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It was scrimmage Sunday for the Mayor this morning. To be honest, I had completely forgotten about today’s game until last night. This scrimmage was part of a showcase series that includes teams from South Florida, Atlanta, the Carolinas and Nashville. Consequently, today our boys adversary was the Madhatters from Atlanta.

Per usual, I handled the box and was quite lonely for most of the game. I thought the boys played with a lot of energy this morning. In fact, the pace of the game was great. The boys dominated the Madhatters in the first. Ryder and The Mayor each scored a goal in the period. Their line was incredible today.

Scrimmage Sunday continued into the second period with a game of hot potato. I didn’t think either team played great in the second. The Madhatters scored a goal and we’re buzzing. The energy was starting to swing towards the bad guys until the Mayor’s line scored two quick goals taking the wind out of the Madhatters’ sails.

The Mayor scored his third goal in the third period. All told, their line had five goals today. Its been fun to watch the week over week improvements in the squad. Undoubtedly, moving up a division is a big transition for a team. Now that this team is starting to find its wheels and scoring ability, the sky is the limit for them.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I’m reading Wolf Hall, by Hilary Mantel.

*I ran a mile and a half and walked a mile this evening. It felt great to run again even if it sucked

*Five days until I’ll have all my boys in one place!

*We’re tracking the Tropics here in Florida. Fortunately, it still looks like none of these waves will be impacting Florida.

*Tonight I made Chinese chicken wraps from HelloFresh. Unfortunately, neither myself nor the hubby liked them, so we won’t be ordering them again.

*The word of the day is cruise. We have never been on a family cruise. I know a lot of people like them, but that’s a lot of people in a tiny space.

*I took my puppies including sweet Anakin for a. I put on his harness every morning. Fortunately, we had no run-ins with the toads, lizards or grasshoppers today.

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