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Slow and steady wins the race at least according to the Aesop’s famous fable The Tortoise and the Hare. It’s also an accurate depiction of concussion recovery. We’re now four days post concussion and the headaches have yet to abate. Goalielocks is still experiencing a constant bad headache. Although the Tylenol is helping reduce the pain.

Yesterday was the first day he didn’t experience any nausea. His appetite has returned as he enjoyed some flank steak encrusted in pepper and spices. This is a nice step forward. We are hoping the headaches would follow suit and stop, but they haven’t. Since his headaches have remained severe, we’ve kept him home from school since our return from Boston. Fortunately, the school is sending his home work home with the Mayor tomorrow.

We’ll be back at the doctor later in the week to check on his progress. We’re hopefully for good news, but head injuries operate on their own timelines. Consequently, we’ll have to be patient with the recovery timeline and with him as he recovers. Thanks again for all the concern, well wishes and support.

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