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We’ve completed our Hurricane Irma preparations and are now waiting for the storm.  After over a week of waiting that dirty girl Irma is about to pay Florida.  Fortunately,  for South Florida the track has shifted west, which should put us out of the worst of the storm.  The problem, however, is that these tracks are imperfect.  Moreover, these storms have a mind of their own.  Regardless of where Irma heads in Florida we are ready for the worst.


In advance of the storm, we’re gonna check out the beach.   Post beach, we’ll be enjoying some mimosas and caramel rolls.  I normally only make caramel rolls for Christmas, but thought it would be a nice treat for my stressed out boys.


Most of the stores have closed down in South Florida and Palm Beach has put a 3:00 pm curfew in place.  Tomorrow we will retreat to our house for the duration of the storm.  I will continue to post updates hr as long as we have both electricity and connectivity.  As we wait for this weather event to reach it’s crescendo, please keep us, our family and friends and Florida in your prayers.  For those of you local to Florida, remember to take pictures of the interior and exterior of your homes.  In the event you need to file a claim, this will make the process much smoother!

Tonight’s weather was absolute perfection.  Nice and breezy with clouds moving swiftly through the sky.  This is definitely the calm before storm.



  1. Best of luck, and stay safe in the storm!

    I live in coastal GA so we’ll get a little of the fun too, but if it keeps trending westward not nearly as much fun as you guys.

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