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It was a stay at home Saturday.  I’m proud to say I actually knew it as Saturday today.  Mostly because my hubby didn’t go into work today.  Consequently, it seems that I may be able to successfully identify Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Yay!  It’s the small victories in life.


I had planned to run today, but my allergies and pain in my shin suggested otherwise.  Clearly, I’m in now hurry to get injured again, so for once I did the prudent thing and skipped it.  Hopefully, I’m able to run tomorrow as a virtual strider for Miami’s Purple Stride event. The event was to be hosted down in Dade today, but due to COVID19 it was changed to a virtual event.  You can donate to the cause above and I know my colleagues in our Dade affiliate would appreciate it.


In lieu of running, I took a virtual vinyasa class with my dear friend and yoga teacher Monica.  She’s been my yoga teacher since my Zachary was in diapers. You can check her out at  Anyways, it was my first vinyasa class since being diagnosed with Graves.  The class was held via Zoom and there were a handful of students in the class.


Honestly, it was great to connect with people outside the homestead.  Since I hadn’t taken a vinyasa class in almost two years, I was a bit nervous.  It was tough, but I did it.  It felt awesome!!!  The class was ninety minutes of hard and productive work.  Thankfully, the last several months of practice at Open Heart Yoga studio has helped my breathing, flexibility and strength. Sometimes it’s nice to see how far I’ve come since restarting my yoga practice in late October.

As for the rest of the day, I worked on crow pose and inversions.  But mostly I binge watched the Office and Cheers all day.  It was a gratifying day.  For dinner, we grilled steaks and potatoes while the Mayor boiled crab legs. We served both with roasted carrots and an awesome salad.  Now I’m ready for bed at 9:20.


This social distancing thing is exhausting.  Who knew that doing absolutely nothing could be so tiring?!?  For the past week, I’ve been lucky if I made it to 9:00 pm.  Is this what Bears feel like when they’re starting to hibernate in their habitat?  Or perhaps it’s because we have all the cares of the world on our shoulder due to the current pandemic.  Whether we are worried for our own health or not: we worry about our family and friends that are vulnerable, we worry about our brave friends and family fighting on the frontlines of healthcare, we worry about kids serving in the military.  All those worries, all those cares can be exhausting, so it’s important that we practice self care and that we connect with our family and friends as often as we can!


Lastly, here’s a quick Maya update.  She continues to get better everyday.  In fact, we had to stop her from playing with her siblings today.  Thankfully, she’s in great spirits and seems to be doing well.  Thanks again for all the love and support for our sweet puppy!

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*reading Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackery

*Watched The Office season 4&5 and Cheers season 1

* BBG rest day

*1.5 mile walk with my boys and puppies

*Vinyasa class – with Monica from Yogamundo

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