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It was a split Saturday for our crew, as I stayed home w/ the Mayor and his squad while the Hubby traveled with Goalielocks’ to Clearwater for his games.  Fortunately, hubby was able to watch most of the Mayor’s  morning game before hitting the road.  The drive to Clearwater is tedious, long and boring.  In the winter, it’s much better as any rain on state road 60 makes for a hellacious drive.


The Mayor’s team won decisively this morning with a 9-0 final score.  He played well and contributed a goal.  I really enjoy watching the Mayor play as he’s always grinding.   Moreover, his team works hard together and it shows.  Since I got to the game late, I got to watch the game w/ Hubby.   Although I enjoyed watching the game with Hubby, I did miss the good music at stoppages.

I had hoped to go to aerial yoga in between games, but by the time I could register that class had already been cancelled.  Insert sad face here….  Instead of yoga, I ended up going to Massage Envy for an assisted stretch session.   While my upper body is quite flexible, my legs especially my hamstrings, IT band, and quads are exceptionally tight.  I had hoped to run today, but the hip pain has been vexing.  Nevertheless, I took a rest day today after a good run (2.5 miles) last night.


Since I’ve never did an assisted stretch session before, I opted for the 30 minute session in case I didn’t like it.  I should have booked the hour because it was amazeballs.  My therapist Teodora was outstanding and instantly recognized the tightness in my leg muscles.  I’ll be getting an assisted stretch at least once a week.  This should help my hip and knee pain on the left side.

After a productive afternoon of watching the Mayor play Assasin’s Creed, laundry and baking, the Mayor and I headed back to the rink.  His team’s second game was going to be a tough contest.  This team, Panther’s Gold, beat our squad (literally and figuratively) 9-0 last Sunday.  Ouch!  Today’s contest was much closer.

Our squad came out strong.  We didn’t let the embarrassment or sting of last week’s defeat define our play.  While the Panther’s went up early, our squad responded with goal early in the second period.  Fortunately, the Mayor’s team never gave up even when they were down.  I was so proud of them.  In fact, at one point during the game we were tied at 2-2.  We actually should have had another goal when our forward was tripped into the net with the puck, but the ref disagreed with our assessment.

We went into the third period with a tight contest.  In the beginning of the third, the Panther’s opened up the game by scoring two goals.  While our team could have given up, they didn’t.  We ended up putting another one in making for a 4-3 game with 30 seconds left on the clock.  Unfortunately, we came close to tying the game, but simply couldn’t bury the puck.   Nonetheless, I’d chalk that game up as a victory for our squad.  Tonight they showed they could compete with the number one team in their division.

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We headed home post game and The Mayor was begging to go to Sushi Yama, but I wanted him to shower first.  Fortunately, when we were home in between the game and dinner, we were able to see Santa as he came through the neighborhood on the firetruck.  Admittedly, I was a bit worried that the Mayor wasn’t going to be interested in it, but he ran outside with me to wave.

Our dinner date at Sushi Yama was fabulous!   The Mayor caught the waitresses eye and we got VIP service for our dinner.  Consequently, our waters were never empty and our food came out fast and fabulous.  My dinner companion was simply the best.  It doesn’t get better than spending some one on one with one of my kids.  We had a great conversation about his team and the games today.  I love how much he respects and adores his teammates.  Meanwhile in Tampa, Goalielocks met up with his BFF Scrub for dinner.

Now we’re binge watching Family Guy before it leaves NetFlix in March. (Why Netflix? Why?)  I may bake the Christmas cookies tonight since the dough I made Wednesday is already gone.  That’s right the dough is gone and not one cookie has been baked.  Yep., living with boys is a tough gig.  You have to be quick or they’ll eat everything!  While it’s not the most exciting Saturday night you could imagine, to me its the perfect Saturday night.

Tonight’s song performed by Andre Rieu is Silent Night.  P.S.A.  You want to know what’s not silent, pissed off hockey moms!


  1. I absolutely love the photo of you hanging upside down. That could be a story in itself. It is also fun to see your life. While we didn’t have hockey players, we spent ALL the weekends somewhere. I miss those days, and yet I love more seeing the direction my kids have taken and how sports really teach life skills too.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I’m getting more comfortable just hanging around at aerial yoga, which is pretty cool I think most parents can relate to the divide and conquer of all the activities and school events. Hands down the best part of travel hockey is the life skills they’ll walk away with!

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