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So after a bit of a hellish, I spent yesterday evening getting a very relaxing massage. It was just what the doctor ordered. Last night I had a new masseuse, who unsurprisingly was shocked at how tight my leg muscles are. I’ve heard that from every masseuse I’ve ever used and I swear I do stretch. Of course, the rest of my muscles were also super tight and I’m feeling it today. I had no idea you could get knots in your muscles over your ribs. Ouch!

My legs were pretty sore today, from both the massage and leg day, which made my run quite arduous. I also haven’t eaten much over the past few days on account of an questionable stomach. This definitely didn’t help make my run any easier. As I finished my run, I saw my masseuse’s face telling me to stretch more, so I did spend some time stretching during my phone calls. I’m loving my new wireless headset.

Speaking of relaxing, I haven’t been great at sticking to a good yoga practice. I definitely need it, but by the time I can actually practice I’m way too tired. Hopefully, I can get myself back into a regular routine of yoga and massages. If the way my muscles feel today is any indication, I need to be getting massages regularly or maybe every other day.

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