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Here’s a little snippet of my Saturday so far.  We started our morning off at the rink bright and early, which is always fun.  My stomach was not loving the antibiotics, so that was fun.  I hate that nauseous feeling, however, my sinuses and head are feeling much better this today.  Moreover, since the antibiotics are doing there job and I’ll just have to deal with the nausea.

I had quite a few visitors to the box, which made for an interesting third period.  In the end, the boys came up with the W in a solid team effort.  The beautiful thing about youth hockey/youth sports is that life lessons abound.  Things aren’t always as they seem.  Someday I’ll  expand on this is in much greater detail.  Nonetheless, one of the reasons we love hockey is that it teaches lessons that will last them ages.

Post-hockey the Mayor headed to paint ball birthday party.  Thankfully, my friend AL (funny right) is keeping an eye on the Mayor so I can keep out of the sun.  Apparently the antibiotics make my skin more sensitive to the sun, which is amazing because I’m already inclined to burn.  It looks like they’re having a great time from the pics she just sent me.  If I was feeling better, I definitely would have been out on those fields playing paintball with my boy.

As we move towards the evening hours, we’ll be headed back to the rink for another game.  Unfortunately, we’ll be down a man as we lost a guy to a broken clavicle this morning.  Please keep him and his recovery in your thoughts and prayers.  We’re definitely sending our well wishes his way.   I hope you enjoy your Saturday, I’ll probably check in after Goalielocks’ second game.

Today’s song is “One” by Metallica.


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