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Well, the high school season is over. They lost a heartbreaker last night to the storm. For whatever reason, the boys couldn’t get it together last night. They were all sorts of off. It was a game they could have and should have won, but that’s life. I guess there are states and the all-star game left, but I’m not sure if the team or the Mayor will be playing in either. Either way, it appears the season is over.

I’ve made my opinion well-known on the subject, but it would have been nice to see the boys move forward. More than anything, high school hockey has provided a place to just play hockey for the fun of it. Travel hockey requires a lot of commitment and discipline (at least it should,) so high school provides balance to their hockey experience. I guess there is a spring season, so the North County Stars will live to play another day. I just don’t have any information on when or where the spring season starts.

Work continues to go well. This month is going so much better than the previous eight months. I’m hopeful that it will continue. The calls today have been pretty good less on strange ones. As I write this, I’m in between calls. I have found that writing a blog during the day helps me sleep better. If I write in the evening, my mind can’t shut off to go to bed. Honestly, it’s the worse feeling in the world when your body is dead tired, but your mind is ready to party.

As for my hubby’s volunteer situation, it still exists and it still sucks. It’s been a little frustrating trying to get information like using a snickersee in a gunfight. Nevertheless, his boss finally gave him a call. At least now we know where we stand and what’s going on. Hopefully, we will have a resolution and we can put this very stressful chapter behind us.

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