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Tis’ the season for colds, the flue and sinus infections.  Honestly, I have to say that sinus infections suck.   And it is supposed to be tis’ the season to be jolly, a Hallmark movie or anything else, but being sick.  Ugh…. The brutal pace of the last several months has finally caught up with me and my sinuses.  I finally acquiesced and went to the doctor’s today.  Hopefully, after ten days of antibiotics, I’ll feel back to normal.


To be honest, this has been going on for weeks, but I do not like being on antibiotics unless its totally unavoidable.  After four weeks, I finally waived the white flag of surrender and am now on antibiotics.  Sadly, my sinus infection didn’t disappear after only one dose. It really should, shouldn’t it?

If I was a prognosticator or a betting woman, I would say that the infection will clear out just in time for the boys to bring a new germ home from school.  Oh the mom life is glamorous, isn’t it? I can’t totally blame them I guess, I could have picked it up at work.  The modern workplace, much like our schools, is a veritable cesspool of germs.    The good news is I got a chance to rest today before diving back into the hockey/school/work craziness.

I’m hopeful that in a mere 24 hours, after having taken 3 doses of the meds, I’ll have my sparkle back.  Otherwise, it is gonna be a very long, arduous and busy weekend for me.  Tomorrow, while the hubby is working, Goalielocks has two games, the Mayor has a birthday party.  Sunday Goalielocks will be back volunteering at Learn to Skate, while the Mayor goes to the beach for a Beach Training day.

Tonight’s song is “Cleopatra” by the Lumineers.


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