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I’m going stir crazy. The lack of socialization or ability to escape from the current situation is enough to make you whacky. Or perhaps it’s my teenage son that has me teetering on the precipice of insanity. Either way this morning was about the least amount of fun I’ve had since giving birth to my youngest fourteen years ago. God, please give me the grace to survive and thrive virtual schooling.


Nothing like virtual school, teenagers and social distancing to make one feel that one’s life is in shambles. Truthfully, it wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t met with an argument every step of the way. I mean seriously is it so hard to follow directions and to do what is asked the first time? Unfortunately, this question is treated as rhetorical eliciting both no action and no response. Raising teenagers is so fun. No, if one wants action or even a response, there was to be some pain. Usually this pain comes from the loss of their phone.



After my yoga class this afternoon and a mother argument with my star pupils, I had to get out of the house. Thankfully, the weather was absolutely perfect today, so Anakin and I went for a walk. By the time I got back from my walk, my pupil had realized the errors of his ways, was completing his work and apologized. It was all is simple. All he had to do was get his work done the first time he was asked instead of fighting it.

As for my yoga class, it was super awesome. I love my Tuesday crew. Additionally, keeping my yoga routine is a helpful way to keep both mentally and physically fit. Today was my run day, but the weather was a bit suspect this morning. If there’s thunder close to the area, I don’t run. Also, everything below my waist is pretty sore from yesterday’s workout, so. A run later in the week may be more productive. Fortunately, I got several walks in with the dogs. Moreover, I even got a little bit of a run in this morning when Anakin snapped the retractable leash. Oh yes, today was quite the adventure.

Earlier this winter I bought a beginner’s knitting kit at Barnes and Noble. It’s been collecting dust in my room until today. Here’s what I’ve learned. The manufacturer and I have very different definitions as to the definition of beginner. Additionally, no amount of supplementary YouTube videos are going to help me understand the patterns in the book. Alas the moral of the story is that I will not be learning to knit on my own. I will definitely need to take some classes.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf

*Watched Monty Python’s Parrot Show and Parks and Rec

*Watched Ice Age

*Completed BBG day 2 week 7 recovery workout – full body

*Attended Gentle Flow Yoga with Monica from Open Heart Yoga Studio 

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena on multiple walks

*Worked on Obedience Training with Anakin inside.

*Pulled my hair out (again) managing my teenagers virtual schooling.


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