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Last night was Goalielocks’ senior prom. He had a great time with his friend Gabby. I have to say he looked quite dapper in his gray suit. He was the only guy wearing a gray suit, so he stood out. At this point, I wish I would have bought the suit since it looks so good in him.

The proms here are quite different than those back home. For our proms, we had to plan a separate dinner before heading to the dance. In South Florida, the proms are held at local country clubs and include a 3 or 4 course meal. Honestly, it’s great that they don’t have to worry about planning a separate dinner.

After prom, there was a party setup in Deerfield, but he opted not to go since it was $70/head and would likely get shut down. He was right, the part got shutdown in about an hour. Since they weren’t going to the post prom party, they headed to the beach to spend the rest of their evening. Honestly, is there anywhere better than a beautiful south Florida beach in the moonlight? It sure beats the farm fields and lakes of back home.

Tonight the Mayor will be heading to prom. He and I picked up his corsage and boutonnière at Publix. I’ve also been running around getting COVID tests down, so I can travel or Turks and Caicos on Tuesday. I cannot wait for Momcation 3.0. Anyway, senior prom was last night and the Mayor’s prom is tonight, so I’ll be sharing a lot of fun photos.

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