axiom anymore? Also, if axiom is true, then I’m a fucking Ironman after the last six months I’ve endured. At this point, I’d like to put down the spinach cans and relax a little bit. I don’t need to be flexing my strength like Popeye every day.

From a physical standpoint, I could use some more strength. After a week off, I went back to the BBG workout this week. Honestly, it felt so good to be back at it. If you’re looking for an exercise regimen that balances strength, cardio and stretching, you should definitely check it out. Today was my first day running after a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, this run didn’t no go super well. I was definitely sucking wind after only a few minutes on the treadmill. If only our emotional/mental trials, could make us faster and fitter.

Today at work was good. It sometimes all my strength and self-discipline to not be rude to some of these clients. I had a couple today that were quite special. Thankfully, it’s nothing like the awful clientele I would come across at my precious jobs. Nonetheless, they’re still quite annoying. Inspire of those special folks, I still had an awesome day on the phones. Sales is all about perseverance and resiliency. You can’t let one back call or one bad client derail you day.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this informative post. I m busy working days and felt very tired. As a general goal, aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day.

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