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This week was short, but sweet. I gotta tell you I like the idea of the four day work week. It’s really nice having a long weekend. Moreover, sometimes a day off is all you need to spark some great production. Thankfully, the long weekend gave me a nice spark. Today started off as quite the dumpster fire, but with perseverance the day turned around.

Meanwhile, the weather has been gorgeous. The mornings have been nice and cool, while the remainder of the day has been comfortable. This weekend the temperatures are supposed to fall dramatically. And here in South Florida that means one thing: falling iguana warnings. That’s right as the temperatures fall into the 40s iguanas will start falling from the trees. Don’t worry they’re not dead, once it warms up they’ll reanimate. Yep, it’s super gross.

As for us, we’ll be back freeing at the rink this weekend. Goalielocks has games tomorrow, while the Mayor has games on Sunday. Fortunately, the time between game is sufficient to ensure we can’t do anything productive on either day. My game plan is to put a pot roast in a crock pot and figure out how to make a Swiss cake roll in between the craziness.

We got to talk to Jake yesterday. He’s had quite the intense week at work. To be honest, it makes me quite anxious. He did send me a picture of the new Dunkin on base, which makes me smile. Obviously, he knows his mother very well. Unfortunately, his roommate has Covid, so he’ll be testing in a few days. If he has the Rona, he’ll have to go into quarantine. Fingers crossed that he’ll be fine. As for me, now that my short, but sweet week is over I’m heading to bed early.

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  1. It’s always enjoyable reading your update blogs. Thank you for sharing with us. Hoping Jake will be well and not have the virus. I agree it is always wonderful getting a 4 day week and a longer weekend. Enjoy the rest of the day. ☺️

    Pastor Natalie

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