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It’s been a restful weekend for us, which is just what the doctored ordered. I’m still not feeling well, which sucks. However, Goalielocks’ headaches are no longer omnipresent and have lessened in severity. Hallelujah!! This was pretty amazing news today!

If you’ve ever been concussed or had a child concussed, you’re probably familiar with the waiting game. It truly feels like the headaches and symptoms have lasted forever while you’re in the middle of it. In contrast, as you/they start feeling better, you realize it’s only been a week.

Meanwhile, in our aquarium the coral has really taken off. All of our fish like to congregate near it. It’s truly beautiful and I cannot wait to see it grow. The sunlight has helped proliferate the algae growing on the back glass. Consequently, we added two snails into the aquarium. One will help keep the substrate clean, while the other will help clean up the glass. We also added another coral frag to the tank.

As we head back into our work week, Goalielocks will be headed back into school for the first time in over a week. I had hoped he would have been able to work on homework last week, but both hubby and the Mayor forgot to pick it up.

Lastly, congratulations to the Stoneman Douglas hockey team for winning the Florida state high school tournament. Both of my older boys have played with many of these kids over the years. Not only did they win, but they all brought their medals back for the memorial at their high school. Each player put their medal on one of the crosses. They’re incredible!

Marjory Stoneman Douglas hockey team wins state championship

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