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As frantic as last weekend was, this weekend is all about rest and relaxation. Goalielocks has been sleeping and resting most of the week, while I returned to the frenetic pace of everyday life. The piece for this, of course, is some virus that has left me voiceless, congested and with a sore throat. Although, on a happy note, my orchid started blooming today.

Thankfully, Goalielocks seemed to have some improvement in his headaches today. They’ve been a 5-6 (on the pain scale of 1-10)?all week, but this morning his headaches was at a 4. Unfortunately, it got a little bit worse he ran a couple of errands with me, so we’ll have to watch his activity levels.

I finally got back to Kohl’s, so I could put my Kohl’s cash to good use. And boy did I ever! Both younger boys are completely restocked on underwear’s and socks. Hopefully, we’ll get at least a couple months out of these socks!

I also picked up an Instant Pot, which looks pretty cool. It seemed like everyone got one for Christmas and love it, so I’m excited to try it out. If you have any good recipes, please share!

We also headed to the pet store or two looking for some new marine fish for our tank. We have one store that’s close to us that has an amazing array of marine species and aquariums. My boys wish we had a tank large enough to accommodate a shark, but that it way too expensive.

We did however add another clownfish, a goby, a live rock, a carpet an anemone and a feather duster worm. The tank looks pretty cool with the new species in there. Moreover, our two clownfish have already paired and our getting along fabulously. It will be fun to watch them both. We’ve named them Coral and Marlin (a.k.a Nemo’s parents.)

Since I’m sick, I’m already in pajamas ready for bed. Since it’s so early, I think we’ll put on a movie. It’s a perfect night for a movie.

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